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Publish Date: September 15, 2021

Last Update: May 20, 2024

Best GPS Tracking Device Manufacturers 2024

Advancements in GPS vehicle tracker technology have been significant in the past decade. Now, vehicle tracking devices offer affordability, simplicity, compactness, and flexibility, serving both business and consumer markets effectively. But what happens if you want to track a partner you suspect of infidelity? Or when worries about your teenage driver have you wanting real-time location updates? Or even when you manage a large vehicle fleet and need precise speed and location data? If you want answers, GPS tracking can provide them!

But did you know GPS trackers offer more than mere vehicle location? Yes! GPS solutions boast features like wireless fuel cut-off, car alarm options, and motion sensors that activate and deactivate the tracking systems. This means certain GPS fleet trackers not only defend your vehicle against theft, but also continuously deliver diagnostic information. They can even provide speed warnings and document unsafe driving records. So, are your employees misusing company vehicles? Now, you’ll know.

For businesses, portable GPS solutions offer invaluable tools for fleet tracking and management. Contemporary GPS technology includes tracking apps, providing real-time data and valuable insights at your fingertips. Consequently, managing entire fleets from a single screen becomes a breeze. Today, we’ll explore the top 14 GPS tracker manufacturers and what makes each GPS company unique. That way, you can choose the company best suited for your GPS hardware needs.

Best Real Time GPS 2024

SpaceHawk GPS


SpaceHawk is our pick for the top overall hidden GPS for 2024. Why? Let us explain! This magnetic GPS tracker is small, affordable, and an absolute beast. Oh, and it costs less than $100! Simply place the GPS vehicle tracker on whatever you want to monitor and boom, the answers are at your fingertips! With the SpaceHawk GPS locator, you can finally discover the truth about your spouse, teen driver, or a suspicious employee. 


GPS tracker

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Top 14 GPS Tracker Manufacturers

Today, we’ll look at the top 14 GPS vehicle tracking systems and manufacturers on the market. All of these GPS tracking businesses have a reputation for excellence. Therefore, any of their GPS tracking devices will serve your needs and budget without issues. 

GPS Tracker Shop LLC

GPS Tracker Shop logo

Located in sunny Southern California, GPS Tracker Shop LLC specializes in creating hidden GPS trackers for both individual consumers and businesses. Considering becoming your own private investigator to catch a potentially cheating partner? This company has you covered. GPS Tracker Shop also offers some of the industry’s finest theft recovery GPS trackers. How about real-time tracking devices with starter disable features for the construction sector? You’re in luck. Protect your heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, backhoes, and excavators, with confidence.

What we owe most about GPS Tracker Shop is the company is open 7 days a week, offers personal tracker solutions, and offers affordable GPS trackers for vehicles. And did we mention they offer free shipping on all orders?


LandAirSea Systems

For top-tier GPS vehicle tracking systems, look no further than LandAirSea Systems. Established in 1994 and based in Woodstock, Illinois, this company has built a solid reputation with standout products such as Sync GPS, SilverCloud, and GPS 54. Their tracking devices are versatile, suitable for asset protection of cars, boats, and even planes! Hence, their monitoring solutions literally cover land, air, and sea. Need to track a container? They’ve got you covered.

Installation is a breeze and won’t cost a fortune. This is because they offer both wireless and OBD2 GPS hardware. Whether you’re looking for personal GPS or car GPS solutions, LandAirSea offers quality options at affordable rates. Plus, their single tracking platform makes monitoring everything simple. Interested in setting up alerts for geofencing and motion detection? No problem. LandAirSea’s GPS tracking solutions are compatible with 4G, 3G, and 5G devices, including iPhone and Android! 



Renowned worldwide for its quality, Ruptela has been making waves in the GPS tracking industry since 2007. With over 220 employees and operations extending across 127 countries, Ruptela’s reach is impressive. The firm’s offerings include ready-to-use telematics and GPS solutions, with more than one million GPS tracking solutions already produced.

Catering to a diverse range of vehicles, from large to small, Ruptela serves a wide clientele including consumers, corporations, municipalities, and non-governmental organizations.

Need to process digital tachograph data? Ruptela’s GPS trackers have got you covered. Compatible with 2G and 3G networks, their vehicle tracking devices are versatile. Additionally, some of their OBD GPS tracker solutions are plug-and-play, connecting directly to the car’s OBD port for added convenience.

Ideal for fleet management and real-time GPS tracking, Ruptela’s trackers facilitate improved fuel management, a boon for businesses. The result? Both time and money saved. Isn’t that what every business seeks? 



Boasting over 15 million devices designed to date, Teltonika is a force to be reckoned with in the GPS device industry. With 1700+ employees spread across 19 countries, this company has become a one-stop hub for GPS devices over its 23-year operation.

For more than two decades, Teltonika has excelled in vehicle tracking and car network management. With a broad product range, they stand ready to meet any requirement. And if you need something specific? They also offer bespoke solutions and development services for new hardware.

But Teltonika’s capabilities don’t stop there. As a testament to their quality, they’ve expanded their production to manufacture for other electronics companies. Their services span a wide range, from fleet management to security, offering products like IP cameras and in-vehicle routers. Whether you need a simple plug-and-play gadget or a comprehensive fleet management solution, Teltonika has a vehicle tracking system to suit your needs. 



TrackingFox Technology Co. stands out with its innovative feature set, making it one of the most effective GPS trackers on the market. Users receive accurate data, enabling swift vehicle location thanks to the superior sensitivity of the GPS and GMS antennas. Founded in 1996 and active in over 30 countries, TrackingFox has made its mark in the industry. Plus, their GPS systems are notably user-friendly, taking less than a minute to install.

What does TrackingFox offer? Think waterproof GPS trackers that are completely wire-free, compact, and simple to operate. Set up geolocation alerts for when your car enters or leaves a specific zone. With their portable GPS tracker, you’ll receive motion alerts when the car moves and notifications when the engine starts. Easy to set up and deploy, their GPS tracker solution is also budget-friendly and comes with a two-year guarantee. Isn’t that reassuring?



ATrack tracking devices have carved a name for themselves in the global GPS tracking solution market. Based in Taiwan, ATrack Technology’s devices are ideal for vehicles including cars, lorries, tankers, non-powered assets, tractors, and motorbikes. The GPS trackers come in various formats, allowing you to choose from wired, plug-and-play, or IP-rated attachments.

Adhering to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ATrack ensures all GPS devices are safe and compliant with rules and regulations. With a team of over 300 employees at their Taiwan headquarters, they’re committed to delivering quality.

ATrack’s tracking devices gather all position data and duration details. This data is then transmitted to the central database, facilitating efficient business administration. Their plug-and-play devices easily connect to a vehicle’s OBDII port. Plus, these monitoring solutions pair seamlessly with Bluetooth and 4G networks.



A recognized name in the GPS monitoring and fleet management industry, GoSafe has been providing superior hardware and software solutions since 1999. Catering to private cars, fleets, and personal tracking companies, GoSafe’s offerings are diverse.

With over 10 million devices sold and a team of 55 skilled engineers, GoSafe is committed to delivering top-tier telematics solutions. Their presence spans over 100 countries, a testament to their global reputation.

GoSafe’s fleet management solutions are a preferred choice for managers and logistics firms. These comprehensive solutions include communication, insurance telemetry, vehicle location, and retrieval.

Their magnetic GPS tracker solutions deliver precise feedback and crucial information. Compatible with both 2G and 3G networks, these trackers feature G-force sensors and geofence control. Plus, they work well with TCP and SMS, enabling direct notifications on your phone.



With over a decade and a half in the business, Concox has established itself as one of the most renowned GPS monitoring companies. Operating in more than 150 countries worldwide, this GPS tracker factory has a truly global footprint.

Concox offers vehicle trackers, personal trackers, and asset trackers. Their car tracker options are compact yet robust, featuring sleek and well-designed aesthetics that can be discreetly placed in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even bicycles.

Want real-time tracking of your vehicle’s location? Concox’s powerful GPS solutions make it possible. Features include automated fuel cut-off, geofence alerts, SOS messages, and data logger options. With a Concox tracking system, you regain complete control of your vehicle on the road.



Operating in over 100 countries, Tkstar boasts a team of over 23 skilled engineers delivering excellent hardware and software solutions. What’s more, they offer 24/7 support assistance, ensuring your queries never go unanswered.

Tkstar places special emphasis on creating transportation and fleet management systems. These comprehensive solutions cater to every requirement. Quality is a major focus for Tkstar, which is why their tracking solution incorporates high-quality features in addition to robust equipment.

Offering long-term warranty durations, Tkstar stands behind their tracking solutions. The Tkstar GPS tracking platform allows live tracking via SMS, online platforms, and smartphones. Services include location tracking, motion alerts, and overspeed warnings.

Moreover, their GPS trackers are water-resistant and come equipped with GPS as well as GSM/GPRS/CDMA functionality. Tkstar’s technology is widely adopted due to its 3G GPS tracker capabilities, providing a valuable resource for transportation managers and leaders. Isn’t it time you considered Tkstar for your tracking needs?



Established in 2002, Skypatrol, with its headquarters in Florida and a dedicated team of over 50 employees, provides excellent GPS tracking solutions. You’ll have access to round-the-clock support, providing peace of mind for your tracking needs.

Known globally as a leading provider of web tracking systems, Skypatrol has been operational for over two decades. Their unique equipment aids businesses in tracking, optimizing, and safeguarding vehicles, trucks, and other assets. Car dealers, sports and racing enthusiasts, fleet operators, and more all trust Skypatrol.

Many of their trackers feature internal CDMA and GPS antennae. How about features like OBDII plug-and-play setup, overspeed control, and GSM interference detection? Skypatrol’s magnetic GPS solutions have them all. These run on an inbuilt battery with extended runtime and lower power consumption.

Want to enhance your business’s communications, operations, and team management? Skypatrol’s solutions can help. Plus, their personal tracking solutions are compatible with 4G WiFi.



With over a decade of experience in the industry, Queclink boasts more than 3800 clients who rely on their GPS solutions. To date, the firm has delivered over 35 million products, covering over 140 countries worldwide.

Queclink’s GPS car services are utilized by clients globally, a testament to their expertise in the field of cordless modules. They offer solutions for fleet management, vehicle tracking, and asset tracking and management. Many of their trackers even include a two-way audio interface, simplifying communication with drivers.

Equipped with features like geo-fencing and overspeed alerts, these tracking devices also come with internal GSM antennae, internal and external GNSS antennas, low energy consumption, and extended battery capacity. Not only can the trackers provide precise vehicle location, but they also offer advanced communication technologies. Consequently, businesses can evaluate their GPS fleet tracking, assess driver performance, and make informed decisions.



With 14 years in the business, Meitrack has maintained its reputation as one of the most notable asset tracking device manufacturers, often considered among the top ten on the market. Their GPS trackers offer a variety of features including personalized monitoring, private vehicle training, and asset tracking.

Their smart GPS trackers are designed for longevity, lasting up to 80 hours on a single charge. Features such as a 3D acceleration sensor and a motion recognition power switch are also included. With all models, users can enjoy live vehicle monitoring, comprehensive information reporting, and geofence alerts.

Thanks to Meitrack’s GPS tracking software, companies can send orders and data to their employees in real-time. Moreover, they can view their vehicles on Google Map with real-time GPS navigator tracking. Isn’t it time you gained full control and visibility over your assets with real-time GPS positioning from Meitrack? 



Are you familiar with Galileosky, the Russian powerhouse in virtual fleet monitoring systems? They’ve already deployed over 750,000 devices worldwide, with a strong presence in more than 50 countries. Not to mention, they have a loyal client base of 500 companies trusting their GPS solutions.

Their IP67 waterproof trackers are compatible with both GPS and GLONASS satellites, ensuring unmatched accuracy across the globe. And what about support? Their superior equipment comes with a guarantee and technical assistance.

What sets Galileosky trackers apart? They connect to the internet via 3G or Wi-Fi and are custom-designed to track specific types of vehicles, simplifying setup and configuration. Their vehicle trackers are battery-powered and self-charging when connected to a car. But that’s not all. Galileosky also offers mini-GPS trackers, 4G GPS, 3G GPS options, and even a temperature tracker for cars.



Tramigo, a renowned player in the GPS tracking services realm, boasts one of the top-selling car and personal GPS tracker solutions on the market. Founded in 2002, this Finnish company specializes in car GPS tracker options and fleet management control units. Did you know they also offer pet GPS trackers? With a global footprint spanning over 130 countries, Tramigo’s reach is truly impressive.

With Tramigo devices, you can track practically anything – from vehicles to yachts. Need a unique security solution? They’ve got you covered. Tramigo also excels in customer satisfaction, providing long warranties, innovative and reliable technology, free apps, and online fleet management solutions. As a result, Tramigo vehicle GPS trackers are among the most comprehensive tracking solutions available.


What To Look For In A GPS Tracker Manufacturer

Choosing the right GPS manufacturer is crucial to ensure the reliability and performance of the tracking system. This decision should not only be based on the cost but also on other factors such as positive online reviews, free technical support, quality of products, and additional features offered. Here’s an elaborated list of factors to consider when looking for a GPS manufacturer:

  • Positive Online Reviews: Companies like Eelink Communication Technology and Jimi IoT are renowned for their positive online reviews. These testimonials can give you an insight into the customer experience and the effectiveness of the GPS trackers.
  • Free Technical Support: A reliable GPS manufacturer should offer free technical support to help with any technical difficulties that may arise. This service can be crucial in troubleshooting and ensuring the smooth operation of the tracking system.
  • Quality Products: The quality of the GPS trackers is paramount. Look for hardware manufacturers that produce durable and reliable devices. For instance, Eelinks GPS and Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology are known for their high-quality products.
  • Software Features: A good GPS tracker should come with an intuitive and feature-rich software. Features such as real-time GPS tracking, geofencing, and tracking apps can enhance the functionality of the device.
  • Systems Integrator: The manufacturer should be capable of integrating their GPS tracking system into existing systems. This ability can be particularly useful for businesses with existing infrastructure.
  • Cold Chain and Video Telematics: For businesses involved in logistics and transportation, features like cold chain tracking and video telematics can provide invaluable insights.
  • Variety of Devices: A good GPS manufacturer should offer a range of devices, including car trackers, personal GPS trackers, pet GPS trackers, and asset trackers.

Remember, the right GPS manufacturer should be able to meet your specific needs while offering the best value for your investment. Be thorough in your research and make an informed decision.

Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Cars

Frequently Asked Questions

What GPS Company Is The Best?

When it comes to top-rated products, customer service availability, technical support, warranties, and various factors, the GPS company that ranks best is Tracking System Direct. With offices headquartered in California, Tracking System Direct has been in business for over 13 years providing GPS asset trackers to law enforcement, consumers, and businesses. They are most known for offering a critically acclaimed, award-winning portable GPS vehicle tracker called SpaceHawk. 

Not every GPS company manufactures its own hardware. In fact, some of the most reputable names in the GPS tracking industry such as BrickHouse Security, Tracki, LinxUp, Vyncs, and Bouncie all white-label or resell GPS devices. Oftentimes, these companies offer better service than GPS manufacturers because they can focus on providing a higher level of support for anyone looking to invest in a GPS monitoring system who might not have technical experience. 

What Is The Best GPS Tracker China Manufacturer?

Searching for the best GPS trackers from China? Shenzhen EELINK Communication Technology has got your back. This company provides top-notch 3G vehicle tracking solutions. Whether it’s asset tracking or personal tracking you need, EELINK has you covered.

Recognized as some of the best in the market, EELINK’s solutions stand out for their crisis-ready SOS message feature. Their asset trackers allow you to set up alerts for geofencing, motion detection, and ignition switches. Seeking premier personal tracking? EELINK is the right fit for you.

But their offerings don’t stop there. EELINK excels in providing high-quality vehicle tracker solutions, including both GPS vehicle and car GPS solutions. All of these are manufactured in a verified tracker factory, ensuring top-grade quality.

Equally important, their asset GPS tracker solutions won’t break the bank. They also provide fleet management solutions and mini-vehicle GPS options for a broad range of needs. Modern users will appreciate their 4G GPS tracker solutions, which outpace many other options in the market for speed.

How Can I Discover Reliable GPS Tracker Suppliers?

Supplier discovery can be done through online research, trade shows, and industry forums. Look for manufacturers with a strong online presence, positive reviews, and a comprehensive product portfolio. Some reputable GPS tracker manufacturers include Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd and other well-known companies in the industry. Don’t forget to evaluate their customer support, technical assistance, and product warranties.

Do All GPS Tracker Manufacturers Have Their Own Factories?

No, not all GPS tracker manufacturers have their own factories. However, choosing a manufacturer with its own GPS tracker factory can ensure better quality control and after-sales support. Some manufacturers, such as Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd, own and operate their factories, allowing for better management of the production process. This is where they will create GPS data loggers and live GPS car trackers.

What Should I Look For In A Manufacturer Of GPS Trackers For Vehicles?

When looking for a manufacturer of GPS trackers for vehicles, consider factors such as product quality, software features, technical support, and positive online reviews. Choose a manufacturer that offers a range of devices, including mini GPS trackers, time GPS, and GPS trackers for various vehicle types. Additionally, consider the GPS tracking platform’s user-friendliness and compatibility with different devices.

Can A GPS Tracking Platform Track Multiple Vehicles Simultaneously?

Yes, a GPS tracking platform can track multiple vehicles simultaneously. These platforms are designed to manage fleets and provide real-time tracking information for multiple vehicles. By choosing a reliable GPS tracker manufacturer, you can ensure that the tracking platform offers features such as geofencing, route optimization, and alerts for various events like overspeeding or entering a restricted area.

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