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Are you concerned employees are misusing company vehicles? Maybe you believe your partner might be cheating? If so, surveillance equipment can help you be your own private investigator and get some answers. The good news? Tracking System Direct is the best online spy shop in Akron, Ohio that has everything from GPS tracking devices to voice recorders. Basically, the top security systems are designed to help you find out the truth!

Best GPS Tracking Device 2023

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  • Discover Where Your Teenager Is Really Going
  • Determine If A Partner Is Having An Affair 
  • Secretly Track An Automobile Without A Driver Knowing 
  • Get The Answers You Deserve Today

SpaceHawk is the first mini GPS tracking device designed to let you be your own private investigator for less than $100. Do you want to catch your cheating spouse? Do you want to protect your assets from theft? Yes, of course, you do! And SpaceHawk is the real time GPS tracker that will help you discover the truth. Why spend another night worrying about your work trucks, teen drivers, or partner’s faithfulness? Let SpaceHawk help you discover what is really going on when you are not around!


Best Hidden Camera For Akron Home & Business


Spy Store Near Akron, Ohio -Maximize Your Security With High-Tech Safety Equipment

Discover how advanced security products enhance your peace of mind in Akron, OH. GPS trackers, voice recorders, and hidden cameras have immense applications, offering solutions for personal safety and professional surveillance. Join the many who are prioritizing safety and security in their lives.

  • GPS trackers near Akron are not just for your car. Use them to keep tabs on valuable possessions or loved ones for an extra layer of personal safety.
  • Voice recorders, available at your local Akron spy store, can capture crucial information. Useful for law enforcement, private investigators, or even personal needs.
  • Install security cameras around your Akron home or business. A proven deterrent against crime, they provide law enforcement with useful surveillance equipment.
  • Hidden spy cameras blend seamlessly into your Akron surroundings. They offer an additional layer of security, capturing activities unnoticed.
  • Ordering security systems or spy gear online? Look for Akron stores that offer return shipping to make exchanges or returns effortless.
  • If you’re near the Rocky River, consider waterproof security products. Protect your gear and maintain surveillance even in wet conditions.
  • Need professional advice? Reach out to a private investigator in Akron. They can guide you on suitable security equipment.
  • Venturing outside Ohio? Your Akron purchased GPS tracker can even be useful in Oklahoma City, ensuring you always know your location.

Remember, your local spy store near Akron, OH is a hub of security solutions. Equip yourself today and enjoy the reassurance these products provide

Akron’s Revival: Harnessing GPS Technology for Economic and Transport Resilience

Akron, Ohio, isn’t just a Cleveland suburb or LeBron James’ former playground. It was once an industrial dynamo, churning out steel, rubber, and plastic. But as these industries dwindled and LeBron headed to South Beach, Akron was left with a void. Could GPS tracking technology fill that void and spark a resurgence?

In the 1800s, Akron led the pack in oats production, even spawning the Quaker Oats Company. Yet, it was the rubber industry that propelled Akron from a town to a bustling metropolis.

Fast forward to the 1900s, Akron became the cradle of the American Trucking Industry. Goodrich Corporation, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, and Firestone Tire all set up shop here, establishing Akron as the U.S. rubber capital. This sparked rapid growth, but as the rubber giants left, the local economy plunged into a deep recession.

Today, Akron is still grappling with this recession, struggling to create jobs. But help might be on the horizon in the form of GPS fleet tracking. This technology could modernize and boost transport efficiency.

A robust transport network is critical for a thriving tourism industry. While tourism only marginally boosts the city’s revenue, it brings visitors to the Akron Civic Theatre, Canal Park, Derby Downs, and National Hamburger Festival. GPS vehicle tracking systems could help enhance this appeal.

With GPS trackers, Akron could efficiently manage city vehicles, gain insights into their locations, routes, and performance. This could enable taxi companies to streamline route management, ensure buses cover all stops, and help snowplows clear every street. Coupled with ShareSpot technology, this data could be shared with passengers, bridging the service-user gap. The use of real-time solutions like SpaceHawk GPS could, therefore, mark the dawn of a new era for Akron.


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