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Are you searching for the best spy shop Las Vegas has to offer? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Whether you suspect a cheating partner and need a GPS tracker, or you’re aiming to protect your business with hidden cameras, our comprehensive guide has you covered. Discover the ultimate destinations spy stores in Las Vegas that offer the best surveillance equipment. In this article, we’ll reveal the best online and retail spy shops near Las Vegas, NV, making it easy for you to access award-winning surveillance. Let’s dive in! 

Tracking System Direct – Best Online Spy Shop Las Vegas

GPS Car Tracker


  • Be Your Own Private Investigator For Less Than $100
  • Secretly Track Any Car Without Them Knowing
  • Rated #1 Las Vegas Surveillance Equipment 

If you are looking for the best online spy shop in Las Vegas, look no further than the counter surveillance experts at Tracking System Direct. Unlike Fox’s Spy Outlet and Spy Emporium, that knowledgable staff at Tracking System Direct focus on one thing: GPS tracking. Yup! That’s it. No pinhole cameras, stun guns, or hidden camera solution. Just real time GPS trackers. Therefore, you know you are speaking to the experts when it comes to vehicle tracking. 

What makes Tracking System Direct unique is that it is an online retailer that offers free shipping to anyone in Las Vegas or Henderson. Oh, and did we mention the company also provides free technical support on every GPS tracking device? Yup! If you want to secretly track a vehicle to bust a cheating partner or bust an employee, Tracking System Direct has you covered. 

CoolCat Spy Gadgets- Best Retail Spy Store Near Las Vegas

2055 E Tropicana Ave # 10, Las Vegas, NV 89119

At CoolCat Spy Gadgets on Tropicana Ave, you’ll find a diverse array of spy gadget and surveillance equipment to fulfill your covert needs. Located near Polaris Ave and Wigwam Ave, this unique spy shop in Las Vegas is your go-to destination for security equipment and self-defense tools. The knowledgeable staff at CoolCat Spy Gadgets are ready to help you find the perfect hidden camera, pepper spray, or stun gun for your personal safety.

As you explore the store, you’ll come across a variety of people search tools, lock pick sets, and even hidden safes. Whether you’re a private investigator or simply fascinated by spy gadgets, CoolCat Spy Gadgets has something for everyone. You’ll also discover a selection of counter-surveillance equipment, such as GPS tracking devices and access control systems, to keep your home or business secure.

For those looking to enhance their security measures, CoolCat Spy Gadgets offers custom security solutions, including video surveillance and security alarms. Additionally, they provide services such as TV mounting and acoustic design systems, ensuring your security setup is both functional and stylish.

In a city known for its dazzling nightlife, CoolCat Spy Gadgets stands out as a premier destination for high-quality spy gear. From pinhole cameras and night vision equipment to self-defense items like pepper spray and stun guns, you’ll find everything you need for your covert endeavors at this one-stop-shop on Tropicana Ave. Don’t miss the chance to explore CoolCat Spy Gadgets and experience the thrill of Las Vegas surveillance equipment for yourself.

Best Counter Surveillance

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there laws regarding the use of surveillance equipment in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV?

Yes, there are laws governing the use of surveillance equipment in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Nevada state law requires at least one party’s consent to record audio conversations (NRS 200.620). However, it’s illegal to record video or audio in places where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy (NRS 200.650). Always ensure you follow the law when using surveillance equipment.

Can I use a spy camera to monitor my property in Las Vegas?

Yes, you can use a spy camera to monitor your property in Las Vegas. However, you must respect privacy rights and avoid installing cameras in areas where people expect privacy, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. Public spaces and common areas in your property are generally acceptable for video surveillance.

What types of counter-surveillance equipment can help protect my privacy in Las Vegas?

Various counter-surveillance devices can help protect your privacy in Las Vegas. Examples include bug detectors, signal jammers, and camera lens finders. These gadgets detect and disrupt the operation of hidden cameras, audio recorders, and GPS trackers, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Can I use self-defense tools, such as pepper spray or stun guns, in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV?

Yes, you can use self-defense tools like pepper spray and stun guns in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. However, you must comply with certain restrictions. For instance, pepper spray containers must not exceed 2 ounces, and stun guns are prohibited in specific locations, such as schools and government buildings (NRS 202.370).

Do I need a security guard license to use surveillance equipment in Las Vegas?

No, you don’t need a security guard license to use surveillance equipment in Las Vegas. However, if you provide security or surveillance services for others, you may need to obtain a Private Investigator’s or Private Patrol license, as per the Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board’s regulations. Make sure to check the requirements before offering such services.


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