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Using a car insurance black box or GPS tracker can help you reduce car insurance rates—sometimes up to 30% or more. But what other benefits might you be eligible for if you use a car insurance GPS tracker program?

What benefits do car insurance companies offer if you use a vehicle tracking device?

Check out some of our favorite reasons to use a GPS tracker to reduce car insurance costs:

  1. Car insurance companies may actually pay for you to install a GPS tracker. Not only will the GPS tracker itself offer benefits, but anything that will reduce car insurance costs sounds pretty great to us!
  2. Vehicles with a GPS tracker are easier to recover if stolen, which in turn cuts down on the likelihood of a vehicle never being recovered—in which case the car insurance company might have to pay out on a hefty theft claim. No wonder so many car insurance companies offer discounts for drivers with a GPS tracker or anti-theft device.
  3. Car insurance companies know that when company vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracker, employees are less likely to misuse the vehicle, whether in service of personal use or simply in an unsafe manner.
  4. Car insurance companies also know that vehicles with a GPS tracker are more likely to get prompt and regular maintenance, which also helps cut down on accidents, thus cutting down on claims.
  5. Drivers with a GPS tracker on their vehicle are in fewer accidents because they tend to be safer drivers. As a result, car insurance companies know that they will have to pay out fewer claims—by 20 percent or more, in fact.

For instance, Geico offers customers with a GPS tracker up to 25 percent off, Nationwide offers anti-theft discounts (for which some GPS tracker devices are eligible), and 21st Century offers 15 percent discounts. As a result, getting a GPS tracker if you don’t already have one can readily pay for itself.