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5 Best GPS Car Trackers Canada

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Best Real Time GPS Tracker Canada – Top 5 For 2023

From Ontario to British Columbia, many parents have wondered what their teenagers were doing when driving. At the same time, small businesses from Quebec to Prince Edward Island have been worried that company drivers might be misusing company cars Whether Canadians are looking into boosting driver safety or simply need a tool to catch a cheating wife/husband, live GPS tracking devices provide the answer! With so many real time GPS trackers available in Canada, choosing the best system for you, your business, or your family can be difficult. This is why our GPS tracking experts have put together a shortlist of the 5 best real time GPS trackers in Canada for 2023. Therefore, before you make an emotional investment to catch your teenager speeding or spouse cheating, please review this list to see which real time GPS tracking devices our experts tested, reviewed, and found out were the best in Canada!

5 Best GPS Tracking Devices In Canada


1. SpaceHawk GPS – Best GPS Vehicle Tracker In Canada 

GPS Car Tracker

  • Discover What A Spouse Is Really Doing
  • Magnetic GPS Tracker With SIM Card
  • Tracks Your Car Every 3 Seconds 


A top-selling car GPS tracker with some of the best reviews of any Canadian real time GPS tracking device, SpaceHawk GPS is the only solution for both consumers and companies who want to discover where an automobile is going. What makes this device better than other live GPS tracking systems in Canada is that the unit is portable, completely waterproof, covert, and can monitor the location of an automobile as quickly as every 3 seconds!

Canadians need only to equip this hidden GPS tracker underneath a vehicle using the surface magnet and then find out everywhere it goes from an Android, iPhone, or tablet system. There is no more efficient solution in Canada to bust a cheating spouse, find out if an employee is misusing mobile assets, or discover if a teenager is indeed driving safely. And of the best parts about this Canada GPS tracker is it is backed with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that also includes free technical support (24/7). That means if you need any assistance getting the car GPS tracker set up or basically have questions regarding some of the features of the vehicle tracking device like speed alerts and geofencing alerts the support technicians will help you!



  • Top-Rated GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • Strong Magnetic Mount (Waterproof)

  • 100% Legal Magnetic Mini GPS

  • Free Technical Suppoort + Warranty

  • Real Time Tracking In All Of USA

  • SIM Card Included 

  • Battery Life: 20-25 Days

  • Size: D: 2.275" H: 0.945"

  • Internal Lit-Ion Battery

2. Plug & Play Sync – Best OBD2 Tracker In Canada

GPS Tracker

  • No Monthly Fee Realtime GPS Locator 
  • Faster Updates (3 Seconds) Than Vyncs Premium
  • Top Locator Devices For Teen Driving Safety 


Engineered to connect to a vehicle’s OBD2 port, the Plug & Play Sync GPS is a great tool for large or small businesses in Canada that desire to improve fleet management, as well as families worried about teen drivers or elderly loved ones. The 4G car tracker plugs into the OBD2 port to give Canadians a variety of info related to an automobile’s diagnostics, speed, and other GPS data. The best thing about this realtime car GPS is that it has no monthly fees or activation fees! Yup! Once you purchase the tracker you are all set with a full year of location tracking! If you are concerned about a driver tampering with the real time GPS tracking device know that a tamper alert can be instantly transmitted the moment the device is removed from the car!

3. Vyncs GPS Tracker (Works In Canada)


  • SIM Card Included With Vehicle GPS Tracker
  • Sell On Amazon For $77
  • Monthly Subscription Required


One of the best-reviewed OBD2 trackers on Amazon by verified orders, Vyncs Link had to make a spot on our list of the best real time GPS trackers in Canada for 2023. This live tracking device offers many of the same features as the Plug & Play Sync GPS, but with one very cool additional feature we really think is incredible: roadside assistance. Vyncs roadside assistance feature is perfect for parents who want to be certain their teenage son or daughter is safely driving a vehicle. However, one negative is that the default refresh rate on the Vyncs is set for 3-minute updates, and even more troubling is the online interface compared to some of the earlier-mentioned trackers. However, the sales numbers don’t lie and it is clear Vyncs is a popular solution among consumers in Canada! 

4. Secure Vehicle Management – Best Canadian Dash Cam With GPS Tracking

GPS Car Camera

  • Ultimate Fleet Tracking Solution For Businesses
  • Real Time Tracking & Live Video Feed
  • Only GPS Trackers For Vehicles Manufactured In Canada


Canadians who really want to find out what a driver is doing in company vehicles should look no further than the DriveProof Camera. What this Canadian GPS tracker offers is people everywhere in Canada from Manitoba to New Brunswick the ability to monitor where a driver is located 24/7, but the live GPS tracker also gives Canadians a live video feed! When it comes to vehicle surveillance in Canada, this solution is the best, and why our security experts give the device one of the highest ratings among the best real time GPS trackers in Canada for 2022. Unfortunately, this GPS vehicle tracker has a higher price tag. The biggest drawback with this real time GPS tracker isn’t the cost of the product ($399.00), but the monthly data plans which cost $39.95. 

5. Optimus 2.0 – Personal GPS Tracker Canada 

Best GPS Tracking Device

  • Personal GPS Tracker With SOS Button
  • Geofence & Speed Alert System
  • GPS Solution For Personal Safety 


The perfect real time GPS tracker for Canadians in need of something small in size, Optimus 2.0 can be utilized as either a car GPS tracking device or GPS personal tracking system. Hide Optimus 2.0 under a seat to secretly track a vehicle via Google Earth or from the detailed Optimus 2.0 data reports. Another option is to keep Optimus 2.0 inside your pocket, coat, or purse to record your travels. The best feature of this micro Canadian real time GPS tracking device is that the system was engineered with a panic SOS button. This means that Canadians using this tracker can send out a safety alert if a wandering senior is in need of emergency assistance. Unfortunately, the limited battery life of Optimus 2.0 and lack of a waterproof design make the Optimus 2.0 place 5th on our best Canadian real time GPS tracker for 2022 list. 

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Canada GPS Tracking Device Reviews

Our security team reviewed a number of the top-selling Canada real time GPS trackers for this best of 2022 list. Many of the car GPS trackers offered quality features and competitive pricing, however, for a number of different reasons, they did not make the best-of list. Here are some of those notable Canada GPS tracking systems, and we encourage our readers to research them on their own to see if they are a good fit for their business or personal needs. 

  • SilverCloud Overdrive
  • Tile Mate GPS
  • Linxup GPS Car Tracking Device
  • LandAirSea GPS 54
  • Spark Nano 7 Personal 4G GPS Tracker
  • SpyTec Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker
  • Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker

While testing and reviewing each Canada real time GPS tracker, our security experts really tried to focus on some basic metrics when evaluating the products. These metrics include things like how easy the tracking device was to use, how much the investment for the real time GPS tracking system, whether or not technical support was available, the different product features, and most importantly, verified online reviews from customers who purchased the product on Amazon and left their feedback. 


Canadian Laws On GPS Car Trackers – Is It Legal?

GPS laws in Canada state that if you are the owner of the vehicle you can legally equip a tracking device to that automobile. For example, you are 100% within your legal rights to attach a vehicle asset tracker to your car to protect it from theft, document mileage, or secure your asset. You can also monitor a teen driver under the age of 18 without notifying them if you are secretly tracking their vehicle. There are some circumstances where you [might] need to notify the driver you are tracking them, but if you simply tell the police you were tracking your vehicle for auto theft prevention, you are well within your legal rights. 

What Types Of GPS Tracking Devices Are Available In Canada?

There are several types of GPS tracking devices available in Canada, including personal GPS trackers, vehicle GPS trackers, and asset trackers. These devices use different technologies and offer various features, such as real-time location tracking, geofencing, and alerts.

What Is The Best GPS To Buy In Canada?

Our security experts have SpaceHawk as the best GPS tracker in Canada. Why? The device costs under $100.00, is wireless, built with a magnet mount, and comes with free technical support for the life of the product. 

GPS Tracking Review received no compensation for any of the products reviewed for this article on GPS tracking Canada reviews

Please consult an attorney in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, or the Canadian province you intend to use a vehicle tracking device to avoid violating privacy laws. Information in this article is not considered legal advice!