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How To Track Someone’s Car

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How To Secretly Track A Car With GPS

Three Simple Steps To Track A Car Location Online

If you are a person who is worried that your spouse might be cheating it is only natural you would have done some research on the best ways to secretly track a vehicle. In the past, people would try and use a license plate number or car registration number to find out where a vehicle is located, but today it is so much easier thanks to GPS technology. In fact, tracking a car with Google Maps from your iPhone, Android device, or computer only requires three simple steps! So if you wanted to learn how to track GPS in car to catch a cheating partner then here is how you can discover the truth in 3 easy steps!

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SPACEHAWK is a hidden GPS tracker designed to help anyone catch a cheating partner. Nearly undetectable in size, SpaceHawk real time GPS can easily be hidden inside or under a vehicle, allowing you to secretly track someone’s car from your iPhone, Android or computer. The ultra-powerful magnet mount and waterproof case allow you to be your own private detective and get the answers you need to know!


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3 Easy Steps How To Track Someone’s Car

  1. Purchase a portable live GPS tracking device with a magnet mount
  2. Place the hidden GPS tracker underneath the car you want to locate
  3. Track the car with your iPhone, Android, or web browser

How Can I Track A Car Without Them Knowing

The first step to track a car in real time starts with investing in a hidden GPS tracker. Some of the most popular portable vehicle tracking devices include the Spy Tech STI GL 300, Tracki, Vyncs GPS tracker, and our personal favorite, SpaceHawk GPS tracker. What makes SpaceHawk our top pick for secretly tracking a car’s location online is that is nearly undetectable, designed with a surface magnet, and can easily be hidden underneath any automobile. SpaceHawk is also backed with free technical support that is based in the USA so if you ever need any help being your own private investigator they can walk you through everything from start to finish!

As mentioned earlier, many vehicle tracking devices are engineered with ultra-strong magnets. This will allow you to easily equip the car tracker under the car. With the vehicle tracker equipped, the GPS locator will utilize satellite technology and the SIM card inside the car GPS to transmit location information as fast as every 3 seconds! GPS data will provide the exact location of anyone’s car!

With the GPS car tracker attached under the car and transmitting positions every 3 seconds the last step is to track location using any mobile phones. iOS and Android cell phones can be used to display realtime GPS data over Google Maps with the help of a free mobile app, allowing you to instantly find the exact location of your car or anyone’s car! There is no better way to secretly track a vehicle and bust a cheating spouse than with a car GPS tracking device!

Best GPS Technology To Locate A Vehicle

Before you begin researching realtime GPS trackers to secretly track someone’s car there are a few additional things you should know. First of all, any car GPS tracker that transmits live locations will require monthly fees for the cellular connectivity and transmission of data. Each data plan price will depend on how fast it is sending information from the device in your car to off-site servers that allow you to locate a vehicle from tracking apps. The average data plan cost is $24.95.

If you want a GPS device with no monthly fees there is another option of a GPS vehicle tracker in the form of a data logger. GPS data loggers simply store data such as addresses arrived and addresses departed onto the internal memory of the car tracking system. GPS loggers track every single second and will work anywhere in the world, but the locator tracking technology is not real time! That means you cannot use an Android phone or mobile device to track a car when it is moving. In order to review the tracking and monitoring information, you would need to remove the logger from the automobile and download the travel history. Special features of GPS loggers include no SIM card which means the tracking systems can not be identified with a bug detector, unlike realtime GPS tracking devices.

Tracking your car or someone else’s car is very easy with real time location trackers, and if you are worried your spouse or partner might be cheating then there is no easier and legal way to find out the truth!