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Tracking System Direct Mixes Information and Aesthetics In User-Friendly Format

Consumers, businesses or law enforcement agencies looking for a GPS tracking solution may find it more difficult now than ever before to find a company that provides not only cost-effective equipment but reliable customer service and information. Thankfully, a company by the name of Tracking System Direct has come to the rescue, offering not only quality GPS tracking devices but information and resources sure to impress any conscientious consumer.

Tracking System Direct goes above and beyond its competitors by providing a wealth of information on its corporate site regarding GPS tracking technology, applications, and miscellaneous topics. The company, which specializes in tracking system technology, does an excellent job of separating information by customer demographic whether they be:

1. Consumers
2. Businesses
3. Professionals

Under the “Consumers” subcategory people will find articles, statistics, and other information relating to almost every possible GPS tracking application the consumer may have, including:

1. GPS Teen Tracking

2. Elderly GPS Tracking

3. Personal GPS Tracking Systems

4. Relationship Tracking

5. GPS Tracking Children

6. Theft/Recovery Devices

Tracking System Direct provides useful information and unique articles to not only consumers but also businesses. With many companies across the globe looking to improve fleet management, mileage documentation, and employee accountability, live GPS tracking technology has never been in higher demand by the business demographic. Tracking System Direct caters to businesses by not only offering a free ROI calculator that will allow any business to calculate how much money they could be saving if they adopted a vehicle tracking system plan, but the site also breaks down business-related articles and topics into the following sub-categories:

1. Fleet Tracking Systems

2. Corporate Tracking Systems

3. Fuel Consumption Reduction

4. Vehicle Tracking Systems

Professionals, such as private investigators, government agencies, and law enforcement departments will also be happy when they visit Tracking System Direct as the company/website offers a vast amount of information related to surveillance and covert


With the average web surfer only spending about 30 seconds on a web page it is important that content, navigation, and company information be formatted in a way that is easily accessible, visually pleasing, and user-friendly. People visiting Tracking System Direct will see that the tracking system company has done an exceptional job of presenting information in a clear and informative format.

When arriving on the Tracking System Direct homepage, visitors will first notice a short movie that shows the different types of consumer applications. The homepage video is fast-paced and visually stimulating and is a much better alternative than the advertisements many other companies use to fill up their homepages.

Navigation on the site is all appropriately labeled, allowing the user to quickly move through the site without any glitches, and the text throughout the site is a little softer and easier on the eyes than most other eCommerce websites.

In regards to appearance, Tracking System Direct receives 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Payment Processing

Tracking System Direct offers free quotes for businesses looking at purchasing GPS trackers in bulk and uses Google Checkout as its a primary form of payment processing. Although Google Checkout is widely viewed as a reliable and safe way to conduct online transactions for customers, giving customers only one avenue to make payment is slightly inconvenient for those people who are more comfortable using PayPal or other payment options.

Articles, News, And Information

Tracking System Direct doesn’t just sell passive and real-time tracking system products, the company and website also provide numerous articles and information on all the current news related to the GPS tracker industry. Consumers visiting Tracking System Direct can read through an assortment of articles relating to teen tracking, law enforcement surveillance, fleet management, and more.

Over the past 4 months, Tracking System Direct has posted over 350 news articles and stories that are well written, informative, and useful. Tracking System Direct even provides a comments section for each article that creates an avenue for interaction between the company and the consumers.

Additional Cool Stuff

With all of the articles, user-friendly navigation, and more it is easy to see why many consumers have Tracking System Direct provide their GPS tracking system needs. Here are a few more things that GPS Tracking Review thought were pretty cool about Tracking System Direct:

1. 12-Point Evaluation Process:

The 12-point evaluation process explains how Tracking System Direct reviews and evaluates GPS products before the company offers them to consumers. The company posts the criteria for GPS tracking product submission, and the process is fairly strict on how it measures accuracy, reliability, and more. After reading the process, it is clear Tracking System Direct only offers the best GPS tracking products the industry has to offer whether those devices be live GPS devices or GPS data loggers.

2. Interactive Polls

Visitors to the Tracking System Direct website will find interactive polls on a variety of controversial issues and hot topics. Tracking System Direct posts questions such as “Would you GPS track your teen driver?”, and allows anyone to vote on the question(s).

3. Facebook Profile

Tracking System Direct has links to the company’s Facebook page where fans can interact with the company on a wide range of topics as well as access special deals.

4. Product Descriptions

Tracking System Direct has an unconventional, but very effective way they deliver product descriptions. The company uses a “Top 5 Reasons” format that explains the product in great detail, but at the same time presents the information in a cool and fun way.

5. Customer Service And Sales

Many GPS tracking companies work Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., but Tracking System Direct breaks the standard business mold, answering sales and customer service calls 7 days a week. Anyone looking on the weekend to purchase or ask questions about a GPS tracking system doesn’t have to wait until Monday to get their questions answered.

6. Wholesale Prices

Tracking System Direct offers vehicle tracking system technology at wholesale prices, making it difficult for its competitors to compete with the company. They even offer a 110% price match guarantee to customers where they will match and beat any better offer…if there is one out there.

People interested in learning about GPS vehicle tracking or wanting to purchase GPS tracking products can find everything they are looking for and more at Tracking System Direct!