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Publish Date: September 10, 2021

Last Update: May 20, 2024

GPS Asset Tracking – Choosing The Right Solution For Your Needs

Fleet management and administration are critical for your company’s success. Without it, confirming the whereabouts of employees and assets would be nearly impossible. Therefore, it is essential to have a solution in place that allows the tracking and managing of mobile assets. This means having the tools to know where products, vehicles, or assets are 24/7. This is helpful for both inventory management and loss prevention regardless if the business is a Fortune 500 company or a local HVAC operation. This is where GPS asset tracker solutions can help your business! 

Asset tracking and administration oversight has become far easier for businesses thanks largely to the GPS tracking system. GPS tracking devices are ideal for asset monitoring because the technology allows a company to know the current location of any asset in real time as well as historical location data. If your business is researching GPS asset tracking technology to help improve operations, check out our list of the 20 best asset trackers of 2024!

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20 Best GPS Asset Trackers 2024

Below is our list of the top fleet management software and hardware solutions for high-value equipment, as well as the characteristics of each company. Moreover, you’ll be able to view the advantages of electronic logging device systems vs wireless GPS trackers, as well as some basic company info so you can learn more about each business and its products.

1. Tracking System Direct

Tracking System Direct offers a variety of security products designed to help you track your assets in real time. The fleet tracking company’s top-selling product, SpaceHawk GPS, is a portable GPS device with a magnet mount that can easily be attached inside or outside a company vehicle. This makes it easy to track and trace with real-time GPS tracking any vehicle, asset, or rental equipment! There is no easier way to protect company assets and make sure employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing! 

Southern California-based Tracking System Direct Inc is one of the most well-known fleet management software developers and marketers in the GPS tracking industry. Their award-winning GPS tracker solutions such as the SpaceHawk and OBD2 port vehicle tracker will help any business with a fleet of vehicles in the following ways:

  • Disable the starter (killswitch) if a company vehicle is stolen.
  • Create geofences to know when employees arrive/depart a job site.
  • Receive immediate alerts when a vehicle enters or departs a place it shouldn’t;
  • Boost dispatcher productivity;
  • Additional visibility into asset locations for tracking your equipment and ensuring driver safety;
  • Determine the need for maintenance based on distance monitoring;
  • Prove delivery timeframes using GPS data that is both dependable and extremely accurate.


2. LandAirSea Systems

Chicago-based LandAirSea Systems Inc fleet management solutions include award-winning asset tracking devices such as the GPS 54 and Sync GPS. In fact, the LandAirSea 54 is one of the top-selling portable GPS trackers on Amazon with over 20,000 verified reviews. The company’s asset tracking solutions offer the ability for any small business to:

  • Safeguard both your plugged-in and non-powered assets.
  • Boost the protection of your distant assets;
  • Save time and improve your equipment management.
  • Prevent the theft of equipment and retrieve it;
  • Keep track of engine cycles and use to ensure more precise invoicing;
  • Sound maintenance warnings based on engine usage, allowing for more efficient service.


3. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is one of the leading providers of tracking solutions in the United States and has a brand synonymous with quality, even though the support team is less than helpful. Moreover, their asset tracking solution:

  • Includes features for preventive service planning and unpowered asset tracking;
  • Can be used to keep track of heavy-duty car’s engine time and upkeep;
  • Allows you to keep track of your assets when you’re away from the workplace;
  • Provides complete visibility of your resources, allowing you to identify project-critical equipment immediately when needed;
  • Even when hundreds of assets are involved, this asset tracking technology may be utilized on a single simple, straightforward interface;
  • Allows for tag filtering and searching, so you can quickly locate an item on your screen;
  • It shows your car’s use record so you can see how much it’s been used.


4. Rand McNally Connected Car Devices

The DriverConnect platform includes asset trackers from Rand McNally. Similarly, the following are some of the capabilities of their asset tracking software:

  • GPS tracking for trucks, containers, and other vehicles;
  • Accessibility to all of your resources’ on-screen mapping;
  • Regions of assets in great detail, as well as present and historical data;
  • Geofencing software sends text alerts when a resource departs or enters a certain area for anti-theft;
  • Trackers that are simple to install and operate for real-time tracking;
  • Asset tracking technology that lasts 90 hours (S100) without the need for a recharge.


5. Switchboard

Switchboard is a US-based company that provides GPS tracking and asset management solutions for commercial fleets. They have been in business for over 15 years and are headquartered in North Carolina. Switchboard offers a range of products, including GPS tracking devices, electronic logging devices (ELDs), and driver safety solutions. Their solutions are designed to help businesses improve their fleet performance, reduce costs, and comply with regulations. Switchboard has won several industry awards for their innovative technology, including the 2021 IoT Breakthrough Award for Fleet Management. With their powerful GPS asset tracking software and easy-to-use dashboard, you can streamline your operations and get real-time insights into your fleet performanceSwitchboard’s fleet management services include GPS tracking. Its asset GPS monitoring technology offers:

  • Pings that can be sent on a regular basis;
  • Geofencing technology that determines the precise entrance and departure times for any place you specify;
  • Calculations of holding time, which illustrate how long vehicles spend with clients and assist you in optimizing operations;
  • Absolute precision;
  • Vehicle GPS trackers for tracking your whole fleet in real-time from one location;
  • Speeding notifications to alert your team to any potentially risky driving conduct.


6. Webfleet Solutions

Webfleet Solutions is a Dutch company that provides fleet management and GPS tracking solutions. They have been in business for over 20 years and are headquartered in Amsterdam. Webfleet Solutions offers a range of products, including GPS tracking devices, driver behavior solutions, and fleet management software. Their solutions are designed to help businesses improve their fleet performance, reduce costs, and comply with regulations. Webfleet Solutions has won several industry awards for their innovative technology and customer service. With their powerful GPS asset tracking software and device management tools, you can easily track your equipment and vehicles, and streamline your fleet maintenance processes. Previously known asTomTom Telematics, Webfleet Solutions GPS tracking service optimizes asset utilization and offer:

  • Simple GPS installation;
  • Enhanced fleet efficiency;
  • Immediate warnings when a vehicle enters or exits a previously specified region or geo-zone;
  • Real-time location data to assist your staff in making “wise, educated decisions”;
  • Route analysis and refinement, which can save up to 50% on fuel usage;
  • Customer ETAs with GPS location that is more accurate and proof-of-delivery data;
  • 3-year battery time.


7. Omnitracs

Omnitracs has created a GPS tracking solution that is smart. One of the essential tools is GPS vehicle tracking, which contains the following features:

  • Live GPS tracking that offers fleet analytics in real-time location;
  • A web-based tool that allows fleet managers to see the position of each vehicle and driver in real-time;
  • The ability to reliably monitor everyday operations thanks to technology;
  • Obtain immediate confirmation of whether or not scheduled operations are being carried out;
  • Data collection and detailed reporting to reduce dangerous driving behaviors such as exceeding the speed limit;
  • Monitoring of fuel use, including idle and private use;
  • Simple maps to use and integrate into useful reporting applications for asset visibility.


8. Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security is most well known for its Spark Nano 7 with an extended battery pack that is a wireless GPS tracker with long battery life. The New York-based company provides real time telematics solutions and GPS asset tracking devices that offer the following features:

  • Allows your staff to organize and control vehicle tracking anything from any location;
  • You won’t have to pay for software updates because it comes with free automatic updates;
  • Provides adaptable hardware that may be battery-powered, hard-wired, or a combination of both;
  • Outside of the office, you may watch live tracking via a smartphone app or a protected website;
  • Allows you to use geofence technology to track when vehicles depart from their scheduled itineraries.


9. Geotab Fleet Tracking & Management

Geotab is a global leader in IoT and connected transportation, providing open platform fleet management solutions. With more than 2 million vehicles worldwide utilizing their technology, they offer fleet management, vehicle tracking, and connected car services. They are located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and have won several industry awards, including the 2020 IoT Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year by IoT Breakthrough. Geotab provides a full range of fleet management services. Its GPS fleet tracking technique is as follows:

  • It’s from the world’s most advanced connected car business;
  • Expanded capability for additional local vehicle assistance;
  • Tracks car diagnostics to help you reduce fleet fuel use;
  • Trackers that easily plug into your car’s OBD II port are available;
  • No transmitter or cable splicing is required during car GPS installation;
  • Collects detailed, precise information on the vehicle’s location, unpowered assets, fuel, and travel distance, among other things;
  • Forensic restoration of events in case of a collision


10. Linxup GPS Tracking

Headquartered in St. Louis Missouri, Linxup provides affordable GPS tracking solutions for vehicles and fleets, with real-time location tracking and reporting. Owned by Agilis Systems, they offer GPS products with advanced features like geofencing, alerts, and detailed analytics, all accessible through their intuitive web-based platform. Linxup employs real-time GPS monitoring to provide the following services:

  • Trackers that allow you to find any car fast and;
  • When the car is moving, the position is updated every minute;
  • An easy-to-use Google Maps interface that allows you to see your whole fleet on one page;
  • Real-time GPS tracking data, like traffic situations, are extremely useful for improving fleet efficiency;
  • A bird’s eye view of all asset locations and information;
  • The tools that fleet managers require to deliver accurate ETAs to clients;
  • When drivers depart and enter designated routes, geofencing features and alerts are available.


11. Azuga Fleet Management Software

Azuga has created a comprehensive AZUGA fleet management system package. It does the following with the use of GPS fleet tracking:

  • Prioritize fleet safety with precise driver behavior data;
  • Maintain peak performance from your cars and drivers, providing asset utilization data on whether drivers went above the speed limit you established;
  • When a vehicle is in motion, assist in reducing distractions (such as cellular network blocking);
  • See how long a car sat idle and where it sat idle, which might help you save money on gas;
  • Computerized dispatch alerts based on a driver’s location to improve dispatching;
  • A live map display to show where your fleet is at all times;
  • Parked vehicle location to help improve the security of your fleet.


12. NexTraq Vehicle Tracking 

NexTraq is part of the Michelin Group. Their internet GPS tracking system tracks your assets and involves the following when it comes to tracking inventory:

  • Providing tools to monitor construction assets, transformers, trucks, and other vehicles;
  • A complete array of asset tracking devices in the asset protection business, including temperature monitoring;
  • Using equipment tracking systems that can be attached to “any object” and placed in any area;
  • Avoiding resource theft and providing an additional degree of security;
  • Options for solar-powered, battery-powered, and hard-wired electricity;
  • Real-time GPS tracking devices that do not require wires or other equipment to install;
  • Several months’ worth of battery life.


13. AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions)

AMS is a well-known vendor of asset trackers and similar applications. Moreover, they provide accurate asset tracking in addition to GPS tracking for your operation.

  • It can track everything from non-powered assets to industrial equipment;
  • Your asset’s state and condition are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • Tracking devices can display up to 500 recent occurrences;
  • Can track assets across borders and present data on a single platform;
  • Allow the customer to analyze resource data and organize enterprise fleets into logical groups;
  • Data on any device that has an internet connection;
  • Provides a customized asset tracking approach to solve your specific needs.


14. Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman has created an asset management platform. Similarly, their tracking systems include the following features:

  • It is a centrally managed solution that streamlines business processes;
  • Provides complete visibility into asset locations, productivity, and use;
  • Reduces costs;
  • Asset tracking system for both powered and non-powered objects;
  • It comes with maintenance tracking, allowing you to keep your resources in better shape;
  • Geofencing features are included, so you’ll know when an item departs a specific region;
  • With real-time GPS tracking technology, it’s easier to store and deploy equipment exactly where it’s needed.


15. EROAD Fleet Management System

As part of their efficient resource management solution, EROAD includes GPS asset trackers. Their asset trackers:

  • Provide real-time insight into the whereabouts of any type of asset;
  • Using the 4G network, they’re tough and dependable;
  • A simple full charge for a car GPS tracker can last up to 6 months;
  • Switch to a single dashboard to handle all of your resources on a simple, user-friendly interface;
  • Allows you to keep track of your whole fleet while also making HOS compliance easier;
  • Assist you in keeping track of use and scheduling maintenance scheduling;
  • Provide activity reports for power source.


16. Automile

Automile is a cloud-based fleet management software company that provides a range of services such as asset tracking GPS solutions for driver safety and fuel management. The company is located in the United States and was founded in 2013. Their innovative technology integrates with a variety of tracking hardware devices and AI dash cam devices to offer near realtime tracking, trip analysis, and geofencing. Automile provides asset tracking solutions that include:

  • Provide real-time monitoring on asset tracking software with exact positions (within 3 feet of accuracy);
  • When devices are unplugged, whether purposefully or inadvertently, include warnings and monitoring;
  • Improves the protection and reliability of your resources by watching them 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • Vehicle tracker systems that come in a variety of sizes and designs to fit any asset;
  • Use battery packs with the possibility of hard-wiring for independent power;
  • Work on AT&T across the United States, eliminating the requirement for a separate SIM card and data plan.


17. ClearPath GPS

ClearPath GPS is a company that specializes in GPS tracking asset systems. Similarly, real-time asset tracking is included in these GPS tracking systems. They also:

  • Assists you in making the most use of your assets in the field;
  • When theft is discovered, SMS text notifications are sent;
  • Tracking that is weatherproof and operates in the worst conditions;
  • Provides you with the compliance manager tools you’ll need to make the most of your resources;
  • With highly thorough reports, it saves hours of time;
  • Stores an asset’s full movement history, along with a digital trail;
  • When powered, this GPS fleet tracking system sends alerts every 30 seconds, and when traveling, it sends notifications every 10 minutes.


18. US Fleet Tracking

US Fleet Tracking is an Oklahoma-based company that uses asset management and tracking platform to provide the following services:

  • Improved tracking and management;
  • Robust statistics and real-time access;
  • Increased security, avoiding the loss or theft of your valuables;
  • Exact whereabouts of storage assets, as well as information on whether or not they are in use;
  • Trackers that are powered by batteries;
  • When activated, the vehicle’s GPS location is provided every 10 minutes or once a day (battery-powered).


19. Coretex

Coretex’s sophisticated GPS device system allows them to deliver high-quality asset monitoring and management services. That tracking system is as follows:

  • With key fleet management data in one location, it helps you get the most from your resources.
  • Increases asset productivity while reducing waiting times for your ROI calculator;
  • Ensures that your valuable fleet is safe and secure;
  • In the field, sends ABS/EBS failure signals from assets moving around;
  • It’s possible to add solar panel power equipment for recharging.


20. Zonar Systems

Zonar Systems has a strong emphasis on GPS tracking inventory, which is accomplished via the ZTrack LTE trademark. Moreover, it:

  • Can resist the elements in the outdoors;
  • It has a very long battery life;
  • Instantly track and trace all of your global asset resources, no matter where they are;
  • For more than five years, it has provided trustworthy asset and trailer tracking;
  • Aids in the management of low-maintenance assets that are kept for lengthy periods of time;
  • It enhances the security of your cellular asset resources, such as high-value gear.


Whether you need a dash camera for liability purposes or a vehicle tracking system to document where your drivers are going, the fleet tracking companies mentioned above certainly have the reputation and hardware to help you safeguard high-value equipment and personnel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GPS asset tracking solutions improve productivity?

Absolutely! GPS asset tracking solutions can dramatically improve productivity. By providing real-time 4G updates on the location of assets and equipment, these systems allow for quicker decision-making and better asset utilization. The tracking data also aids in creating a more efficient maintenance schedule, which minimizes downtime and keeps your fleet vehicles and non-powered equipment performing at their peak.

What types of assets can I track with a GPS asset tracker?

You can track a wide array of assets with a GPS asset tracker. This includes vehicles and assets like fleet vehicles, car tracking, non-powered equipment like trailers and chassis, and construction fleet assets. Even valuable personal assets, like those of loved ones, can be monitored with mini GPS trackers like the Family1st GPS.

What is the benefit of having a developer API in GPS asset tracking solutions?

The benefit of a developer API in GPS asset tracking solutions is that it provides seamless integration of tracking data into your existing systems. Companies like Verizon Connect and Samsara offer developer APIs, enhancing their equipment tracking solutions and making them adaptable to your specific needs.

Are there different power sources for GPS asset tracking devices?

Yes, there are. GPS asset tracking devices can be wired GPS, relying on the power source of the asset they’re installed in, like fleet solution vehicles. Other trackers, often used for non-powered equipment, use various battery types. Some have a month battery life, while others use rechargeable batteries or even have backup batteries to ensure continuous tracking.

What are the cost benefits of using GPS asset tracking systems?

Using GPS asset tracking systems can significantly reduce costs and save money. By providing real-time tracking, these systems help avoid the loss of valuable assets. They also improve fuel management, which can lead to significant fuel tax savings. Plus, with better maintenance scheduling based on equipment usage, you can avoid costly repairs and downtime.

Can GPS asset tracking be used in specialized industries like pest control and equipment rental?

Yes, it can! GPS asset tracking is versatile and can be utilized in various industries. For pest control, it helps manage fleet vehicles and equipment, ensuring they’re at the right job sites at the right times. In the equipment rental industry, it can monitor rented assets, prevent loss, and provide location updates, thereby protecting valuable assets.

How reliable are GPS asset tracking systems?

GPS asset tracking systems are highly reliable. They offer real-time tracking of assets and equipment using industrial-grade technology, and many use 4G networks for faster, more accurate location updates. Plus, with robust monitoring solutions like temperature monitoring and dash cameras, they provide comprehensive protection for your assets. It’s always suggested to choose a reputable company, like Verizon Connect or Samsara, to ensure reliability and continuous support.