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Jiobit Tracker Reviews 2022

Did you know that personal security systems are quickly becoming some of the top-selling online products? Whether it is a hidden camera designed for home security or a personal GPS tracker that can provide the real-time location of your beloved pet, there are now affordable tools available to safeguard the things that mean the most to you. That is exactly what our review is about today: a location monitor personal safety product called the Jiobit tracker. This live tracking device has over 2,000 verified Amazon reviews and is described as one of the best pet trackers and GPS kid tracker solutions on the market today. But we wanted to find out firsthand if Jiobit tracking devices lived up to the hype. So let’s take a deep dive into what Jiobit location trackers are, how the Jiobit app works, and if the Jiobit tracker actually provides peace of mind!

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Where To Buy Jiobit

Jiobit GPS tracker can be purchased at Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, or at the Jiobit location monitoring official online store. Except to pay around $130.00 for the Jiobit tracker, but please note that does not include the monthly subscription fee required for all real-time GPS trackers.

If you want to find out for yourself if Jiobit’s location tracker is a good fit for tracking your pet or child, we would encourage you to buy one for yourself and test it!

Unboxing The Pet GPS Tracker

We were excited to test Jiobit because this was the first tracker that connected via Bluetooth technology. Utilizing a combination of Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS signals, Jiobit claims that its GPS tracker can help anyone locate a pet or loved one.

Our first impression was that the GPS device was small, lightweight, and relatively sleek in design. We charged the unit using the accompanied wall charger and then activated the tracking device by choosing a monthly subscription plan.

One thing we did notice was that this personal GPS tracker did not offer a two-way voice communication feature which is something that would be very helpful in terms of child safety. Especially, if your kid wanders away at an amusement park or other crowded outdoor event.

Another drawback of Jiobit compared to a product such as the AngelSense is that the tracker does not offer a location history feature. That means you can’t go back to see where your kid was earlier in the day. The only thing Jiobit offers is real-time location data. 

Jiobit Tracker Review

Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.96 x 1.45 x 0.47 inches

Jiobit Cat Tracker Reviews

The reality is there are not many options available when it comes to cat and dog GPS trackers that can provide the exact location of your beloved pets if they go missing. That is what makes Jiobit so unique compared to other Amazon best-selling mini GPS trackers such as Tracki. Jiobit deals with the segment of the market who want to do everything possible to protect their dog or cat if it goes missing. The GPS tracker is so small that it can fit comfortably on cat or dog collars, giving pet owners an easy way to locate their pets 24/7. However, the best feature is the geofencing option in live mode that will send you a text message if your pet wanders off too far! In the review below, a verified Amazon buyer named Sara explains how in live mode Jiobit was able to alert her whenever her cat wandered off 3-4 blocks from the pre-set “Home” area!

Jiobit Cat Tracker

Jiobit GPS Tracker For Kid’s Personal Safety

Jiobit can also provide location tracking to help any parent make sure their child is safe, which is something that can be particularly helpful if the child has autism or cognitive impairments. Jiobit is an easy-to-set smart home security system that can easily be attached to any child via belt loop, anklet, or in the child’s backpack! The parental control solution utilizes GPS signals so tracking is very accurate, allowing parents to use their cell phones to access the location of their child anytime they have concerns!

Please note that you won’t be able to track the child for long as movement results in draining the battery power. This is why the GPS device’s battery needs to be charged frequently.

Amazon Reviews Of Real Time GPS Pet Collars

Unfortunately, not every buyer had something positive to say about Jiobit real-time pet collars. In fact, the verified review below goes into great detail on how Jiobit is “the worst tracker on the market”. The Amazon customer explained their frustrations with the manufacturer’s lack of technical support by the customer care team. Other negative online reviews highlighted the device’s low battery life, issues with Bluetooth connection, inaccurate location history, and the monthly subscription plan required for the personal GPS tracker to work.

Jiobit GPS Tracker Review

Visit the Jiobit official website by CLICKING HERE!

Overall Thoughts On Jiobit Personal GPS

Jiobit GPS kid tracker is a small, portable and useful tool to help parents keep a watchful eye on children who might wander away. Via Bluetooth and GPS technology, Jiobit can locate a pet or child in real time. Unfortunately, the device has some limitations such as the lack of a historical playback feature and voice communication option. Overall we would give this device a 3 out of 5 stars review on overall performance. 

3 Stars

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