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Stillwater, Oklahoma is a city that may not have the glitz and glamour of the big cities, but that does not change the fact that the residents are passionate and motivated for success. Although the city has existed for over 120 years, Stillwater has only really begun a massive growth spurt over the past couple of decades. Today, Stillwater has strip malls, multiple storefronts, and a University that is the city’s largest employer. With Stillwater growing faster than Shaq O’Neal at age 12 after a glass of milk, GPS tracking systems could be the solution to help the city keep crime low while the city continues to expand.

The driving force behind the Oklahoma town of Stillwater is the local university. Oklahoma State of University (OSU) has created jobs, provided education, and brought entertainment to thousands of people in the Stillwater region. However, through the utilization of GPS fleet tracking technology, OSU could improve safety at their facilities, making cowboy games safer for fans and schools safer for students. “We have seen a substantial increase in the number of universities investing in GPS vehicle tracking systems because the devices help colleges safeguard mobile assets, monitor bus drivers transporting collegiate athletes to different locations, and campus police conduct surveillance”, explained a GPS personal tracking specialist.

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GPS tracking provides a universal and simple way to monitor assets, vehicles, and personnel, making it ideal for not only applications related to university business, but any form of business. Long used as a security tool by details working for the Olympics, Super Bowl, and more, GPS tracking devices let crews in charge of safety know where players are located, other security members are located, and allow anyone with granted access to remote viewing capabilities of people, assets or vehicles. This is important because the more information and data sharing that goes on between security, police, and school administrators the better safety fans and students have. This is the reason why so many consumers and businesses are looking for GPS car trackers at spy stores near Stillwater, Oklahoma.

When asked about the potential utilization of GPS monitoring on a college campus, OSU officials would not comment on whether they currently are using any form of professional-grade GPS tracker, or would invest in car tracking technology in the future. It is also important to note that OSU has a stellar record and history of providing safety to students, fans, and others in the Stillwater community who attend events at the college. Therefore, it is highly likely they already have a security strategy that employs some form of GPS tracking and monitoring technology.


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