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Do you live in Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, or Las Cruces and need a GPS car tracker, audio recorder, or some other security product? If so, we have you covered! In fact, Tracking System Direct is the top-rated online spy shop Santa Fe, NM has to offer. Why? Because we offer free discreet shipping on all of our surveillance equipment, and free technical support on all products. Pretty cool, right? So if you want to find out if an employee is misusing company vehicles, or your partner is cheating, let us help you be your own private investigator. For less than $100, our spy store can get help you discover the truth today!

Best Car GPS Tracker 2023

SpaceHawk GPS


  • Secretly Track A Vehicle Without Them Knowing 
  • Catch Employees Behaving Badly 
  • Make Sure Your Teen Is Driving Safe

SpaceHawk is the top-selling GPS car tracker in our Santa Fe spy store. Why? This real time GPS tracker is small, waterproof, and designed with a powerful magnet mount. This means you can easily attach the portable GPS under any car in seconds. Is your wife faithful? Do you want to track your husband’s car without him knowing? If you want answers, SpaceHawk is the vehicle tracking device for you!


Santa Fe: Where History and Security Intertwine

Immerse yourself in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the oldest state capital in the U.S. Founded in 1610 by Spanish colonists, Santa Fe’s rich cultural tapestry is woven with threads of Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and American influences.

Picture the city during World War II, a tumultuous time when Santa Fe subtly shifted the world’s balance. As you explore, you may stumble upon the inconspicuous building marked “109 East Palace.” This unassuming structure was once a safe house, a hub of clandestine activity that quietly funneled brilliant minds like Klaus Fuchs and Ted Hall, potential Soviet agents, to the secret Manhattan Project in nearby Los Alamos.

Reflect on the enormity of what transpired within Santa Fe’s borders. The Manhattan Project, aimed at developing the world’s first atom bomb, altered the course of history. Santa Fe was part of this global shift, its discrete role pivotal to the project’s success.

Fast forward to today’s Santa Fe, where the city’s storied past and present intersect in its focus on security. Now, the tools of secrecy and surveillance—video surveillance, access control systems, and GPS trackers—aren’t just for potential Soviet spies or World War II scientists. They are integral parts of daily life for private investigators, law enforcement officers, and residents alike.

The spirit of Santa Fe has evolved, but its DNA remains unchanged. The city’s history of vigilance, discretion, and innovation is mirrored today in its embrace of security systems, home automation, and other advanced technologies.

Santa Fe stands as a testament to how history shapes the present and future. Its legacy—steeped in secrecy, innovation, and vigilance—lives on, ensuring a secure future for its residents and the generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to install security cameras in my home in Santa Fe?

Yes, it is legal to install security cameras in your home in Santa Fe. However, it’s important to follow local and state privacy laws. The New Mexico Intrusion Act requires consent for recording private conversations. But, you’re generally allowed to record video in your own home.

Can I use GPS tracking on my vehicle in Santa Fe?

Yes, GPS tracking on personal vehicles is legal in Santa Fe and the rest of New Mexico. Always ensure to respect privacy laws. For example, don’t use a GPS tracker to monitor someone else’s vehicle without consent. Seek advice from local process servers or law enforcement if you’re unsure.

Are hidden cameras allowed in workplaces in Santa Fe?

No, hidden cameras are not generally permitted in private places without consent. This includes bathrooms or changing rooms in the workplace, according to the New Mexico Intrusion Act. So, while video surveillance can boost security, it’s crucial to respect privacy rights too. We suggest consulting with law enforcement or a licensed attorney in Santa Fe to get  a better understanding of the most current laws.

Can I install a video recorder in public places in Santa Fe?

Yes, you can install a video recorder in public places in Santa Fe. Remember, public places such as the Santa Fe Plaza or Albuquerque Old Town don’t fall under privacy laws as private places do. However, it’s always best to seek approval from city authorities.

What’s the best store to buy security systems in Santa Fe?

Tracking System Direct is the best store for security systems in Santa Fe. Offering a wide array of products like spy cameras, voice recorders, and more, they have a solution for your needs. They also provide technical support for system installation and quick, seamless setup. Oh, and this online Spy Store in Santa Fe offers free discreet shipping on all GPS tracking solutions and voice recorders!


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