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GPS Tracking Review is a website dedicated to giving the consumer up-to-date information on the latest in GPS tracking technologies.  Our knowledgeable team of gadget enthusiasts test and review all forms of GPS tracking systems—real time systems, passive GPS data loggers, and personal locator devices. Whether you are in a business and wish to track your employees’ whereabouts or simply want to keep tabs on your loved ones, GPS Tracking Review will help you determine what’s available on the market today, and provide a better understanding of how to meet your GPS tracking needs for your business and/or personal life. Let our team of experts provide you with a detailed analysis that will help you find the GPS monitoring solution that is best suited for your application!

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Who Discovered GPS?

That depends on who you ask. Officially the United States Department of Defense launched the GPS system for military use in 1973, with civilian use phased in the 1980s. The full system became fully operational and freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver in 1995.

Beyond that, who deserves credit is a matter of some controversy. For years, Ivan Getting and Bradford Parkinson were considered the inventors, but in 2010 Roger Easton was given his due for a breakthrough that made the entire project possible: Fitting the satellite-based system around the atomic clock, which allowed for more precise locations.

Since then, however, another influential figure has come forward: Dr. Gladys West, who was only finally recognized for her contributions by the US Air Force—and was in fact inducted into the Air Force Space and Missile Pioneers Hall of Fame for her work—in 2018.

Reviews On Real Time GPS Trackers

Live GPS tracker for car surveillance technology provides a comprehensive way to enhance driver safety, fleet management, and anti-theft security. GPS Tracking Review tests and rates all 3 forms of real time GPS tracking devices: OBD2 GPS tracker, hard wire GPS tracker, and GPS tracker with long battery life that is portable, waterproof, and designed with magnetic mounts. Learn about the real time GPS tracker with no monthly fee options such as the one that makes it easy to monitor vehicles 24/7. Let our fleet management experts guide you to the right system that will allow you to track a vehicle without them knowing!

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Reviews On No Monthly Fee GPS Trackers

Best car tracking device without monthly fees provides detailed answers to consumers and businesses who want to track a car, teen driver, cheating spouse, and more. What makes a GPS tracking device without a subscription unique is that the system will work anywhere in the world without the need for cellular service or data plans! Simply place the GPS data logger on a vehicle, record data, and remove tracker to review car speed, mileage, addresses arrived/departed, and other location information!

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Reviews On GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

GPS tracker for business vehicles provides a way for companies to be more efficient while at the same time boosting automotive security. With a number of different options to provide the best GPS fleet tracking small business, let our experts walk you through a free online demo so you can see firsthand how GPS Tracking Review has tested ad rated the best fleet tracking solutions!

  • OBD2 GPS tracker: Plug and Play GPS tracker

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Reviews On GPS Tracking For Teenage Drivers

Teenage driving statistics highlight the dangers of inexperience behind the wheel, and they are also the reason why so many parents invest in vehicle speed tracking system technology. The list of dangers of speeding is long and any parent who knows teenage car accident statistics has a right to feel worried. Thankfully, there are car tracking device for parents and teenage driving monitoring apps that now offer a solution. This is because GPS tracking for teenage drivers allows concerned parents the ability to track if a teen is speeding, answer the question of, “Where is my teenager?”, and provide real time updates on driving activity. How do you deal with a difficult teenager? GPS tracking systems can’t answer that question, but they can provide comprehensive data that will notify any parent if their teenage driver is a high-risk driver.

  • No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker For Teen Drivers: PlayBack GPS Data Logger
  • Best Live GPS Tracker For Car: SpaceHawk 4G GPS Tracker

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Reviews On Elderly GPS Tracking Systems

Elderly safety products and home safety equipment for seniors are important when it comes to independent living for seniors. GPS tracking for seniors takes that personal safety to a new level with products such as a GPS tracking bracelet for elderly persons, and vehicle tracking devices for seniors. Car tracking devices for seniors and wearable technology for elderly persons are providing help for the elderly living at home or in assisted living care!