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LandAirSea SilverCloud GPS Tracker

As we reach 2022, it is easy so much has changed in regard to the GPS tracking industry. Passive GPS data loggers continue to be the tracker of choice for parents and small businesses, while real-time tracking technology is still the preferred option for any application requiring instant access to a vehicle or personal asset. Although there will continue to be a lot of options for businesses and consumers to choose from when it comes to a live GPS tracker, one device continues to stand above the competition: the LandAirSea SilverCloud GPS Tracking Device.


SilverCloud GPS Data Plans

As most consumers and businesses are aware, all real-time GPS tracking systems require a monthly service obligation. The reason for this monthly service cost is that when a GPS receiver gathers location and positional information from the GPS satellites orbiting the Earth it then needs to transmit that data to a server. The server is the avenue that allows for remote access of personal GPS tracker data via computer, tablet, or mobile phone. However, in order to transfer GPS vehicle tracking data from the receiver to the server telecommunications are necessary. Since companies such as T-Mobile and AT&T do not allow people to send data over their cellular towers and telematics networks for free, a monthly service plan is required. With all real-time tracking unit users now understanding how assisted-GPS works, the only question left is what data plan is the most appropriate for each user.

SilverCloud GPS systems give users five (5) different data plans to select from, providing a working and affordable data solution for anyone. These data plans are all created to offer unlimited update refreshing and do not require any form of long-term contractual obligations, something many GPS providers make mandatory. While most companies only offer a live GPS tracker that has one data plan and/or a long-term contractual requirement for service, SilverCloud GPS tracking users have the luxury of choosing from a variety of service plans created to meet each individual’s needs.”

Subscription Cost For SilverCloud GPS App

When a user orders a SilverCloud GPS from Tracking System Direct they initially only purchase the hardware of the car tracker. When the GPS unit arrives from FedEx, the purchaser will notice an instruction sheet that explains in detail how to select a data plan and set-up a service online. The user only needs a credit card for automatic payment and the serial number of the GPS unit.

Completing the activation document takes only about a minute. Once the digital document is received, LandAirSea asks for up to 24 hours to process and activate the user’s GPS tracking solution.

Unfortunately, all real-time GPS systems do require a monthly service fee. However, that does not mean other surveillance and GPS monitoring solutions are not available. For example, Driving Activity Reporter and PlayBack GPS are popular passive recording devices or car trackers with no monthly fees! The GPS car trackers also log data every second, but since the GPS units do not have the capability to transmit data, the user must remove the GPS unit from the target automobile in order to view driving data.

Regardless of what GPS solution a person selects, there is an affordable and reliable system available.

Activating Your LandAirSea GPS Tracker

Businesses and consumers that seek the most precise vehicle management solutions often find themselves investing in portable GPS trackers like the SilverCloud GPS. Once the hardware has been shipped from the GPS company and arrives in the hands of the buyer, the next step is activating the real-time tracker device.

In every real-time product, the box rests documentation on how to activate the SilverCloud GPS. How activation is complete is a simple process that only requires the user to follow three easy steps:

  1. Create Username & password
  2. Select GPS tracking data plan
  3. Enter billing information for monthly service obligations

This simple activation documentation can be completed within seconds using the online form at the LandAirSea website. Those submitting activation through the online portal is best served to complete this information in the morning if they want to have service activated on the same day. The reason is that activation forms submitted later in the day are often held in wait until the next business day.

Data service provider, LandAirSea, states that they require at least one business day to complete activation, but typically the process is completed within the same day if the documentation is sent early enough in the day, Monday through Friday. Activation paperwork filed on the weekend is not evaluated until the next business day.

LandAirSea Customer Service

Those investing in the SilverCloud GPS who have questions regarding features, service activation, or any technical questions can reach out to support agents who are available 7 days a week to provide assistance. LandAirSea customer service support is based in the United States and is always only a phone call or email away for any customer who has questions about SilverCloud tracking device operation, applications, warranty, activation, and more!

When people contact the GPS tracking system experts at Tracking System Direct they will often ask questions regarding the functionality and operation of the SilverCloud GPS tracker. Many of the answers to these questions can be found on the SilverCloud GPS tracking device product pages or in the product descriptions. Although LandAirSea customer service is always available 24/7 to answer any tech-related questions, below are some popular FAQs for the SilverCloud GPS.

What Is The SilverCloud GPS Battery Life, & Is An Extended Life Battery Pack Available?

The normal battery life on the SilverCloud GPS tracking system is approximately 12 hours of wheels-in-motion driving time. If the vehicle is not moving, the tracking system will stay in hibernation mode. The battery life is not as high as our passive devices because the SilverCloud GPS tracking system receives, stores then transmit data every 10 seconds.

We do have an extended battery life pack that comes with a pelican case that allows for outside placement. The cost of the extended battery pack with pelican case is $199.00 and will provide users an additional 100+ hours of wheels-in-motion driving time, and the ability to mount the car tracker outside of a vehicle. Consumers wanting to covertly place the vehicle tracking device outside of the automobile can purchase the waterproof case by itself for $49.99.

How Covert Is The Hardwired SilverCloud GPS?

The hardwired system was not really designed to be “covert” because the tracking system will be connected to the vehicle’s 12 volts electrical supply under the dash more than likely. Since the SilverCloud tracking device will be out of sight from the driver if hardwired to the vehicle, the system does not require a “covert” casing.

What Is The Reliability Of The Transmission (ie., Will It Function Indoors, If Placed Inside A Car, In A Tunnel, City, Forest, Canyon, etc…)

The SilverCloud GPS tracker will be able to record position and other GPS information as long as it is not completely surrounded by metal or concrete. Therefore, the tracking system should function inside a house as long as it is somewhat near a window. SilverCloud GPS trackers were designed with the most sensitive antennas on the market, nearly 100 times more sensitive than the navigation systems many people are familiar with. Therefore, the tracking system will be able to acquire satellites in much tougher locations. SilverCloud GPS tracking system will be able to record data anywhere you travel, e.g. in a canyon, forest, etc. However, if the GPS tracker is not in an area with some form of cellular coverage it will be unable to transmit the data to where it is accessible. Although the data won’t be accessible in real time, it is still recorded and stored on the device where it can be accessed as soon as the vehicle re-enters cellular coverage.

Can SilverCloud GPS Tracker Data Be Viewed On Android, Blackberry, or iPhone?

Currently, the SilverCloud GPS tracking system data is accessible via a personal computer, tablet, and mobile app. In fact, the SilverCloud GPS app is perfect for businesses that want to remotely monitor the unauthorized use of company vehicles in real time.

Set Virtual Boundaries

SIlverCloud trackers make it easy for anyone to experience firsthand the wonders and benefits of real-time tracking technology. This is because the user-friendly web-based application makes it easy to know where a driver has been, how long that driver stayed at a particular location, the exact moment they were speeding, and more. From the angle of the consumer or business in need of an auto-security device, real-time monitoring systems make it easy to quickly recover a vehicle if in unfortunate circumstances that vehicle was stolen. Not to mention, sophisticated live trackers such as the SilverCloud even have the unique ability to alert the automobile owner the moment the vehicle begins moving. This feature is called geofencing.

One of the most important things for construction companies, public transportation companies, or service-based businesses is the ability to monitor vehicles as they come and go from job sites, stop locations, and customers’ homes. Although the task sounds quite challenging in theory, in reality, GPS tracking systems such as the SilverCloud transform monitoring from complex and time-consuming to simple and user-friendly. The feature that most businesses utilize with SilverCloud GPS devices is the geofence alert, also known as the virtual boundary alert. What this very cool feature offers users is the ability to receive instant notification via email or cellular text message the moment a driver enters or leaves an area the user designated beforehand. Therefore, a fleet manager could set a virtual boundary around the company headquarters or around the job site the employee is going to, and the live car tracking system will transmit an alert the moment the employee leaves company headquarters, arrives at the job site, leaves the job site and arrives back at company headquarters!

Free Online Demo For GPS Tracker

Anybody who has recently stopped at their local gas station to fill up their gas tank has recognized the price of gasoline going higher and higher. The cost of transit is simply becoming more expensive, and the trend is only likely to continue as the conflict with Iran continues to escalate. As bad as gas prices are for everyday folk commuting back and forth to work on a daily basis, escalating gas prices are becoming a very serious issue for companies that have drivers and mobile assets working outside of the office environment. Today, there is no getting around the importance of vehicle and fleet management at the consumer and business level. Thankfully, SilverCloud GPS tracker is providing families and businesses a way to carefully observe and reduce fuel consumption while improving safety, and now a free online demo is available for anyone wanting to learn more about the LandAirSea tracking device.

SilverCloud GPS trackers are the next generation of real-time monitoring devices that have revolutionized the way people view and understand vehicle tracking technology. Unlike many other GPS trackers that require long-term contractual obligations as well as monthly data plans with no flexibility or diversity, SilverCloud GPS trackers are affordable, cost-effective, and user-friendly. Through the web-based monitoring application, real-time users can access an assortment of driving data that includes:

  1. Detailed Reports Highlighting Every Location A Driver Stopped
  2. Simple Break Down Of Daily Mileage Driven
  3. Live & Historical Access To Driving Speeds
  4. The Exact Location Of Where A Driver Is At Any Given Time Or Date
  5. Easy To Understand Reports That Show Addresses Arrived/Departed & Length Of Stops

What is even more impressive about the SilverCloud is that the device has the ability to communicate alerts that can notify the operator when a vehicle is speeding, and if an automobile enters or exits an area that has been virtually roped off via geo-fence.

Tracking System Direct is proud to have this next generation of car tracking technology available for anyone requiring a reliable vehicle management system from people interested in elderly tracking to business tracking applications. However, we do not simply want you to take our word about how great the sophisticated real-time monitoring solution is, instead we want anybody interested in live GPS tracking to experience the online software! There is now an online demo on the homepage of the company’s e-commerce site that allows anybody to quickly and easily access real-time SilverCloud data. Through this online demo, people can see vehicles as they move across our mapping program, and how detailed and accurate the GPS data really is. LandAirSea customer service agents are also available to walk anybody through how the control panel works from an operational standpoint, and GPS experts to explain all of the bells and whistles of the live tracking solution.

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