What will happen if I refuse the RFID chip?

Are Chips Being Implanted In Humans?

GPS Tracking

Can A Chip Be Implanted In Humans?

Government GPS Implants To Come By 2025

When the Patriot Act opened Pandora’s Box to mass surveillance by the government people everywhere saw their freedoms taken away inch-by-inch. This is how the government takes freedoms away from society: little-by-little. Therefore, it should be no surprise to anyone really paying attention that some powers are in discussions to implant RFID chips into people as early as 2025. In the same way, the government forced children to be pumped with vaccines to enter a school and refused education to those children who did not take the 100+ mandatory vaccinations, GPS implants will be sold to the public as a way to keep us safe. The RFID implant technology will be pushed as a way to allow police and first responders to quickly locate an individual if they are in need of help. And don’t be surprised when the GPS chips implanted in humans also have some other pseudo “health benefit” most likely sponsored by an authority figure such as Bill Gates.

Is The RFID Chip Going To Be Mandatory?

The good news is the government cannot force every single human to get a chip implanted in their body, but what they can do is not allow you to get on a flight, go to school, work at a hospital, or have access to other important programs. They will have all the cards and make life very difficult for anyone who refuses to get an implanted RFID chips.

What Will Happen if I Refuse The RFID Chip?

If you work for a company that requires a GPS microchip implant that job could fire you if you refuse implanted RFID chips. Some people will naturally take this issue all the way up to the Supreme Court on grounds of religious freedoms, but when safety is paramount the end result will be bad for the person refusing an RFID chip. As we learned In Trans World Airlines v. Hardison, 432 U.S. 63 (1977), the Supreme Court set limits to the accommodations that businesses were required to make for employees whose religious choices resulted in limited work on the Sabbath. Basically, if you refuse an implantable RFID you will be fired. This is how the government would employ a strategy to microchip people.

In Which States Are Mandatory Chip Implants Currently Illegal?

As we mentioned earlier, the government won’t force RFID technology into people through human microchipping but create an environment where people will voluntarily agree to implantable devices in the left hand or some other location in the body. This can easily be done with RFID technology that is now smaller than a grain of rice. Some companies might even throw a chipping party to make people forget about the mark of the beast technology. Currently, there is no legislation that has mandatory chip implants classified as illegal, which is shocking.

What GPS Microchip Implants Will Record

GPS tracking devices have the ability to determine where a person is located, how long they were at each location, and the exact address of each place they went. The data from a GPS microchip will not only provide monitoring centers controlled by the government the ability to see where you are in real-time, but also view the historical data. This would allow them to know your religious identity, political affiliations, and other data that will help the government categorize you to determine if you are a threat.

There is no doubt that microchips will be used by the government to more closely monitor people. The question isn’t if they will microchip people, but when they will use implantable RFID to create a digital identity for each person. Would you sign up for voluntary microchipping and allow access control by the government?