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Enhancing A Childs Safety With Micro GPS Tech

Personal safety is a very serious concern for all parents and that is why in this technological era so many concerned mothers and fathers are researching microchip implant tech and GPS tracking devices. But what exactly are live GPS trackers and how can human microchip devices enhance the safety of children? Let’s take a closer look at the different options parents have for keeping track of their kids with location tracker technology and answer some of the common questions people have about live GPS.

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Smallest GPS Trackers For Kids


  • Know Your Childs’ Location 24/7
  • GPS Locator Works With Android & iPhone 
  • Track Children Without Them Knowing
  • Make Sure Every Kid Safe
  • Smart Tracker Has Worldwide Coverage

GPS Kid Tracker With Worldwide Coverage

If you want to keep any kid safe it first starts with the parent following the basics. These include helping children identify trusted adults, setting body boundaries, teaching them how to use a phone and call 911, making sure they check with an adult before doing certain activities, being sure they know their parents’ names and addresses, and fighting back if they are abducted. If you want to learn more tips to keep kids safe from child abduction check out this article. Although it is certainly important to teach your kids the basics regarding personal safety, sadly it is not enough sometimes. This is why so many parents are now turning to GPS tracking devices that provide a child’s realtime location 24/7.

Real time GPS devices can be placed in a child’s backpack or kept in their pocket, allowing parents to track children via iPhone or Android. This can be especially helpful if a kid wanders away at an amusement park, crowded mall, or other public gatherings where excitement and confusion can be in abundance. Not only can GPS tracker devices for kids provide the real time location of where children are but the technology can also send parents a text message if the child leaves a pre-set safe zone! Another cool feature of locator tracking systems is the SOS button that sends an instant alert if a child is in need of help.

Microchip Your Child

Microchip Implant For Kids

Can parents use chips implanted into their children to track them so they never get lost? The answer is no. The truth is there are no human microchips that can be implanted in children that parents can use to keep them safe. Therefore, the best thing parents concerned about child safety do is invest in a small personal tracker that offers live GPS. Here are some of the top-selling real time GPS tracking devices for kids:

  1. SilverCloud Tag
  2. SpyTec GL 300
  3. Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 
  4. Tracki

When it comes to enhancing child safety, parents need to take every possible precaution. Be aware of your surroundings, teach your kids how to ask for help, and also consider a live GPS personal tracker.