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The 5 Best Fleet Tracking Companies

Did you know that companies in the United States lose money each year due to employee theft or dishonesty? In fact, according to one report, nearly 5% of annual profits are lost by companies within the US. In dollar amounts, that is over $650 billion in one year alone! And while it is easier to trace employee dishonesty or theft in a smaller business, small businesses have much less ability to absorb these kinds of staggering losses.

If you think that because you are a small business owner and know your employees personally—and they would never steal from your company—think again. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 75% of all employees steal. Half of these employees steal repeatedly. How can any company, and especially smaller ones, recover from the losses due to employee dishonesty? As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

There are many ways that an employer can implement measures to prevent employee dishonesty. One is to be very careful in the hiring process. You can even obtain background checks in pre-screening processes. You can review inventories and bookkeeping records, and you can take the time to develop personal relationships with your employees.  You can also implement forms of employee monitoring. There are new types of software that actually allow employers to electronically check employee’s internet use and e-mail usage. The danger with some of these monitoring or tracking devices is that the issue of legality and boundaries are still in discussion in the workplace as well as the legal system.

GPS tracking system technology provides businesses a generally acceptable way to monitor employees through the use of fleet management software.  If your company requires employees to make trips with the company car, or if you allow employees to telecommute one or more days per week, then you should consider investing in GPS tracking for fleet maintenance. Even the most well-intentioned employees can be assisted by an accountability system. If they know that you will have a log of where they have been on the clock or in the company car, it will help motivate them to stay focused on their work. For example, if an employee is assigned to make deliveries, pick up items, or meet with prospective clients at outside locations, it may be tempting for them to stop at the store “on the way” back to work or take a “short” break and allow you to assume their duties took longer than expected.  If you have a GPS vehicle tracker device, these types of employee dishonesty will become nearly impossible. Now, let’s take a closer look at fleet solutions and learn who is the best when it comes to providing GPS fleet systems to track vehicles!

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What Is The Best Fleet Tracking Company?

1. Tracking System Direct

Founded in 2009 in Southern California, Tracking System Direct provides a number of different real time GPS tracking devices and dual dash cams that can boost driver safety and increase overall fleet performance. What makes the leadership team at Tracking System Direct stand above other industry leaders on this list is the companies’ accessibility  (they are open 7 days a week), warranties on fleet telematics (one-year on all products + free technical support for life), and the total cost of hardware for small to medium to large-sized businesses. This LBGTQ-friendly, progressive business has made donations to a number of social justice causes including Black Lives Matter (BLM), The Trevor Project, and Girls Who Code. If your business is looking into fleet management system solutions, these are the people you should speak with first!

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2. Teletrac Navman

One of the top fleet management companies with offices in the United States and UK, Teletrac Navman has made industry news with its fleet leasing and fuel management devices. With a number of solutions designed to record vehicle maintenance and boost operational efficiency, this GPS vehicle tracking company has the tools to help reduce fleet risk wherever your company is located!

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3. Element Fleet Management Company

Element Fleet offers strategic consulting on all of their automotive fleet trackers, allowing any company to reduce operational costs associated with the lack of driver productivity. The flexible fleet management solutions offered by Element Fleet make it easy to increase safe driver behavior regardless of fleet size. This fleet management solution company foxues on supply chain management and the technological tools for improved driver behaviors.

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4. US Fleet Tracking

With over 10 years of experience in the fleet industry, US Fleet Tracking has been helping businesses reduce fuel consumption and get a better handle on their vehicle management needs. This company made our list because of the high volume of tracking devices sold and customer service available 6 days a week), but it is worth noting that the vehicle performance management company has had some lawsuits with other companies within the industry such as LandAirSea Systems.

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5. Verizon Connect

The Verizon brand is by far the most recognizable on this list and the companies move into fleet operation technologies is no surprise given their market dominance in the telematics industry. Those interested in vehicle acquisition for their company fleet will find Verizon Connect has some great OBD2 trackers with relatively good online software. However, the technical support is lacking and the reality is Verizon does not have anything close to the best GPS trackers for fleet operation management.