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How To Detect A GPS Tracking Device On My Car

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Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car

With the recent increase in demand for both live GPS trackers and GPS data loggers, many people are beginning to wonder if the vehicles they are driving are under surveillance. This makes perfect sense given that many businesses call upon car tracking technology to boost fleet management, and consumers use the location-based technology for everything to teen driving safety to auto theft security. But how to detect a GPS tracking device on your car is a lot easier than most people think!

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Where Is A GPS Tracking Device Installed On A Car

Although GPS tracking devices are engineered now to be secretly placed on a target vehicle, 94% of people choose the following places when installing a GPS on a car:

  • Inside the dashboard to the 12volt system
  • Plugged into the OBDii Port

When a GPS tracking system is installed to the 12-volt system of a vehicle the tracker can then be mounted inside the dash, under the steering column, being the glove box, or in other covert locations out of sight from the driver. This is the main advantage of using a hard-wired car tracking device. For those looking for a more affordable solution that is easier to connect to the target automobile than OBDii trackers are the preferred option. This is because an OBDii live GPS tracker can very easily be plugged into the port, acquiring power from the car’s battery. Unfortunately, this type of tracking device is noticeable to the driver and can easily be unplugged.

Where Are GPS Tracking Devices Placed On Cars

Hard-wired to the 12volt system or plugged into a vehicle’s OBDii port are the most popular spots where a GPS tracking device installed on a car, but for the more spy-savvy folks, a portable option provides more versatility. GPS trackers are also engineered with magnetic surface mounts, making the devices easy to hide on a car. This gives the user more options on where to hide a GPS on a car. These locations include:

  • Underneath the car attached to the frame
  • Behind the car bumper
  • Inside the center console
  • Inside the dashboard

Where do you put a magnetic GPS tracker on a car?

Anyone concerned that a GPS tracker might be attached to their vehicle should definitely make an attempt to detect if a tracking device is on the automobile. Hopefully, the above tips will provide people concerned their car is being GPS tracked with answers on where the tracking system might be attached because really there is no right answer to where is the best place to put a GPS tracker on car. This is because each user has a different reason to track a vehicle, and each make and model of the vehicle is different.