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How Private Investigators Catch Cheating Spouses

Infidelity investigation is one of the top reasons why people hire cheating spouse investigators. Getting the truth is so important to concerned husbands and wives who worry their spouse cheated or might be continuing to have an extramarital affair. Maybe your partner has a sudden change in appearance, paying less attention to you, or the sex life has taken a drastic decline. If you find yourself in that same situation where you suspect your husband or wife might be sleeping around here are the top 5 professional techniques used by a private investigator to confirm those red flags you have seen ad help bring you peace of mind! Because really that is what marital investigations are about: providing you with hard evidence so you can move forward in a positive way with your life. 

Top 5 Ways How Private Investigators Find A Cheating Spouse

1. Cheating Spouse GPS Tracking System

Experienced investigators don’t spend hours in their car following a possible cheating husband or wife because the amount of time it takes is simply not efficient. This is the reason the number one way a professional private investigator will conduct a detailed surveillance investigation is through the use of a hidden GPS car tracker. Spouse GPS trackers are small, waterproof, and built with magnet mounts so they can easily be hidden on the outside of your husband or wife’s car, allowing professional investigators to know everywhere they go. This precise location-based data can be viewed from any cell phone and allows an investigator to catch a cheater without putting the PI in danger. This makes it easy to determine if your spouse is lying about where they have been or if a partner is cheating. 

Private Investigator GPS Tracking Devices

  • Secretly Track Your Husband’s Car Without Him Knowing
  • See Everywhere Your Wife Goes Right From Your iPhone, Android or Mobile Phone
  • Confirm Your Gut Feeling and Let The Facts Do The Talking


SpaceHawk is the most advanced mini car tracker designed for busting cheating partners. Private detectives from Los Angeles to New York City use this real time GPS tracker for domestic investigations, making it the number one device cheaters hate! Place SpaceHawk outside of someone’s car and then conduct your own personal background investigation by monitoring everywhere your wife, partner or husband is going. There is no faster or easier way to get the truth. 

GPS tracker

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2. Check Your Partner’s Text Messages

If your partner has had a sudden change in behavior, look, or general attitude toward you it can bring some red flags to your attention. But before you panic over these common signs of infidelity, consider grabbing your partners’ phone to read his or her text messages. If you are saying to yourself, “I want to catch my cheating spouse“, one of the simplest ways to find out the truth is to check their phone. However, if your spouse has a secret lock on their phone, begins sleeping with their cell phone under their pillow, or leaves the room frequently to check messages or take phone calls, those are strong signs of infidelity. 

3. Check Internet Browsing History

Assuming you have legal access to their personal computer or iPad, you can easily check the internet browsing history of your spouse to see if they are sending inappropriate messages, watching porn, or visiting online dating sites to cheat. Chrome, Safari, and other internet browsers make it easy to see the search history of anyone, but please keep in mind that a person can easily delete this browsing history. However, those who habitually clear search history are often hiding something and are most likely cheating partners. 

4. Keep A Journal To Record Your Spouse’s Stories

Sometimes our gut feelings can cloud our judgment of the facts and this is why it is so important to make sure you are as detailed as possible about what your partner says, does, etc. A simple way to closely observe and record what your spouse is doing and saying is by keeping a simple journal. Write down things such as trips they are taking, where they are going, and how long they were gone, and then cross-reference this information at a later time to credit card activity, phone records, or other data that can help you determine if a spouse is cheating. For example, if a trip to the grocery store took 90 minutes one week and the next was 3 hours that is something an investigation agency would note as significant.

*Also, most cheaters prefer to use cash so look for a spike in ATM cash withdrawals. 

5. Discreetly Observe Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok are the new locations in which cheating partners rekindle an old romance with past lovers or meet new flings Pay close attention to who your wife or husband is private messaging, observe for new friends and connections, and don’t forget that he or she could have a totally separate/private social media account that you do not even know about. Also, pay attention to the amount of time he or she spends on social media. 

If you are involved in a child custody case or divorce settlements please do your best to be kind, especially to yourself. Finding out your partner cheated is devastating and even more so if you have children together. You will get through this!