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One of the most popular questions concerned parents have regarding GPS tracking system technology is the availability of child tracking chip implants. Specifically, a microchip implant in humans that uses live GPS tracking to give parents 24/7 access to where their child is located. The hope is that by having a solution in place that allows parents to quickly locate a child, parents will be able to keep their most precious assets safe.


Under Skin GPS Tracker

Microchip Tracking Devices For Humans

The basic concept of microchip implants for humans is simple: put a GPS tracker under the skin of a child and then be able to track that child in real time. This type of technology could literally save lives and give parents everywhere peace of mind. Especially, in circumstances where a divorced parent might be concerned about another scorned parent forcefully taking a child. Or another scenario is where parents simply take their child to an amusement park, sporting event, or other large public gatherings, and a child wanders off. By having a GPS implant under the child’s skin, parents could simply pull their cell phone out of their pocket, access a live GPS tracking app, and quickly determine where a wandering child is!

  • Put GPS Implant Under Skin Of Child
  • Use Real Time GPS Tracking App To Locate Child

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GPS Microchip Tracker

The nano-GPS tracking that would be used as an implant sounds amazing in theory, but microchip trackers simply are not manufactured that small. Yes, there are small portable personal GPS trackers that a child or teen could keep in their pocket, but there is nothing on the market small enough to be implanted under the skin.

There is no GPS microchip implant for humans!

The main reason why there is no microchip implant for humans is because of battery life. If a GPS tracker was implanted in a child it would need a power source. Especially, if that tracking device was transmitting locational data consistently in real time. GPS technology is certainly progressing at an exponential rate, but it will be many years before a GPS microchip will be available for parents to keep track of their kids.

Can You Put A Tracking Chip In Your Child?

Child microchip trackers under the skin are not available at the moment so discussing the legalities of that technology is sort of discussing drilling rights on Mars. Sure there will be some things that will need to be clearly defined, but that is so far in the future it really is not worth addressing at the current moment. However, parents who are concerned about child safety should look into the other real-time GPS tracking options that are available at this time. These are small GPS trackers that can:

  1. Provide Live Locational Information On Kids
  2. Alert Parents If A Child Wanders Away
  3. Give Children A Panic Button Feature To Call Out For Help

According to GPS Tracker Shop, the cost of these GPS child trackers is roughly $199.00 with a monthly data plan requirement of about $24.95. This is the technology parents can currently access if they want to enhance child safety through GPS tracking!