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Real Time GPS Tracking

Real-Time GPS Tracker For Personal Safety

The technology market continues to advance and evolve, resulting in the production and manufacturing of multiple products that make our lives easier and safer. One of these products that recently caught the attention of our GPS tracking system experts is a product known as the Senior GPS Bracelet, a real-time GPS tracker designed specifically for personal monitoring. With such a buzz surrounding the tracker fashioned as a wristwatch, GPS Tracking Review decided to bring the device in for a thorough testing and product evaluation.

Product Claims According To Tracking System Direct:

Senior GPS Bracelet is the ideal personal monitoring solution for families concerned that a elderly loved one could wander or become lost due to memory-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. The lightweight device offers two-way voice communication, geographical fencing, panic SOS alerts and live real-time locational updates on where a senior, child or anyone wearing the bracelet is at.

Putting The Features To The Test

Geographical Fencing: One of the key selling points of the GPS tracking bracelet is a feature that allows a user to set a virtual boundary over a satellite imaging program. When this boundary is crossed a text message or email alert is transmitted to the emergency contact. After a person receives and activates their GPS bracelet all they have to do is login to the Internet-based mapping program and create a geographical fence in the desired location. The process of creating and moving geo-fences was actually very simple to do, and the accuracy of the alerts was impressive. During the testing, within seconds of a geo-fence being crossed an alert was sent out. This is very important for families with Autistic children or seniors with Alzheimer’s who may wander off.

Two-Way Voice Communication: Users that opt for the $34.95 per month data plan with voice communication have the ability to contact a person wearing the GPS tracking bracelet via speaker phone. One of the more unique features our experts have seen on a GPS system, this cool little feature can be selected by a family member or caregiver, giving the person instant voice communication with their loved one. When tested, the GPS tracking bracelet would literally ring three times, and if the person wearing it did not respond the bracelet would instantly turn onto speaker phone. This means family members or caregivers can speak to the individual wandering and help them in a emergency situation. Throughout the testing process the feature performed as advertised.

GPS Tracking Bracelet Pros:

  • No Activation Fees, Termination Fees Or Contracts
  • Two-Way Voice Communication
  • Lightweight Real-Time GPS
  • Geo-Fencing Feature
  • Email & Text Alerts
  • Lock & Key Option

GPS Tracking Bracelet Cons:

    • 40 Hours Of Battery-Life
  • Device Water-Resistant Not Waterproof


Overall GPS System Performance:

The real time GPS tracking bracelet was much more impressive than what our initial and skeptical thoughts were before testing. Although the data is set at a default refresh rate of every 30 minutes or one mile of movement, we were pleased to learn that the distance and time could be adjusted. For example, high-risk seniors could have the GPS bracelet set to update every 15 minutes or .25 miles of motion, but in a emergency situation the system could refresh as every 3 seconds, transmitting essentially in real-time! We also liked how there was a security lock option available so a child or senior could not remove the unit. For this particular model of GPS bracelet there is also a tamper warning alert that will send out notification if the device is messed with (*GPS Tracking Review did NOT test this model of device or feature). Understanding that this GPS device was more designed for personal tracking, we understood that certain unique conditions would present themselves. For example, if a senior wanted to shower would they be able to wear the device while in the shower? Although the GPS bracelet is water and splash resistant, the device could not handle sustained water exposure, meaning it could not be placed in the shower. This was the flaw that seemed most obvious with the device, but overall GPS system performance was exceptional.


The GPS tracking bracelet is an excellent tool for concerned families with wandering children or elderly loved ones battling memory related illness. With two-way voice communication and geo-fencing, any parent, family member or caregiver will easily be able to keep tabs on their loved ones. GPS Tracking Review gives the GPS bracelet 4 out of 5 stars in overall performance, and finds the device to be very valuable for applications related to personal monitoring and safety.

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*This particular GPS tracking bracelet has many more features that were not tested. For more information on these features please contact Tracking System Direct