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Quantum Asset Tracker Pro – Review

Real Time GPS Tracking

The new Quantum Asset Tracker Pro has a great set of features and offers those who are seeking a reliable GPS tracking capability great value. It excels at over-the-air customization. This means that customers can easily configure their tracking devices to act in certain desired ways by simply logging into their remote web-based tracking account and changing the relevant settings. Most customers who purchase this live GPS tracking system don’t realize how easy this is to do until they deploy their new tracking device and start their asset monitoring.

Versatility and GPS Tracking Convenience

Because the Quantum Asset Tracker Pro comes standard with a large capacity external battery and a magnetic weatherproof case, the installation is practically effortless. In fact, the entire installation process can be summed up as “slap and track.” What’s more because you configure the device to update at certain specified rates when the active GPS tracking unit is stationary as well as in motion, you can stretch the battery life to its max.  This also permits users to do asset tracking virtually anywhere, including in vehicles, containers, heavy equipment and other high value asset tracking applications.

Refresh Rates for when the tracking unit is Stationary and in motion

Whereas most real time GPS trackers have set refresh rates, the Asset Tracker Pro permits users to configure the refresh rates when the device is stationary as well as in motion. What this means is that you can set your GPS tracking unit to update extremely judiciously, getting you lower monthly service as a result. Not only does the Quantum Asset Tracker Pro give you an excellent real time tracking capability, it does so at a very competitive price.

Asset Tracking for Customers of all Sizes

The Quantum Asset Tracker Pro is used by customers of all sizes, including large companies and government agencies as well as individual personal trackers. Powerful enough to provide dependable real time tracking for the largest organizations, the GPS system’s excellent interface is phenomenally scalable. Whether you’re interested in AVL fleet tracking, GPS asset tracking or you just one to keep tabs on your loved one, the Quantum Asset Tracker Pro is a formidable real time GPS tracking system.