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Do All GPS Trackers Need a Sim Card?

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While many GPS trackers use SIM cards (live GPS trackers), they don’t have to—and there are quite a few trackers that don’t (GPS data loggers).

The biggest thing is that a GPS tracker needs a way to connect with a cellular network, and while that often includes a SIM card, it doesn’t need to if there are other technologies that allow the GPS tracker to send data via a mobile phone network, for instance. That might be radio technology or satellite modems, for instance. In most cases, though, cellular technology is how the data is shared.

Is there a GPS tracker without SIM card?

Yes! The type of GPS tracker that works without a SIM card is known as a GPS data logger. What makes this type of tracking device popular among businesses and consumers is that they are no monthly fee GPS tracking devices. However, since the systems do not have a SIM card they do not have the ability to transmit real time GPS data. That means they are not helpful in auto-theft security. This is because the only way to view the data is to remove the GPS tracker from the automobile and download the data to a computer. This is done through the use of a USB connection.