How We Test And Evaluate Products

Publish Date: January 25, 2023

Last Update: September 2, 2023

GPS Tracker Testing: A Closer Look At Functionality and Features

How do we test GPS tracking systems to make sure they stack up? Great question! Testing involves our methodology that calls upon a step-by-step approach to evaluating devices from start to finish. Here is a sneak peek into how GPS Tracking Review goes through this process!

  • Functionality testing: Our security experts test the basic functionality of the personal or car GPS tracker to ensure it can accurately track the location of the device it is connected to. This may include testing the accuracy of the GPS systems in different environments (e.g. urban vs. rural) and under different conditions (e.g. clear vs. cloudy sky).
  • Features testing: We test various features of each product to ensure it works as advertised by the GPS manufacturer. This may include testing the battery life, the range of the device, and the user interface – mobile app included.
  • Durability testing: We test the durability of each product to ensure it can withstand normal wear and tear. This may include testing the device in extreme temperatures, exposing it to water, and dropping it from different heights.
  • Comparison testing: We compare the product to similar products on the market to give readers a sense of how it stacks up against the competition using a compare-and-contrast format.
  • User experience testing: We also test the product from a user’s perspective, including the ease of setup, the usability of the app, and the overall user experience.
  • Conclusion: Finally, we summarize all the above findings and write a review of the product, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, as well as giving it an overall rating. They may also include a video review or a video tutorial to show how to use the product.

Our goal is to provide an objective and thorough assessment of personal and vehicle tracking products to help consumers, businesses, and law enforcement agencies make informed decisions before investing in any GPS tracker.

Trust The Experts – Over 25 Years of Experience

So why should you trust our GPS tracking reviews? Great question! The answer is that we receive no compensation for any of the product reviews or opinions shared on this security blog. That means we only get paid for online ads, and we don’t get paid if our content isn’t detailed and honest. We do not offer any paid promotions or puff pieces!

Another reason to trust our content is that it is created by our small collective of security experts who have a background in law enforcement, engineering, and private investigation. They share their knowledge in the hope to inform readers about the latest in surveillance technology.