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Everything You Need To Know About GPS With Audio Feature

If you are someone who believes that your spouse is cheating then it makes sense that you have done research on the different hidden GPS trackers out there. GPS vehicle tracking devices are great tools to determine where a spouse has been, how long they were at a location, and more. But what if you want to hear the conversations they were having while in the car whether that is on the cell phone or if they had a passenger in the car? This is the very reason why so many people are interested in a GPS tracker with audio recording. It is also why our experts decided to take a closer look at the different options available when it comes to a GPS tracker with audio for car, and provide the answers to common questions people have regarding a GPS tracker with audio recording. So let’s dive into it all!


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Do Car Trackers Have Audio?

The majority of real time GPS car trackers use a SIM card and can be accessed via iPhone or Android device. These vehicle tracking devices record a vehicle’s position, speed, time en route, and other location-based data. However, there are some car GPS trackers that provide the live audio recording (audio feature) along with real time GPS. One of the most popular real time GPS trackers with live audio is a product by Logistimatics called Mobile-200 GPS Tracker With Live Audio.

Logistimatics Tracker Audio

Mobile200 GPS Tracker With Live Audio

Live Audio Monitoring: If you ever wanted to secretly track a car and hear what conversations were going on inside a car then the Mobile200 GPS tracker with live audio is probably the solution for you. This GPS tracker with audio can send live audio instantly to your iPhone or Android device. Enabling the live audio monitoring is as simple as you calling the phone number associated with your GPS tracker’s SIM card.

Step 1: Call the GPS tracker with live audio where you will have access to an opened microphone on the tracker.

Step 2: Listen to the conversations in the car being tracked.

Additional features of this GPS tracker with audio recording include:

  • Roughly 2 Weeks Of Battery Life
  • Live GPS Tracking Updates Every 30 Seconds
  • User-Friendy iOS and Android Mapping
  • Live Audio Monitoring To Hear What Is Happening Inside A Vehicle

The compact design and audio feature are two key reasons we are big fans of the mobile200 GPS tracker for monitoring loved ones, vehicles assets, or personal tracking.

Best Car GPS Tracker With Audio

According to Amazon reviews, the best car GPS tracker with audio for 2020 was the Mobile-200 by Logistimatics. With over 450 verified buyer reviews this GPS tracker with live audio holds a 4-star rating, making it one of the top-rated vehicle tracking devices on Amazon. However, it is worth noting that no other real time GPS trackers sold on Amazon offer a live audio feature, and therefore, the rating should be viewed with some small level of skepticism.

GPS Tracker With Live Audio

One of the best parts about a GPS tracker with audio for car or personal assets is that not only do you have the ability to see where your spouse or partner is going, but at any time you can listen in on any potential conversations occurring inside that vehicle. However, we must warn anyone using a GPS tracker with audio recording that there is a strong chance you might hear something that will confirm your suspicions of infidelity And many times those live audio recordings can be very graphic in nature so please exercise caution when using any type of technology that can evoke a strong emotional response.