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What Is The Best Bug Detector For Counter Surveillance?

If you suspect that there might be a GPS tracker hidden somewhere in your car one of the first things you should do is scan your vehicle for the bug. If you believe there is a bug in your car and were a little overwhelmed while researching the different GPS tracker detectors on the market, you are in the right place.

Our top pick for the best GPS detector is one from KJB Security which can be seen below. This GPS bug detector stood out to us because the device can also be used to detect other surveillance equipment such as hidden cameras. Below is our complete list of the best GPS bug detectors for 2023.

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1. KINGDANS RF Wireless Professional Digital RF Detector

Best Overall GPS Bug Detector


Key Features:

  • Identifies Hidden GPS Trackers, Bluetooth, Cellular, WiFi, and Other RF
  • Pinpoint Signal Targeting To Quickly Find Any Unwanted Surveillance 
  • Perfect For Locating Hidden Cameras At An AirBnb 
  • Quickly Find A Vehicle Tracking Device On Your Car

The majority of counter-surveillance solutions on Amazon only have the ability to detect one type of frequency, leaving many people with an incomplete view of their overall personal, work, or vehicle privacy. This Professional Digital RF Detector distributed by KJB Security is unique in that it allows you to quickly find any hidden device sending out a radio frequency (RF) and then identifies the exact type of hidden surveillance monitoring you. The reason this device is our top-rated GPS detector for 2020 is that it can also pick up Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular, and DECT signals as well as real time GPS tracking!

2. Sherry Anti Spy Detector

Amazon Top Selling GPS Detector For Vehicles


Key Features:

  • Hidden Camera Lens Detection
  • Magnetic Field Detection
  • Find A GPS Tracker On Your Car
  • Affordable GPS Bug Detection
  • Highest Rated GPS Detector According To Amazon Reviews

Costing less than $50.00, this GPS bug detector can detect 1.2G to 5.8G wireless hidden cameras, wifi cameras, spy cameras, surveillance devices, 2G,3G,4G mobile phone SIM cards, and real time GPS trackers for cars. What this counter-surveillance tool offers are 3 things. The first is a probe that can quickly detect magnets. Since some GPS vehicle trackers are hidden under a car by high-strength magnets, this spy detector tool can identify those surface magnets. The second feature is the LEDs that can help someone locate spy cameras in a hotel, office, or rental property. The last feature is the RF probe that will detect any system that is transmitting a signal.

3. Detectify GPS Bug Detector App

Best GPS Bug Detector App


Key Features:

  • Locate Hidden Spy Cameras With The Magnetometer
  • Find Out Where Hidden GPS Devices Are On Vehicles
  • Bug Detector Scanner Finds Bugs
  • Find Microphones
  • User-Friendly Mobile App

Have you ever wondered is there an app to detect a GPS tracker? If so, then the answer is yes, and it comes in the form of GPS bug-detecting app called Detectify! What this GPS bug detector app basically does is analyze Magnetic Field Radiations in any given area. The mobile app will then match the value of GPS tracker or spy camera, providing both visual and audio alerts to anyone using the app.

How To Know If Your Car Has A GPS Tracker

If you believe that there might be a GPS tracker on your vehicle it is important to scan the car and find out if your automobile is indeed being monitored. Visual inspections are a good way to start, but many GPS tracking devices can be well-hidden, connected to an OBD2 port, hard-wired to the 12-volt system, or placed somewhere else. This is the reason why investing in spy gear is how to tell if your car is bugged.