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Have you ever found yourself questioning your partner’s actions? Maybe they’ve suddenly become overly protective of their phone, or those supposed business meetings have become too frequent. You might even have found yourself in the wee hours, typing “GPS tracking devices” into a search engine, hoping to find some clarity. In this quest, you might have stumbled upon Tracking System Direct, an online spy shop near Medford. With a myriad of options, from subtle car trackers to tiny devices fit for a handbag, this online resource could provide the answers you’ve been seeking.

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  • Find Out Where Your Employees Are Going
  • Discover If Your Partner Is Cheating On You
  • Let The Facts Bring You Peace-Of-Mind

Over the past decade, businesses everywhere have been investing in GPS tracking system technology to monitor personal and business assets. These assets range from company vehicles, personnel, equipment, and more. What makes the live monitoring tracking technology advantageous is that it can help any business large or small keep an eye on entire fleets of vehicles (GPS fleet tracking), expensive company equipment, and more. This is why one small company near Grant’s Pass, Oregon decided to invest in GPS.

Boosting Security with GPS: The Story of Smooth Finishes LLC

Based in Merlin, near Grant’s Pass, Oregon, Smooth Finishes LLC has crafted a strong reputation in the paint industry. How? By focusing on details, offering unique paint styles and colors, and above all, putting the customer first. But when equipment began vanishing from their corporate warehouse, they turned to GPS trackers to safeguard their business assets.

A small-town company like Smooth Finishes doesn’t need to manage a vast workforce or fleet. However, the protection of their equipment and paint supplies is critical. “Losing equipment isn’t just about revenue; it’s about time. Filing police reports, reordering equipment, and waiting for deliveries distract us from our main focus: satisfying our customers,” a company representative explained.

With the GPS monitoring plan in action, equipment theft ceased. This freed up the company to focus on their top priority – their customers’ needs. Now, don’t you wonder how GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring could revolutionize your business?”

GPS Trackers Work In Merlin, Medford, and Anywhere In Oregon Where There Is Cell Coverage.

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