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The advent of tracking systems, GPS trackers, and fleet management software has changed vehicle management in numerous ways. For example, having the ability to locate a driver, discover how fast they are driving, and review routes driven has never been easier thanks to GPS systems. Using vehicle trackers run on Global Positioning Software, fleet owners can simplify operations, incorporate Google Maps in navigation systems, and improve driver safety. With such technology, fleet tracking and asset tracking have become convenient, and their applications have multiplied. However, devices such as signal jammers can block off GPS signals and interfere with the working of car GPS trackers that are essential for controlling fleets in real time. Signal blockers are a safety concern for every fleet owner and companies must deal with this threat for smooth and secure operations. Now, let’s learn more about signal blockers, their method of operation, the legality of using signal blocking technology, and find out ways to prevent signal blockers from interfering with your GPS tracking devices!

Anti-Spy Bug GPS Camera Signal

GPS signal jammers are small and compact anti-tracking devices that transmit radio frequency (RF signals) to interfere with GPS devices such as cell phones, Wi-Fi signals, and car GPS trackers. GPS blockers are portable, low power, and smartly designed to function as shielding instruments only when required. Moreover, there are many kinds of GPS jammers, such as remote control jammers and drone jammers, used to block GPS signals from mobile networks, vehicle trackers, and spy cameras.

A GPS jammer can obstruct signals to and from a vehicle by sending radio frequencies that match the signal frequency of the vehicle’s GPS tracker. Because of this, interference of signals occurs, and the GPS tracker on the car cannot determine location.

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How Does GPS Jamming Work

To understand how GPS jammers work, it is first vital to know how GPS tracking devices function. All GPS devices work in the same way by employing a trilateration method to figure out the location, speed, and altitude of an item. GPS devices work in tandem with satellites that use sophisticated technology to broadcast the position and time of the GPS device. In essence, using satellite positioning, GPS devices calculate the time and distance it takes for a signal to travel from the device to a satellite to estimate the exact location of an object. A typical GPS tracker will use data from four or five satellites to form accurate real-time navigation or positioning.

A GPS signal jammer works by disrupting the transmission of satellite signals to and from the GPS device. Signal jammers create an interference pattern by transmitting signals that match the frequency of the GPS device but with a shorter range and higher power. This creates noise that interrupts the transmission path between GPS and GSM networks such as 2G, 3G, and 4G, usually targeted by cell phone jammers. However, desktop and Wi-Fi jammers use the same principle of interference to block off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals.

3 Easy Steps to Install a GPS Jammer

  1. The signal blocker needs to be connected to a power supply. If used in a car, it is connected to the cigarette lighter socket.
  2. Place the GPS jammer near the installed GPS tracker
  3. Activate the GPS jammer. Make sure you place your GPS jamming device within 10 meters of the GPS tracker to disrupt satellite signals.

How To Prevent GPS Jamming

Signal blockers are a nuisance for both law enforcement authorities and fleet owners. Hindrance in important emergency communication of the police is a danger to the safety of the community. Similarly, fleet managers need uninterrupted signal transmission to and from vehicle trackers. If not, they will have problems calculating fleet distances, time traveled, measuring feet speed, and monitoring instances of careless driving. GPS blockers can disrupt all these processes and lead to the inability to record data and comprised fleet safety. To prevent unwanted situations, law enforcement and fleet owners need to adopt technology that discourages anti-tracking.

The easiest way to prevent GPS jamming is to use GPS devices and software that have inbuilt detection for signal blockers. Devices such as Lojack GPS can detect GPS and GSM 2G,3G, and 4G signal jamming and alert fleet managers of the threat of losing real-time tracking. Other than that, fleet managers can discourage GPS jamming from employees by diligently monitoring fleet GPS transmission. Whenever an employee enables GPS jamming, the fleet management software will show a lost or interrupted signal for that employee’s vehicle. By keeping a record of interrupted signals, business owners can prompt employees to curb the use of GPS jammers. Lastly, regular maintenance checks of GPS trackers go a long way in offsetting potential vulnerabilities to data tampering and GPS jamming.

Are GPS Jammers Illegal?

In the United States, the use of cell phone jammers or other GPS signal jamming devices to obstruct signals is illegal. The federal law is strict on this matter, and there are no exemptions for civilians to use a GPS blocker. The law even prohibits the selling and buying of GPS blockers. There are severe penalties for using signal blockers, such as fines of up to $100,00, jail time, and confiscation of signal blocking equipment.

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GPS Jammers Sale [Where To Buy]

Despite GPS jammers being illegal in the United States, such devices are still readily available in online retail stores.

Can You Buy A GPS Jammer At Best Buy?

As of now, Best Buy does not sell any GPS jamming equipment.

Can You Buy A GPS Jammer Wal Mart?

There is a range of different GPS jamming equipment that you can buy from Walmart. The vehicle GPS jammers are inexpensive, ranging between $8 to $13. The most popular one is the HEMOTON High-efficiency GPS Signal Jammer, an easy-to-use, compact device that saves users from unwanted GPS tracking. Anti Hidden Camera Bug Lens Detector is another useful smart device that picks up on surveillance through GPS devices and is affordable, priced at only $12.


GPS jammers are harmful to fleet owners as they can disrupt helpful communication, data recording, and monitoring of fleet drivers. Signal blockers create interference patterns that obstruct the successful transmission of signals to and from GPS trackers. Although illegal, such easy-to-carry devices are obtained with ease from online retailers such as Walmart, as purchasing the anti-tracking GPS technology is 100% legal. That is why business owners must protect their fleets from GPS jamming by using GPS devices that detect signal blockers. Besides that, monitoring fleet routes is useful to know which employee enables GPS anti-tracking. Basically, using a device that blocks or interferes with a vehicle tracking device is pretty much illegal, but purchasing the anti-tracking solutions is legal so be careful!