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Review Of 54 Live GPS Car Tracker

One of the most popular selling live GPS tracking devices to hit the market in the last 5 years has been the GPS 54 developed by LandAirSea. Naturally, with so much buzz surrounding this particular product, our experts at GPS Tracking Review were anxious to get their hands on the micro car tracker to test and verify the claims by the manufacturer. So was this live GPS tracker another one of the many cheap vehicle tracking systems or was it the real deal? Well here is what our team had to say about the product and its performance!


What Is The GPS 54 Car Tracker?

GPS 54 is a tracker that allows people to monitor a vehicle, asset, or person in real-time. The tracking system was engineered to record the movement of a child walking to school, the driving activity of a newly licensed teen, company equipment, and pretty much anything! Measuring 2.2 x 2.2 x0.8 real time GPS tracker 54 can provide location updates as quickly as every 3 seconds, making it ideal for those wanting accurate monitoring data of a car, asset, or individual. The manufacturer claims that the GPS 54 provides its users, “peace-of-mind by allowing you to track the whereabouts of anything or anyone, 24 hours a day”. They even go as far as to say that the GPS 54 tracker is 100% Waterproof. Here is what our testing concluded from the GPS 54 review!

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TEST ONE: Online Interface Functionality

One of the most important things for buyers is that when they purchase a technology product is that the device is not too complex. That means user-friendly controls and functionality. So that is where our test began. Once the GPS 54 was charged (the device comes with a wall charger like that of a cell phone) and activated (activation took about a minute to complete) our then team explored the online interface. The desktop version of the online interface was fantastic and very easy to navigate. GPS Tracking Review had no issues with basic GPS functions such as setting up geo-fences, creating speed alerts, or accessing historical driving activity. So we were certainly impressed with the desktop version. For the mobile version, we downloaded the SilverCloud App and found that it was great if you wanted to view where a vehicle was located but was a little cumbersome when it came to accessing reports. This was just because of the screen size though and something we have found to be the norm across all GPS trackers. Therefore, our recommendation would be to use the app for viewing live tracking data or setting basic alerts, but if you want to get into the meat and potatoes of the detailed reports that the best bet is to use a desktop computer.

Overall the online interface functionality was very good. However, we were most impressed that the interface had a “Live Chat” option built-in for support. Not to mention, the device also came with free technical support available 7 days a week. That was a huge plus for us!

GPS Tracker 54 Review

TEST TWO: On Vehicle Tracking

The next GPS 54 review/test was placing the tracker on a car and seeing how it performed. Since the car tracking device was engineered with an exterior magnetic mount our experts decided to test GPS 54 on the outside of the vehicle. More specifically, underneath the Toyota Corolla, we used it for the review. Here are some bullet points of the GPS 54 real-world testing:

    • The magnetic mount was VERY STRONG. The device NEVER fell off
    • GPS tracking data was continuous without interruption
    • The small size of the tracker made it great for covert car tracking
    • The battery-life actually EXCEEDED the 50 hours of movement tracking (57)

Overall GPS 54 performed pretty darn close to the manufacturer’s claims. We were very impressed with how easy it was to simply slap the GPS tracker on a vehicle and then monitor it from our iPhones. Very impressive.

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After 3 days of testing this hidden GPS tracker, we actually think this is probably the best tracker on the market for consumer applications. This is the ideal product for a family who wants to track a child, record outdoor travels, monitor where a teen is going, track the vehicle of a small business, or heaven forbid, track a cheating spouse. GPS 54 tracker is very user-friendly and $99 and $24.95 is really great value for a small investment. The tracker DOES NOT have a hard-wire option so it might not be great for large businesses looking for a complete fleet management solution or diagnostic reporting, but anyone interested in a small, covert, accurate, and cost-effective GPS car tracker will really love this device! We give it 4.5 out of 5 stars! We also encourage anyone interested in learning more about this device to contact GPS Tracker Shop for more details.

4.5 stars


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