Bouncie GPS Review

Bouncie GPS Review

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Publish Date: June 24, 2022

Last Update: September 2, 2023

Bouncie Car Tracker Review 2023

One of the top-selling GPS car tracker solutions on the market today is a 4G LTE vehicle tracking device called Bouncie. And if you don’t believe us go ahead and visit Amazon for yourself and check out the 4.5-star overall rating and 4,000+ customer reviews on the GPS vehicle tracker. With so much hype around Bouncie car tracker, we wanted to see how it stacked up against other GPS trackers for cars such as the Vyncs GPS tracker and SpyTec GL300. So we purchased the Bouncie real-time tracking device, tested the vehicle tracker, and you will find our thoughts on this best-selling car GPS tracker on Amazon and see if the features match the hype!

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Bouncie OBDii Port GPS Features

  • Simple Install And Setup (Plugs Into OBD Port On Your Vehicle)
  • Affordable Monthly Subscription Fees ($8 Per Month)
  • Buy On Amazon for $77.00
  • Track Vehicle’s Location Every 15 Seconds

Unboxing Bouncie GPS Device

Our first impression of Bouncie GPS car tracker was that it looked very similar to other GPS units that plug into the OBDii port and pull power from the automobile. OBDii fleet tracking devices such as Vyncs GPS tracker and Bouncie are popular with businesses because they provide vehicle maintenance information, record route history, and typically have low monthly service fees. Once we unboxed the vehicle GPS we followed the simple steps of activating the real time GPS. That meant going online, inputting the serial number, and selecting a data plan. All realtime tracking devices require monthly costs for data, but the good news is the low monthly fee is only $8 per month (subject to change).

If you are wondering why any GPS tracker for vehicle requires a monthly subscription it is because trackers have SIM cards that transmit the location-based data to where you can access the realtime tracking information from your mobile phone or computer.

Bouncie GPS Review

See if Bouncie GPS tracker made our buyer’s guide for the best real time trackers of 2022!

Bouncie GPS App

How does Bouncie app work?

It was super easy to install the OBD2 tracker to the car we were testing the device on, and after that was done, we downloaded the mobile app so we could track vehicle location. GPS tracking apps typically utilize satellite image programs such as Google Maps and overlay the driving data to where you can view GPS location, trip data, and detailed driving habits. The app refreshed every 15 seconds, which was cool but did leave some gaps in the travel history. That is one of the reasons why the Connect GPS has been our top overall OBD2 tracker because that device provides unlimited updates every 3 seconds.

You can learn more about our favorite OBD2 GPS vehicle tracker by CLICKING HERE!

Overall, the Bouncie app was easy to navigate and the features such as GPS location, accident notification, route history, speed alerts, and trip data were simple to access. Everything seemed relatively straightforward and similar to a traditional GPS navigation app. So we were pleased with the simplicity of the Bouncie app. 

We should also note that computer monitors tend to be the best way to view route history, speed monitoring, geofence alerts, and speed alerts, but we did not view data in that way. 

Bouncie GPS App

Some of the key features we really enjoyed with Bouncie included its ability to record hard brakes, fuel levels, and if a driver is ever speeding. These are great tools for businesses seeking a driving-connected solution, or parents worried about their teen drivers speeding. Of course, most buyers would prefer not to pay a monthly subscription fee for this type of service, but all real time GPS trackers will require a data plan. Thankfully, Bouncie allows you to cancel anytime so there are no fees for activation or deactivation. 

Bouncie GPS Reviews 

Our overall opinion is that the Bouncie GPS device can be a great tool for tracking family or fleets and really provide peace of mind to its users. We liked the mobile app, how it was easy to install the car GPS tracker, and the low activation fees for service. However, we did not like how slow the GPS tracks (15 seconds) and how Bounce pricing stacks up against more powerful magnetic GPS trackers on the market such as SpaceHawk GPS and the LandAirSea 54. Below is a helpful Bouncie review we found on Amazon where the customer actually explains his experience with the tracker compared to other GPS trackers for cars.

Bouncie GPS Reviews

What Buyers Are Saying About Bouncie 

According to Amazon reviews, the GPS vehicle tracker scored an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. This made Boucnie one of the most popular GPS tracking devices sold on Amazon! One buyer who left a 5-star rating said, “This thing GPS car tracker is incredible. Installation and setup were really easy. The car tracking device is a wee bit bigger than I expected but I still fit it under the dash okay”. 

A buyer who had a negative experience with the OBD tracking system, leaving a one-star rating said, “Don’t buy this. Company does not support its technology”. 

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Below is a more detailed review of the Boucnie GPS tracker for teen drivers.

Does Bouncie Work When Car Is Off Or Unplugged?

No. The Bouncie GPS vehicle tracker was not designed with an internal battery so once it is removed from the onboard diagnostic port of the automobile it will no longer be able to provide a vehicle’s location. So that does mean the device can be tampered with by a rebellious teenage son or disgruntled employee who is trying to bypass any security systems. 

Below is a photo of Bouncie car GPS tracker connected to the on board diagnostic port.

Bouncie GPS Review

How Do I Contact Bouncie?

If you are trying to reach the fleet management specialists at Bouncie to cancel service or need technical help using any of the features such as roadside assistance or speed monitoring, please use the contact options below:

  1. Contact Email
  2. Phone Number (972) 991-6300
  3. Twitter:
  4. Help Center:

Visit the official Bouncie website for more details by CLICKING HERE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Bouncie GPS with my cell phone?

Yes, you can use Bouncie GPS with your cell phone. Bouncie’s app is available for both iOS and Android devices, making it easy to monitor your vehicle’s location, battery life, and driving habits. You can also set up notifications for rapid acceleration and hard brakes to keep track of how your vehicle is being driven.

Is Bouncie GPS only for business owners?

No, Bouncie GPS is not only for business owners. Anyone can use this OBD2 port tracker to monitor their vehicle’s health and location. It’s a great tool for families with new drivers, car enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to keep an eye on their vehicle’s whereabouts.

How much does Bouncie GPS cost?

The Bouncie GPS vehicle tracker costs $8 per month with no activation fees or contracts. This makes it one of the most cost-effective GPS trackers for vehicles on the market. You can also purchase the Bouncie device directly from their website and check prices for extended car warranties.

Does Bouncie GPS offer roadside assistance?

No, Bouncie GPS does not offer roadside assistance. However, they do offer accident notification, which can be helpful in the event of an emergency. If you need roadside assistance, you can contact your car insurance provider or look into third-party providers such as AAA or Allstate.

How does Bouncie GPS compare to other GPS trackers for vehicles?

Bouncie GPS stands out among other GPS trackers for vehicles because of its user-friendly app, real-time GPS tracking, and cost-effectiveness. While other GPS trackers such as Tracki 4G and Brickhouse Security offer similar features, they tend to have higher tracker costs and are less intuitive to use. If you’re looking for a reliable GPS tracker that won’t break the bank, Bouncie GPS is a great choice.

Learn more about our testing process by visiting our methodology page.

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