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If you are worried your drivers are misusing company vehicles or suspect a partner of cheating it is very likely that you researched security equipment such as spy cameras or GPS vehicle trackers. But what are the best security products to help you be your own private investigator? Below are the best devices to help you conduct your own surveillance and find out the truth!


SpaceHawk GPS

  • Secretly Track A Vehicle Without A Driver Ever Knowing 
  • Wireless Real Time GPS Is 100% Legal To Purchase 
  • Find Out Thr Truth


SpaceHawk is the first hidden GPS tracker with a magnetic mount designed to help anyone be their own private detective to catch a cheating spouse or bust a reckless teen driver. Attach the real time GPS tracker under or inside the car and get the real time location of the vehicle as well as historical information about everywhere a driver has been! The best part? The tracking device is less than $100 and there is free technical support available for the life of the tracking system! 

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Hidden Spy Cameras In Juneau 

Nanny cams or surveillance cameras are a great way to help you enhance security and safety at home or the workplace. They can be hidden out from the view of employees or in-house workers, allowing you to covertly record everything they are doing. These security products can be shipped discreetly to your home if you live in Juneau, Alaska or the following cities near the area:

  • Sitka, AK
  • Teslin, Canada
  • Porter Landing, Canada
  • Whitehorse, Canada
  • Naukati Bay, AK
  • Haines Junction, Canada
  • Ketchikan, AK

GPS Trackers In Alaska Help Businesses

Boosting Export Efficiency Through GPS Vehicle Tracking

People who live north of the lower 48 are used to a more different style and pace of life. Alaska is a state that is unlike any other state in the country, offering pristine mountain ranges, crystal blue lakes, and various wildlife animals. Although Anchorage is the city most often associated with Alaska, the capital of the northern state is actually Juneau. Being a state capital usually means government jobs are what dominate the landscape, and although it is accurate that most employment in the Juneau region comes from the government, the city also generates a great deal of revenue from exports. Looking for ways to boost the efficiency of companies working in the export business, many in the Juneau area are investing in GPS tracking technology.

Juneau may be the place where legislation is created, but it is also where many export businesses reside. Government and tourism are the biggest part of the economic pie in Juneau, but the fishing industry and tree-trunk exports are also large contributors to the city’s economic success. Although most people wouldn’t associate the fishing and tree trunk industries with GPS vehicle tracker technology use, fleet management tools have quickly become one of the easiest ways for any business to increase production and employee efficiency.


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