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What Is The Best Real Time GPS Tracking Device?

Real Time GPS Review & Buying Guide 2023

Whether you are looking to buy a GPS vehicle tracker to catch a cheating spouse or to boost child safety, finding the right real time GPS can be a challenge. Nobody understands this more than our security experts who have evaluated over 150 GPS tracking devices throughout the years. If you want to find out a vehicle’s location in real time through the use of a tracking app or web browser our pick for the best real time GPS tracker for 2023 is SpaceHawk. Although SpaceHawk received the best overall rating with a 5-star review among real time GPS tracking devices, below is our complete list of the top GPS trackers for cars.

SpaceHawk: Overall Best Real Time GPS Tracker For Cars

SpaceHawk GPS


Top Features:

  • 4G LTE Network (SIM Card Included!) * Global Coverage
  • Free Phone Tracking App
  • Waterproof Magnetic Design
  • Motion Sensor To Extend Battery Life 3 Weeks
  • 24/7 Free Technical Support
  • Mini GPS Tracker
  • Real Time Location Updates As Fast As Every 3 Seconds
  • Multiple Alerts (Speed, Geo-Fence, Low Battery)
  • Top Selling Mini Real Time GPS

Learn More About This Magnetic GPS Tracker

The ultimate mini GPS tracker, SpaceHawk makes it easier than ever before to find out what is really going on. Use the magnet mount to covertly hide the versatile tracker under any vehicle to catch a cheating spouse in real time! Or start tracking a teen driver to find out if they are driving like a maniac. The reason why the SpaceHawk mini portable real time GPS received the top marks from our review team as the best real time GPS tracking device for 2020 was based on size (2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches), support (US-based support is free and available 24/7), and overall performance. Not to mention, the iOS and Android app were very user-friendly, and users are given lifetime access to real-time tracking data. 

2. Spy Tec GL300: Best Selling Real Time GPS


  • Small Size (Mini GPS)
  • SIM Card
  • Top- Rated Amazon Seller Among Tracking Solutions
  • Live GPS Asset Tracking
  • 2 Week Battery Life
  • Get Speed Alerts Sent To Android or iPhone
  • Anti Theft Device

Learn More About SpyTec gl300 GPS Tracker HERE!

Although we were a little uneasy adding a locator tracking device that lacked a waterproof design, we felt it would be irresponsible not to add the SpyTec gl300 given the 4,000+ verified Amazon reviews of the mini portable real time GPS. The cool thing about this GPS tracker with live updates is that it could be used for child safety, vehicle monitoring, or even basic fleet tracking. The setup for the SpyTec gl300 was super easy, and the online interface was clean (although not as intuitive as SpaceHawk). We should also note that the price of this personal GPS is affordable at $39.95, but if you want to include an accessory waterproof case with magnet mount the total will be $99.00. 

3. Logistimatics Mobile 200: Best GPS With Live Audio

Live GPS Tracker With AudioFeatures

  • Live Audio Monitoring To Hear Conversations
  • Location Data Easily Accessible From iPhone + Android Device
  • Top-Rated Tracker With Live Audio
  • 4G Asset Tracker
  • Surface Magnet Mount
  • Global SIM Card For International Tracking

Learn More About Logistimatics Live Audio GPS HERE!

A mini portable 4G GPS solution, the Logistimatics Mobile 200 is truly unique compared to other tracking devices in that it provides both real time GPS tracking and live audio monitoring. This versatility is great for businesses seeking asset trackers where they can see where company drivers are going, but also hear what employees really think about management. And for those who want a live GPS tracker for cheating spouse, the live audio is the perfect way to hear those inappropriate conversations without them knowing! 

4. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano: Top Selling Personal GPS Tracker

spark nanoFeatures:

  • Personal GPS Tracker For Asset Tracking
  • Free 2-Day Shipping + Quality Technical Support
  • 4G Coverage In United States
  • Super Cheap Price $29.95 
  • Panic Button For Real Time SOS Alerts
  • Bulk Discounts For Fleet Tracking

Learn More About The Mini Portable Spark Nano HERE!

One of the top-selling real time GPS tracking systems on the market today, the Spark Nano developed by BrickHouse Security is definitely a great product for those with a small budget. The thing we like most about the Spark Nano GPS vehicle locator was how cost-effective it was. The cost of the hardware is $29.95 and there are 4G data plans starting at $12.95! Those are some of the best prices for cellular data among any of the GPS trackers for vehicles on the market today. There is also an extended battery pack option with Spark Nano that will turn the personal GPS into a car GPS tracker 6-month battery! Use the Spark Nano as an anti-theft device or hide the personal tracker anywhere to discover where someone is going! 

5. Follow Mee: Best Phone GPS Tracker

Follow Mee GPS TrackerFeatures:

  • Phone GPS Tracker Mobile App For Android or iPhone
  • No Advertisements
  • Real Time GPS Tracker App
  • 3-Day Historical History Locator Tracking
  • Track Cell Phone For Free

Learn More About Real Time GPS Cell Phone Tracking HERE!

What makes Follow Mee GPS different from the other real time trackers for vehicles on this list is that this solution is an app. That means anyone can use this free real time GPS tracker app as long as they have a smartphone! Overall, free real time GPS tracking apps (or even the paid versions) do not perform as well as traditional trackers for vehicles. For one, almost every real time GPS app for android or iPhone will sell your personal information for the use of their product. But regardless of privacy concerns, the fact is a stand-alone live GPS tracker will outperform any GPS mobile app by a wide margin. With that being said, if you can’t afford a tracker or vehicle, car, or asset, then the Follow Mee free real time GPS tracking app might be a good option for you!

Honorable Mentions

If you want to start tracking a vehicle and are seeking one of the best 4G LTE GPS trackers for vehicles we would highly encourage you to learn a little more about the top 5 live asset tracking devices mentioned above. However, we would be remiss not to mention some of these other popular magnetic GPS trackers or real time personal tracking devices:

  1. Tracki 2020 Magnetic Hidden GPS Tracker
  2. LandAirSea Live GPS 54
  3. Amcrest 4G LTE Mini Hidden Vehicle Tracking System
  4. Vyncs Tracking Solutions
  5. Bouncie OBDii Car Tracker

Most vehicle tracking devices require a monthly subscription and one-time activation fees in order to provide the exact location of a car as it moves. 

What Is A Real Time GPS Tracker?

GPS tracking devices that can report live locational information are known as active trackers. The reason real time location tracking technology is helpful is that it can provide us with a simple way to digitally monitor vehicles, assets, or even people. Basically, any object in real time! Through the use of a mobile app or web browser, a person can track the movement of an object or subject as fast as every 3 seconds by acquiring the signals transmitted from GPS vehicle or asset tracker. This technology has been revolutionary in improving fleet management, increasing safe teen driving, and helping people everywhere safely monitor people and assets!