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With so many different GPS monitoring solutions on the market capable of doing everything from boosting fleet management to enhancing personal safety, manufacturers, distributors and online readers are always contacting GPS Tracking Review to reinforce or refute claims of GPS device performance. One GPS monitoring device that has built up a buzz over the past year is a system offered through GPS Tracker Shop called the S911 Lola System. According to the product description on the company website, the GPS is the world’s smallest tracker with two-way voice communication and has multiple features designed to increase personal safety. With applications related to senior and child safety on the rise, GPS Tracking Review purchased a S911 Lola System and put the tracker through a rigorous testing and evaluation process to determine how effective the personal monitoring device really was.

S911 Lola System Features & Specs

S911 Lola GPS Arrives

When the S911 Lola arrived, our experts were first very impressed by the product packaging. With so many GPS companies reselling junk units engineered in China or simply putting their domestically developed GPS systems in a cardboard shipping box, the S911 Lola definitely has the appearance of a product with value. However, shiny wrapping paper and a cute box isn’t enough to distract the specialists at GPS Tracking Review.

Before the S911 Lola GPS arrived the device had to be programmed with a panic button number, cell phone number for text message alerts and email address for email alerts. This was one of the very first things the evaluation team felt was a positive because when it comes to personal safety, multiple avenues to alert for assistance are important. Therefore, as soon as the mini tracker battery was charged the first thing tested was the alerting features.

  • Panic Button: when the panic button was pressed during testing it instantly dialed out to the number GPS Tracking Review programmed, allowing the two parties to communicate with one another via speaker phone through the mini tracker.
  • Text Alert: after a geo-fence was created using the online interface, the virtual boundary was intentionally breeched. Within about one minute the programmed cellular number was alerted with notification of the breech via text message.
  • Email alert: the email alert worked as efficiently as the text alert,  however the length of time to receive the alert was approximately one minute longer. This more than likely had to do with the transmission of data via email servers, something not related to product efficiency and taken into consideration.

Vehicle Tracking

The S911 Lola system was primarily created for personal tracking, but the online interface also provides activity reports that break down driving data as well, making it capable of providing vehicle management data. By offering users real-time GPS tracking data, the S911 Lola does have the ability to act as a theft recovery solution for those seeking a  auto theft prevention tool. However, with limited flexibility in terms of data plans, the S911 Lola isn’t ideal for businesses seeking a complete fleet management solution.

Unique S911 Lola System Features

Clearly, the most popular and unique feature of the S911 Lola System is the size of the tracker. The testing team at GPS Tracking Review were initially skeptical that a GPS device so small would have the ability to perform at a high level. However, the small size of the hardware did not impact any of the alerting features, accuracy of locational info or speed of data transmission. Of course, any  device designed so small will have the draw back of limited battery life. But for applications related to child and senior safety, having a light-weight device is very important. One could argue even more important than extended battery life.


The S911 Lola System offered through GPS Tracker Shop is overall quite impressive in terms of functionality and efficiency. The size of the device makes it perfect for parents wanting to monitor a child or caregivers seeking a a senior monitoring solution. This is because the S911 Lola can easily be kept in a pocket or worn as a necklace. In terms of vehicle monitoring, the real-time car tracker is adequate, but falls short of a complete vehicle management system capable of monitoring fuel consumption, vehicle idling, aggressive driving behaviors and more. However, it is important to note that people seeking a GPS simply for auto-theft protection will find the S911 Lola system more than capable of getting the job done.

The final analysis by GPS Tracking Review is that the S911 Lola is one of the best personal monitoring devices on the market. People seeking a very small real-time tracker to oversee a child or senior with memory illness will find the device a true asset.