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Can Police Bug Your Car?

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How Police Track Your Car

Have you ever wondered how police can track stolen cars or seemingly know your private conversations at home or car? The truth is law enforcement and intelligence agencies routinely employ spy devices for recording conversations and GPS tracking. Each surveillance device has the ability to record where a vehicle is located 24/7 and can operate without a power source, documenting travel activity with remotely activated technologies. If you are worried the police might be tracking your vehicle here are some simple ways to locate the recording devices and disable them!

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Simple & Technical Surveillance Countermeasures For Cars

Yes, police often use audio recorders, eavesdropping devices, pinhole cameras, and other electronic devices to conduct investigations under surveillance law. So if you are concerned that your car is bugged it is important to know that many bug scanners won’t be able to identify data loggers or other GPS tracking devices that do not report in real time. This is the reason why the best way to tell if your car is being monitored is with visual bug sweeps. Here are the 5 places to scan your vehicle without using a bug detector!

  1. Look under the car
  2. Check inside the glovebox
  3. Observe the OBD2 port 
  4. Look underneath the seats
  5. Scan any hidden areas where a tracker could be hidden

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Can The Police Bug Your Car Without Your Consent?

Yes, police can use listening devices, video cameras, computer recording software, and hidden vehicle trackers to find out where your vehicle is going, record what your internet history is, and so much more. Naturally, police are often required to first obtain a warrant for using any technology to record your activities at home, car, or workplace, but they can do so without your consent. This is why having a basic understanding of counter-surveillance can help you maintain privacy in an ever-increasing police state.