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Best Spy Shop Atlanta, Georgia – Your Guide To Surveillance & Security

Are you looking for the best spy shop Atlanta has to offer for your personal surveillance needs? Whether you’re a business owner in need of hidden cameras or husband suspecting a wife of infidelity, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will share Atlanta’s top spy shops, answering common questions about spy gear and Georgia surveillance laws. Let’s go over both online and retail choices, and our picks for the best way for you to get high-quality spy gadgets fast!

#1 Rated GPS Tracking Device

SpaceHawk GPS


  • Conduct Your Own Private Investigation For Less Than $100
  • Catch A Cheating Spouse Instantly 
  • Discover The Truth Without Them Knowing

Introducing the first ever vehicle GPS tracking device that you can legally purchase to secretly track a car! Yes, if you want answers, this is the security solution for you! Simply attach SpaceHawk mini GPS under any car and boom, instantly know everywhere a driver is going. In fact, there is no easier way to catch a cheating parter or employee misusing a company vehicle. What makes this battery powered device stand above other GPS trackers is the small size, magnetic mount, and user-friendly mobile app. Oh, and did we mention you get free technical support for the life of the tracking device. If you want answers, let SpaceHawk help you conduct your own private investigation and learn the truth! 


Tracking System Direct – Best Atlanta Spy Store Online

The best online Marietta, GA spy store with support agents in Atlanta, Tracking System Direct has the most comprehensive line of GPS trackers available on the web. If you need an asset tracker, fleet management system, or a GPS tracker for cheating spouse, they have a solution for you! Here are some of their most popular products:

  1. SpaceHawk: mini GPS car tracker for catching cheating partners.
  2. Plug & Play: OBD2 tracking device for small business vehicles.
  3. RF Bug Detector: detection tool for finding GPS devices.
  4. Performance GPS: hardwired security system with starter disable. 
  5. Car Dealer GPS: asset tracker with long battery for vehicle repossession 

What makes Tracking System Direct stand above other online GPS tracking companies is experience. The company, which was established in 2007, has worked with consumers, businesses, and law enforcement. That means they know how to help you whether it is providing a GPS tracker to stop AC theft on a job site, or the best surveillance devices to catch a cheating spouse! 

Spy Shop Atlanta – Best Retail Choice For Spy Gadgets Near Atlanta, Georgia

Established in 2008, Atlanta Spy Shop is a trusted local source for meticulously crafted spy cameras. Staffed by a team of five hardworking employees, Atlanta Spy Shop will deliver unmatched customer service. Just check their Google Reviews! Catering to a variety of needs, from Marietta spy gear to detector spy equipment, the team warmly welcomes customers to visit their office and showroom.

For inquiries or to experience their exceptional service, contact them today at 770-638-8888 or

Visitors from Atlanta, Marietta, or those using I-20, I-285, 400, or I-85 North can reach the store by taking I-85 North to Exit 101 (Indian Trail-Lilburn Rd.). From there, make a right onto Indian Trail-Lilburn Rd., followed by another right on Oakbrook Pkwy. After approximately a quarter-mile, turn right into the first office complex and look for building 5335.

For those coming from Greenville, SC, Suwannee, or using I-85 South, take I-85 South to Exit 101 (Indian Trail-Lilburn Rd.). Turn left onto Indian Trail-Lilburn Rd., then make a right on Oakbrook Pkwy. After about a quarter-mile, turn right into the first office complex and seek out building 5335.

Whether your needs involve a fire alarm system, a security guard service, or a system installation, Atlanta Spy Shop is committed to being your trusted partner in Marietta, GA


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Find Spy Cameras At An Atlanta Spy Shop?

Yes, you absolutely can! Atlanta Spy Shops offer a range of spy cameras to suit your needs. From AC powered to battery powered units, you’ll find a variety of discreet options. Even wifi spy cameras are available. How about a camera hidden in an iPhone dock or smoke detector? There’s a multitude of clever disguises to choose from.

Can I Get A CCTV Camera System Installed In Atlanta?

Absolutely! Security camera installation is a common service provided by many spy shop Atlanta businesses. They typically offer a comprehensive suite of services, from system installation to access control. You can opt for CCTV cameras or even opt for an HD wifi camera system for heightened security. Also, consider reaching out to a local electrician with a background in installing spy gadgets if you want to save a little money. But remember, check their online reviews beforehand!

What Types Of Spy Gadgets Can Be Found In Atlanta Spy Shops?

Atlanta spy shops offer an extensive array of spy gadgets, including hidden GPS trackers, HD Wi-Fi cameras, smoke detector cameras, and iPhone docks with hidden cameras. Whether you need an access control system or a CCTV camera system, you’ll find top-quality equipment to fulfill your surveillance requirements.

Can I Record A Conversation Without The Other Person’s Consent In Georgia?

Yes, Georgia is a one-party consent state, according to Georgia’s wiretapping law (O.C.G.A. § 16-11-62). This means you can legally record a conversation if you are a participant, or if you obtain consent from at least one participating party.

What Are The Legal Repercussions Of Misusing Surveillance Equipment In Georgia?

Misusing surveillance equipment in Georgia can lead to serious legal consequences. Under Georgia’s Invasion of Privacy Act (O.C.G.A. § 16-11-60), illegal surveillance is considered a felony and can result in a fine, imprisonment, or both. Always ensure that your use of surveillance equipment complies with local and state laws. If you are not sure, please reach out to a licensed attorney in the state of Georgia for more details


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