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Although live GPS tracker devices designed for fleet management have dominated the GPS tracking industry over the past decade, the engineers at LandAirSea Systems believe a new GPS solution called SilverCloud Tag will open the market up to a wider array of personal tracking applications. According to the manufacturer’s website, SilverCloud Tag is a device that can provide real-time data that is helpful in teen driving applications, but also designed small enough to be placed in a backpack or pocket. This unique design has the manufacturer believing it will open the doors for less common monitoring applications such as child tracking. With the manufacturer claim suggesting SilverCloud Tag provides the type of versatility that can assist businesses and families increase security, the experts at GPS Tracking Review were looking forward to a comprehensive evaluation and review of the personal GPS device.

SilverCloud Tag Features:

    • One Minute Or 30 Second Data Plan Options
    • Compact Size
    • Real-Time GPS Updates & Alerts
  • User Friendly Online Software


First Impressions Of SilverCloud Tag

Upon receiving SilverCloud Tag the first observation was the pocket-sized housing and sleek design. Clearly, this GPS tracking system was engineered so a person could carry the device with ease or covertly place the tracker on a vehicle/asset. The compact size would easily allow a user to hide the GPS tracker in a purse, vehicle glove box, knapsack or random compartment of a vehicle. Here are the exact dimensions of SilverCloud Tag:

GPS Activation

All real-time GPS tracking devices transmit data and therefore require a data plan. A couple good things about SilverCloud Tag is that service plans are month-to-month (no contracts are ALWAYS a plus) and each data plan option provides UNLIMITED updates. The faster the update interval the higher the cost of the data plan. For the testing process GPS Tracking Review selected a one minute data plan at a reasonable rate of $29.95 per month. After the data plan was selected and username + passcode were created it was time to wait for the tracker to be officially activated so it could begin tracking. The activations website stated the process could take up to 24 hours, but took less than 3 hours for GPS Tracking Review.

*Activation was completed online via the manufacturer website.

Beginning The GPS Tracking

With SilverCloud Tag marketed as a personal tracking solution that can assist parents in keeping tabs on their kids, the first test was to put the GPS tracker in the backpack of a middle school student. This student selected to carry the device was a child of one of the GPS Tracking Review team members and was informed to keep the tracker in their backpack for the remainder of the day. What the GPS Tracking Review team saw when SilverCloud Tag was in the backpack placement was a consistent and accurate path showing the student walking to school as well as movements made while on school grounds. In fact, SilverCloud Tag was so accurate it showed the exact classroom the student was in. Clearly, the accuracy of the GPS tracker was on par with the manufacturer claims. Therefore, it was time to move on to the next phase of testing: geo-fencing alerts.

SilverCloud Tag-child

Geo-fence alerts are created when a virtual boundary is selected via the online software. When the GPS device moves outside this geo-fence or safe zone an alert is triggered to the user. This alert can be sent via email or text message. GPS Tracking Review set a geo-fence (very easily it should be noted) that covered the perimeter of the middle school. The goal was for the GPS Tracking Review team to receive instant notification when the student left school grounds. What GPS Tracking Review discovered was the moment the student walked off school grounds the alert was sent within seconds. The alert was accurate, timely and definitely impressive. In fact, the GPS Tracking Review team could see this type of technology being utilized in the future to promote student safety.

Taking SilverCloud Tag On The Road

lthough marketed as a personal GPS solution, the manufacturer totes SilverCloud Tag as being more than capable of handling the vehicle tracking needs of a business or parent concerned about teen driving safety. Therefore, the next and last placement testing was the vehicle of a teen driver. Once again, a family member of the GPS Tracking Review team was selected for this experiment. What was discovered was the SilverCloud Tag performed very well as a pure vehicle tracking device. The tracking system recorded mileage driven throughout the day, how fast the teen driver was traveling and a number of other number crunching stats that would be helpful for a business such mileage by state and more. However, the key attribute of SilverCloud tag as a personal GPS, the small size of the tracker, was a shortcoming when it came to vehicle tracking as the limited battery-life would not be desirable for long-term fleet management applications. Another drawback along the same lines is the device’s power limitations. This is because SilverCloud Tag cannot be hooked up to a cigarette lighter adapter or on board diagnostic port (OBDII).


The Tracking System Direct SilverCloud Tag calls upon a very user-friendly SilverCloud Online mapping software that can provide a real-time monitoring solution for parents who desire to enhance personal safety for kids as they travel back and fourth to school. The GPS system is also an above average vehicle tracking solution as well, although other options might be more appropriate for fleet management applications. Overall the SilverCloud Tag is a good device and certainly provides significant value considering the $199 price point. GPS Tracking Review would recommend this device to users and confidently extends a 4/5 star rating for the GPS tracker.