Review: Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

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Ask a user what they look for in a Web site and you might get a dozen different answers.

Most will center around an adjective similar to “informative” or “useful.” And because the Web is a visual medium, a site also needs to have some graphic appeal. Rocky Mountain Tracking delivers a nice balance with a site that quite simply works well.

A company in a competitive field such as Rocky Mountain Tracking probably has only a few seconds to capture a viewer’s attention. Sometimes a Web site visitor simply wants quick information, like a phone number; sometimes they’re doing the electronic version of window shopping. Likewise, a Web site must be useful for many audiences. It must adequately service the novice surfer; and the user who knows the Web like the back of his hand.

One look at Rocky Mountain Tracking’s Web site and the viewer knows, from the home page, exactly what the company does, and what type of demographics are RMTracking’s potential audience.

RMTracking is an e-commerce reseller of passive and live GPS tracking systems. Its product line features a variety of GPS tracking products suited for personal tracking, asset management, fleet tracking and teen monitoring, among others. From the bottom of the home page, a brief and thankfully simple synopsis of how GPS tracking works, quickly puts those unfamiliar with vehicle tracking technology in the know.

Surveillance Content

The volume of information on is impressive and the text, although technical, is easy to understand. The technology-laden language is there in the “Support” tab, for those who need it, right down to the tutorials and user guides. But many users are probably not tech-savvy. They won’t feel they have to complete a training program on GPS tracking before entering the site.

RMTracking takes every opportunity to point out that GPS tracking products have many applications and more are being added as the market expands. That’s key to attracting potential users. Sometimes people don’t know they need something until it’s pointed out to them. The “Articles” and “Blog” support this. They are frequently updated and they have a nice archive of content.

When a viewer enters a Web site, it should be extremely obvious what the company sells and the variety of products it sells. RMTracking gives an excellent overview of GPS technology. The company was wise to showcase its biggest sellers on the home page, with easy links to more products in prominent print. You don’t want to overwhelm the viewer. Instead RMTracking has a simple and straightforward way to access information on a number of GPS tracking products and accessories. gets top points for providing lots of different information on its home page and  easy entry points to more, should the potential buyer need them. It seems they put whatever they could conceive that the consumer wants, smack, dab in front of him, then sprinkled in just enough links and teasers to encourage them to explore a bit. The visitor can see billing arrangements, an example of a GPS tracking report, products, prices and company history, among other things. They can apply for a quote and read testimonials, without leaving “Home.”

We find no negatives, content-wise, only a suggestion to make it better. Some people are in a hurry to find what they want on a site, and get off. Other visitors might enjoy a little more eye candy, perhaps have fun with an innovative page or something that captivates the attention; a game, a quiz, perhaps trivia. Some sites accomplish this with a “Did You Know?” section. That said, the ROI calculator was good addition you don’t see everywhere else.

Navigation Of GPS Tracking Website

Usability is a very important feature on a Web site. If navigation is awkward and links are broken, it frustrates the user. On RMTracking, navigation is smooth and well-labeled. The viewer can move from one page to the next, and back again. For the most part, the information bar and “Home” button are present in the same position on every page in the site.

However, on the day we reviewed the site, there were a few navigational glitches. Under the “RMT News” tab, the “Blog” page had a broken link back to home and the “Forum” page didn’t provide a “Home” button. Users could easily use the “go back” arrow. The improvements would only be a matter of convenience.

Otherwise, important safeguards were in place, so as not to lose the visitor. The toll-free phone number is prominently placed, the payment terms are clearly displayed, the shopping cart made for a smooth checkout and the keywords and links worked like a breeze.

Visual Appeal Of GPS Website

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Web design should include audio, video and when appropriate, animation to enhance the browsing experience.

On, colors and corporate logo are consistent from one page to the next. The product images are crisp. The icons, menu and text type are interesting and readable. We saw no spelling errors or repeated material to indicate hurried posting.

On the other hand, some might view the home page as a little busy. Images are small, it lacks a good focal point, and as a result, the eye darts a bit over the page. Increasing the size of the main image box  and/or the company logo could be the solution. A company’s toll-free number should be prominently displayed. On RMTracking’s home page the phone number is listed three times. That makes it clear that they welcome inquiries.


On Web sites, it’s important that the interface be successful and satisfying for the end user of the product. In a Web shopping experience, the consumer can’t kick the tires, so to speak. So, it helps when the user has good access to the seller and existing users of the product. Technology is not the same as talking to a human. Companies should view their Web sites through the eyes of a consumer and make sure they aren’t cold and impersonal.

RMTracking excels at drawing in the viewer and it has several entry points for questions and feedback.  Online interaction is encouraged. General inquiries can be phoned in. There are several e-mail addresses provided and the e-mail form has a reasonable number of blanks to fill in. The customer won’t feel he has to undergo an interrogation before he can ask a simple question.

Web visitors also are given opportunities to take a stand on the company’s blog. The GPS tracking product testimonials are plentiful.

The “Forum” page is excellent and should be well-read. No doubt, viewers will get hooked by the feeling they’re getting expert advice for free.

For those who prefer verbal communication over written, RMTracking offers a mini company rep in the form of a 50-second video. The pint-sized pitchman on the home page delivers a lot of information on the company’s history, mission and statement of values. He serves a purpose, but could be seen as distracting to some visitors. In fairness, he’s better than many gaudy e-commerce advertisements and he’ll go away with a click of the mouse.

Can a web site be informative and attractive? RMTracking strikes a good balance. is a successful, all-inclusive tool for the GPS tracking system shopper. The target consumer will leave the site with enough information to make a confident choice on a GPS tracking product to meet his needs. And, with so much content, the user just might want to come back again for another visit.