Spot GPS Personal Tracker

Product Review for Spot 2 Messenger


Spot GPS Review

The Spot 2 Messenger is a phenomenally simple and reliable satellite tracker that works virtually anywhere. It works on Globalstar’s billion-dollar worldwide satellite network. It permits users to communicate one-way with virtually anyone around the world. Its top features include the Help/Check-in, Custom Message, SOS Emergency, and Track Progress. Real Time GPS tracking is also available as an additional service.

Setting Up The Spot Software Tracking Account

Setting up your GPS messenger tracking account is easy. Simply go to Spot’s site, put in the device’s ESN and authorization code, and pay the fee for the annual subscription fee. Then you could put in all the phone numbers and email addresses of all the people you would like to contact using this stunningly affordable GPS messenger and tracker. What is even better, you can set up multiple profiles, so you could share the device among several different users who each have their own set of contacts.

Using The Spot World-Wide GPS Messenger

What is really neat about this particular GPS tracker is that not only can you send out your real time tracking to the internet – you can do so from virtually anywhere but the North Pole and parts of South Africa. You can also send custom messages that you composed on the tracking account and send them out from the field.

Who Will Benefit Most From The Spot  Satellite Tracking Device?

The Spot 2 Messenger is best for those who work or play in remote areas that lack robust cell phone coverage. For oil and gas employees, and adventurers that go off the grid, it is in many ways ideal. For those who need to compose unique messages in the field, a new unit from the same manufacturer is available called the Spot Connect Satellite Messenger. It pairs with leading smartphones to permit users to write original SOS and non-emergency messages in the most remote reaches of the world.