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Recently our editors at GPS Tracking Review were informed about by a Southern California GPS provider by the name of Tracking System Direct that one of the most popular data loggers of all-time was getting a makeover. They sent us the in the product and after anxiously awaiting for the device to arrive, we tested the tracker known as GPS Tracking Key 2. But before we talk about this new GPS data logger let us first give you a little information on its predecessor.

The original GPS Tracking Key debuted on the market nearly a decade ago and continued to be successful due to its simplicity: a small tracker that recorded historical driving activity and could then provide that information by simple USB download to a computer. In fact, our GPS Tracking Review editors did a write-up on the tracking device in 2008. Although the device was great it had a handful of flaws that our team was able to identify but overall the unit was great for vehicle tracking. Fast forward to today and many of the shortcomings of this GPS data logger have not only been addressed but have been improved quite impressively upon our examination. So let’s get right into the GPS Tracking Key 2 review!

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The biggest complaint our team had back in 2008 during the original Tracking Key review was that the tracking system required a CD of software that needed to be downloaded to personal computer before the tracking data could be reviewed. The problem we had was not transferring the data from device to computer but rather that the system did NOT support Mac operating systems. This is what impressed us most out the gate about the new GPS Tracking Key 2: the device can work with personal computers or Apple computing systems that have USB ports! However, it did not stop there because GPS Tracking Key 2 also provided a new online software that utilized Google Maps in a new and different way to provide a more user-friendly method of viewing the data. LandAirSea, the online software provider, even offers cloud storage options for those who want to keep tracking data secure for long periods of time. This option is also great for people who were worried that the tracking data on their computer could be found by an employee or cheating spouse.


What is cool about GPS Tracking Key 2 is that the engineers kept the sleek and simple design the same as the original version. The USB drive on the device makes it easy to plug the device into a computer to access historical tracking data and the surface magnetic mount is awesome for covertly placing the GPS tracker on belly of a target car. The device still does not make any noises which is fantastic for those engaged in covert tracking applications, and the simple low-battery LED light can be covered with something as crude as a piece of electrical tape if the user wants to also have the illuminated lights blacked out. The only thing we still dislike is that the car tracking device does not come included with a small screwdriver to access the battery door compartment. The tiny screws are a little pain and it is not that easy finding a small screwdriver. A back clip similar to that of the GPS Tracking Key Pro would be a much better design. However, we will say that when our GPS tracking experts asked the manufacturer about this they stated that design was to enhance water protection capabilities. Therefore, it does serve a functional purpose.

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GPS Tracking Key 2 provided a wealth of data from addresses arrived, addresses the motorist departed, speed driven, max speed, mileage and more. The information provided by the micro tracker is more than enough to help a business determine if a driver is misusing company vehicles, falsifying time sheets or doing side work. Not to mention, for consumer applications such as teen driving safety so parents can make certain their kids are not driving too fast or going to places they should not be going. The data can also be saved to a personal computer or through the online web-server via cloud storage on a secure off-site system. This is very helpful for people who do not want GPS tracking applications on their desktop or for government agencies wanting a secure place to house sensitive GPS data related to an investigation.

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Overall Conclusion

This is a great device considering the cost of $169.00 where it can be purchased online. The device may not provide live GPS tracking data and the tiny screwdriver needed to open the battery door compartment are certainly small drawbacks but the advantages significantly outweigh that. We love the online software and are pretty certain this is the only GPS data logger on the market that offers such services online review of personal tracking data, secure cloud storage of GPS tracking data and a solution that works with both PC and Mac systems. Overall we would recommend this device to anyone looking to track a vehicle who does not want to pay monthly fees for a real-time device. Great unit. Great support (which is available at no cost 24/7 for the life of the product). And great tracker! This is why we give the tracker a total rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 stars