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Best GPS For Geocaching And Hiking

GPS trackers for hiking are becoming more popular among outdoor adventures all over the globe. The reason is that as fun as it can be getting outdoors and living the wanderlust lifestyle, documenting those travels can be equally as satisfying. This desire to record travels is in all of our DNA, dating back to the time explorers and cartographers traveled and mapped the globe. Although the technology used to document travels has changed since the era of Magellan, geocaching and hiking GPS trackers are providing a unique way for outdoor enthusiasts to record and remember their journeys. 

Best Hiking GPS Tracker

Cheap Hiking GPS

One thing that outdoor enthusiasts find attractive about hiking GPS trackers is that the most commonly used GPS devices by adventurers are actually tracking devices with no monthly fees. Since most hikers are often in fairly remote locations (Joshua Tree, Yosemite, or other National Parks) there is rarely any cellular service. That means a real time GPS tracker wouldn’t be the desired solution. Instead, hikers opt for handheld GPS data loggers which also happen to be the cheapest hiking GPS devices on the market since they require no subscription fees! These types of GPS tracking systems also do not require SIM cards so they can cross international lines without interruption. 

How Accurate Are Handheld GPS Units?

Hiking GPS trackers are often referred to as GPS data loggers because they simply log locational data to the internal memory of the GPS receiver. These hiking GPS tracking devices are engineered with highly sensitive internal antennas, making the micro GPS trackers extremely accurate. In fact, the average hiking GPS tracker will pinpoint a location within 6 feet! This results in highly detailed route documentation. 

Please note that even the best handheld GPS devices still must adhere to basic GPS principles. Therefore, accuracy can be compromised if the hiking GPS tracker is surrounded by metal or concrete, or if the location-based device is in an urban canyon environment, cave, or rugged mountainous region. In all of those mentioned circumstances, accuracy can be compromised to unknown degrees. 

Easiest Hiking GPS To Use

As mentioned earlier, hiking GPS trackers are GPS data loggers that record travels to internal memory. That means the features most adventurers look for when investing in a hiking GPS tracker are portability, fast refresh rates, and compact size. The personal GPS tracker that offers all these features is a device that has been called upon by hikers for over 5 years called GPS Tracking Key. Features of the GPS Tracking Key include:

  • Position Updates Every Second
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Pocket-Sized 
  • Water-Resistant Housing 
  • Easy Plug & Play Download 
  • Global Footprint 

Hiking GPS trackers for recording travels and geocaching will continue to be used by outdoor adventurers all across the globe, especially as social media allows hikers even more opportunities to share journeys through human experience.