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How To Secretly Track A Car

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Publish Date: March 26, 2024

Last Update: March 26, 2024

How To Secretly Track A Car In 3 Simple Steps!

Are you worried that your spouse might be cheating? If so, it is only natural you have done some research on the best ways to secretly track a vehicle. In the past, people would try and use a license plate number or car registration number to find out where a vehicle is located. And honestly, that was not a very effective method. Today, it is so much easier to secretly track cars thanks to GPS tracking technology. In fact, tracking a car with Google Maps from your iPhone, Android device, or computer only requires three simple steps! So if you want to learn how to catch a cheating partner with GPS then here is how you can discover the truth in 3 easy steps!

Easily Track Any Car: Learn How In 3 Steps

Step 1: Purchase A Portable Live GPS Tracking Device With A Magnet Mount

Top-Rated Hidden GPS Tracker 2024

Hidden GPS Car Tracker

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  • Get The Truth Without Them Ever Knowing


SPACEHAWK is a hidden GPS tracker designed to help anyone catch a cheating partner. Nearly undetectable in size, SpaceHawk real time GPS can easily be hidden inside or under a vehicle so you can get the truth! Yes, you can now secretly track someone’s car from your iPhone, Android, or computer – without them knowing. The ultra-powerful magnet mount and waterproof case allow you to be your own private detective and get the answers you need to know! For less than $100, you can finally discover what is really going on! 


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Step 2: Place The Hidden GPS Tracker Under The Car

GPS Tracker Under Car

Hidden GPS trackers are valuable tools for monitoring vehicle whereabouts discreetly. When placing one under a vehicle, it’s crucial to find a spot that conceals the device while keeping it secure during transit. Here are some suggested placement areas and precautions:

Placement Areas

  • Rear Bumper Area: Inside the rear bumper cover offers concealment and is away from most road debris.
  • Under the Chassis: Spots near the rear axle or around the front grill area are tucked away from plain sight.
  • Wheel Wells: Ensure the tracker won’t fall out when the vehicle moves.


  • Avoid Heat Sources: Keep away from exhaust systems or other areas that get hot.
  • Steer Clear of Moving Parts: Ensure the device won’t interfere with any mechanical components.
  • Periodic Checks: Occasionally ensure the tracker remains in place, especially after bumpy rides.

Step 3: Track The Car With Your iPhone, Android, or Web Browser

SpaceHawk GPS Tracker GIF

To track a car using your smartphone or computer is straightforward. On your iPhone or Android device, begin by downloading the tracking application associated with your GPS device. After installation, open the app and enter the credentials you set up or were provided during your tracker’s purchase. This will grant you immediate access to real-time location data and driving behavior.

For a more detailed view, especially if you’re keen on analyzing historical data, using a computer might be more advantageous. On your desktop or laptop, navigate to the tracker’s official web portal. Log in using the same credentials. Once inside, you’ll typically find options to view historical routes, stops, and durations. This can be particularly useful if you want to review the vehicle’s movement over extended periods. And boom, now you can find out everywhere a driver is going and where they have been! Pretty cool, right?

How Can I Track A Car Without Them Knowing

The first step to track a car in real time starts with investing in a hidden GPS tracker. Some of the most popular portable vehicle tracking devices include the Spy Tech STI GL 300, Tracki, Vyncs GPS tracker, and our personal favorite, SpaceHawk GPS tracker. What makes SpaceHawk our top pick for secretly tracking a car’s location online is that is nearly undetectable, and designed with a surface magnet. And you know what? You can easily be hide this portable GPS underneath any automobile. Pretty cool, right? Backed with free technical support, you can easily get help if you need it. This makes it easy for you to be your own private investigator!

As mentioned earlier, many vehicle tracking devices are engineered with ultra-strong magnets. This will allow you to easily equip the car tracker under the car. With the vehicle tracker equipped, the GPS locator will utilize satellite technology and the SIM card inside the car GPS to transmit location information as fast as every 3 seconds! GPS data will provide the exact location of anyone’s car!

With the GPS car tracker attached under the car and transmitting positions every 3 seconds the last step is to track location using any mobile phone. iOS and Android cell phones can be used to display real-time GPS data over Google Maps with the help of a free mobile app, allowing you to instantly find the exact location of your car or anyone’s car! There is no better way to secretly track a vehicle and bust a cheating spouse than with a car GPS tracking device, but what is the best hidden GPS tracking device? Here is our list of the top 5 spouse GPS devices to secretly track someone’s vehicle! 

Secretly Track A Car

5 Best GPS Devices To Secretly Track A Vehicle 


real time GPS tracker no fees

Our top pick as the best GPS tracker for car, truck, or asset, SpaceHawk allows any to catch cheaters for under $100. This hidden GPS tracking device was engineered with a magnet mount, completely waterproof housing, and is backed with free technical support for the life of the GPS locator! Spacehawk is a private investigator GPS tracker that is powerful enough for professional users, but easy enough to use for any concerned husband or wife to be their own private detectives and find out the truth! We prefer this magnet GPS over Trak4 GPS tracker, Americaloc GL300w, and the many car tracker devices on Amazon because SpaceHawk is accurate, waterproof, and updates faster than any other hidden tracking devices on the market today!


Tracki - Best GPS For Global Coverage
Tracki – Best GPS For Global Coverage

If you want to put a tracker on your car for less than $29 then Tracki is the device we recommend. With over 23,000 Amazon reviews, Tracki is one of the best-selling real time GPS devices. Unfortunately, the GPS vehicle tracker does not have a waterproof case or magnet mount.

Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs Tracking Devices
Vyncs Tracking Devices

Designed for fleet tracking, simply install GPS to the OBD2 port and let Vyncs tell you everything from fuel consumption to location history. Vyncs is a powerful fleet management tool that is great for theft recovery, but one drawback is the GPS car tracker can easily be found with a simple interior inspection. A cheating spouse can easily locate the tracker inside the vehicle so we recommend something more covert such as SpaceHawk. 

SpyTec GPS GL300 Real-Time GPS

SpyTec STI GL300
SpyTec STI GL300

Another GPS device with good online reviews, is SpyTec GL300. In fact, this  is only $59 and comes with a waterproof case so you can secretly attach the car tracking device under any vehicle without the person ever knowing. Designed to catch cheaters, observe teen drivers, and boost child safety, SpyTec is an affordable option for anyone in need of a reliable live GPS. However, the real time GPS does not have the best technical support so make sure you are a little tech-savvy before investing in SpyTec GL300

Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7

Spark Nano 7

A white-labeled GPS car tracker from the surveillance experts at Brickhouse Security, the Spark Nano 7 is one of the most popular mini GPS devices on the market today. Spark Nano is very similar to SpyTec in that the personal GPS tracker requires a waterproof case accessory to equip the tracking device under a car, but the support team at Brickhouse Security is great at helping you get the device set up from start to finish. The only reason why we ranked the Spark Nano 7 spouse GPS below SpyTec is that the GL300 has substantially more online reviews. 

Track a Car Legally: What You Need to Know Before Tracking Someone’s Car

GPS Asset Tracker

Yes, you can use magnetic GPS trackers to track his car without him knowing. Real time GPS trackers allow anyone to be their own private detective at a fraction of the cost to find out the truth. In fact, a magnet GPS can be placed in the glove box, speaker compartment, or under a vehicle. You would then be able to track your vehicle from a computer, iPhone, Android, or burner phone. However, GPS laws are different in each state so it is important that you speak with an attorney before using any location tracking apps or devices to catch a cheating partner. 

*Please note that a monthly subscription plan would be required for any tracker devices. 

Tracking your car or someone else’s car is very easy with real-time location trackers, and if you are worried your spouse or partner might be cheating then there is no easier and legal way to find out the truth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Secretly Track My Car Using Live GPS Trackers?

Yes, you absolutely can! You can covertly monitor your vehicle’s location using live GPS trackers like SpaceHawk. This mini GPS tracker fits neatly inside or underneath your car, remaining hidden from sight. It sends real-time tracking data to your mobile phone, allowing you to keep tabs on your car without anyone knowing.

Are These Hidden Car GPS Trackers Weather Resistant?

Yes, they are! Many hidden car GPS trackers, such as the SpaceHawk, come with a waterproof, magnetic casing. This not only helps protect the device from the elements but also allows for easy installation under your vehicle. So, no matter the weather, you can confidently track your car. Oh, and it makes it easy to attach the portable GPS under a car without a driver knowing!

What Features Should I Expect From A Good Car Tracking Device?

A high-quality car tracking device should provide real-time tracking, speed alerts, and asset tracking. In fact, they should be portable, have a long battery life, and be easily hidden within or under the car. Most importantly, they should offer user-friendly interfaces on mobile phones for effortless monitoring.

Will Using A GPS Tracker For My Car Require A Monthly Subscription Fee?

Yes, it typically does. Real-time GPS tracking devices need a subscription fee for cellular connectivity and data transmission. The price varies depending on the device and how frequently it sends location updates. For instance, the SpaceHawk offers various subscription plans.

What If I Want To Track More Than One Car?

If you’re a fleet manager or have multiple cars to track, you can certainly track more than one car! In fact, GPS tracker for vehicles are scalable solutions that can help you manage and track your vehicles or assets. With the right software, you can view the real-time location of each vehicle, all from a single interface on your mobile phone.

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