Find a GPS tracker no your car

How to Find a GPS Tracker on Your Vehicle

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I Found a GPS A Tracker In My Car

Maybe you just found a device hidden in your car, only to realize it was a hidden GPS tracker for car tracking. Maybe you haven’t yet found a GPS tracking device, but suspect someone may have hidden one somewhere in your vehicle.

But where would someone hide a GPS tracking device? The truth is there is a wide range of places where someone can put a hidden GPS tracker for car tracking, many of them depending on whether or not or not the tracker is active or passive. (A refresher: Passive trackers record and store location data for later retrieval, meaning they often have longer battery lives; active GPS trackers transmit location data via a cellular network, meaning they often need more juice and are frequently hooked into the car’s power in some way.)

So if you have an idea as to who might hide a GPS tracking device on your vehicle, that might give you an idea of where to look. If someone wants regular updates, they might pick a place where they can power the tracker with the vehicle. That means the tracker will need to be wired in, which limits hiding locations. Similarly, if the person tracking you is someone who regularly has access to your vehicle, a good hiding place is somewhere where they can get to the hidden GPS tracker for car tracking more easily.

When looking for a GPS tracking device, you’ll generally want a few basic tools such as a flashlight, mirror, and wheeled cart for getting under your vehicle, for instance. A bug sweeper can also sometimes help. In general, you’ll want to do both an exterior inspection and an interior inspection.

Keep those principles in mind, and check out the top 10 places where to hide a GPS tracker:

  1. Wheel wells. Because the wheel wells are easily accessible, they’re a great place to hide a passive GPS tracking device.
  2. Inside the plastic liner of the wheel well. If you notice the plastic liner is loose, there’s a decent chance that someone has peeled it back to place a magnetized device against part of the car body frame.
  3. Under the main body of the vehicle. Because so many GPS devices utilize powerful magnets, the main chassis of the vehicle is a great place for a hidden GPS tracker for car tracking, though it can be more difficult to access than places like the wheel well.
  4. Behind the bumper. Because bumpers are made of so many pieces, behind or even inside the bumper can make a great hiding place for a GPS tracking device.
  5. The engine compartment. Note, however, that if someone has access to your engine compartment, they’re just as likely to put the hidden GPS tracker for car tracking inside the vehicle where it’s safer from the elements.
  6. The trunk. If someone has access to your vehicle, they may be more likely to stash the hidden GPS tracker for car tracking somewhere where you’re less likely to look—like in the corner of your trunk, or even under something in your trunk.
  7. Under and behind the seats, including inside seat pockets or between the seats. Think of the last time you cleaned your car. Some of the places that accumulate hidden trash most easily are also some of the easiest places to hide something small, like a GPS tracking device.
  8. Around the dash, including the glove compartment and especially the data connector. The data connector is usually under the dash and provides an easy power source for a hidden GPS tracker for car tracking.
  9. Sun visors also make a good hiding spot, as do any center consoles that might be present in your vehicle.
  10. Seats themselves, however, offer one of the best hiding places in the interior of your vehicle, simply because most people never think to check them.

Be careful, however, not to confuse small modules that are necessary for your vehicles’ operation (such as the power door locks, for instance.)

A few other tips that could come in handy: 

  • Because most hidden GPS tracker for car tracking devices are small, it can be easy to overlook small hiding spots. Don’t.
  • Consider using a bug detector to find a tracker. While it won’t find a passive tracker, it should find any active trackers that might be transmitting.
  • Check the data port first. It’s one of the easiest places to hide a GPS tracking device.
  • Don’t be afraid to look for professional help; technicians such as those that specialize in automobile electrical systems, car alarms, or even audio systems know how your vehicle is wired, and are more able to recognize anything out of place.

How to block vehicle GPS tracking

If you do have a GPS tracking device in your vehicle, there may be a way to block it. A GPS blocker, for instance, may be an effective strategy. (Note, however, that it may be illegal to use a GPS blocker, depending on what state you are in or if the tracker was placed by law enforcement. Be sure to do your due diligence.)

Other options might include finding the hidden GPS tracker for car tracking and putting it in a metal container (which can reflect and absorb the signal and interfere with the transmission; copper and silver, because they are so conducive, are your best bets for disruption), utilizing a mobile phone jammer (though that only works for active trackers), or using a GPS spoofing gadget.

How to disable vehicle GPS tracking

Similarly, disabling a GPS tracking device is often as simple as finding the device and either removing it or turning it off. Of course, to do that, you first have to find it. Once found, however, your options vary.

If the device is a battery-operated device, for instance, simply removing the batteries will be enough to disable the tracking. If the device is plugged into your data port, simply unplug it. The strategies noted above for blocking a hidden GPS tracker for car tracking may also be a solid strategy.

How to remove GPS tracker from car

Of course, to disable or remove a GPS tracking device, you first must find it. For active trackers that rely on cellular networks to send data, an electronic sweeper—also sometimes called a bug sweeper—is a great way to find a hidden GPS tracker for car tracking. Bug sweeping does not, however, work for locating passive trackers, which is why it’s a good idea to make use of our list of ten places a GPS tracking device might be hidden in your car and do a thorough search.

When you find a hidden GPS tracking device, removal methods will depend on how the GPS tracker device is attached. For most battery-powered devices, for instance, you should be able to remove the magnet or tape or unplug it from the diagnostic connector or cigarette lighter. For GPS trackers that are hard-wired into your vehicle’s power, however, it’s best to consult a professional so you don’t inadvertently cause future issues with your vehicle’s wiring, for instance.