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We have all experienced the joy of hearing the ice cream truck in our neighborhood as children. There really is nothing quite like the feeling of hearing the music from an ice cream truck and then getting a cold ice cream bar in Summertime. Although some things such as the excitement of children hearing the ice cream truck will never change, the technology used to connect children to ice cream has changed thanks in large part to GPS tracking technology. This is because location-based mobile apps are making it easier than ever for kids to not only locate an ice cream truck but also connect with nearby ice cream trucks to let them know it’s snack time! One of these popular mobile apps is called Ice Cream Please and it just might change Summertime for good!

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Ice Cream Truck Near Me

For decades, the only way to find an ice cream truck near me was to listen to the music playing from the ice cream truck in the distance. However, Ice Cream Please has a delicious plan to change that with its user-friendly mobile app for iOS devices. How the ice cream truck locator app works is simple. First, users will download the Ice Cream Please app to their smartphone, and then utilize the four options to help connect to any ice cream trucks nearby!

Ice Cream Truck App

Search Ice Cream Trucks: The Ice Cream Please app offers a mapping feature that allows kids or their parents to search for ice cream trucks nearby. This feature makes it easy to locate an ice cream truck in the area!

Where Is My Nearest Ice Cream Truck: Once you have found an ice cream truck near me the Ice Cream Please app gives users the ability to connect with that local ice cream truck! Simply login into the ice cream truck mobile app, then request a visit from the closest ice cream truck! Another cool feature is to use a geo-fence option to receive an alert whenever an ice cream truck is nearby!

Place Orders With Ice Cream Trucks: This awesome feature allows kids to know the ice cream schedule, or set up a time for the ice cream truck to show up for a party, even, for any reason!

Create Profile: Found in the settings option. the profile creation feature allows users to manage their accounts to make locating an ice cream truck that much easier!

Ice Cream Truck Tracker

The features offered by Ice Cream Please mobile app certainly have the game-changing ability, but that does not mean the smartphone application does not have its fair share of naysayers. In fact, a recent review on the iOS app store for the Ice Cream Truck Schedule App shows a user by the name of Aeroscorpian who stated that some of the features did not properly function. Not to mention, the GPS location information was off by as much as two blocks, which is not very accurate at all.

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Can You Request An Ice Cream Truck?

There is a feature that allows kids to find the nearest ice cream truck or even set up a time for the ice cream truck to swing by. This can be really fun during kids’ birthday parties or other child events. 

Ice Cream Truck App

The Ice Cream Please mobile app has a lot of potential for success. Even more so if it becomes a staple among ice cream truck businesses looking to better connect with families. However, there are still some kinks with the ice cream truck locator app in terms of accuracy and the overall use-case for many ice cream truck businesses. Both of these situations result in some challenges, but overall it is definitely worth downloading for iOS and giving it a try!

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