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Salem Spy Shop LLC offers voice recorders, hidden cameras, GPS car trackers, and other security equipment to help protect your home or business. If you suspect your partner is cheating or believe employees are being dishonest, surveillance gear will help you get answers today! This article will go over the top security products for anyone near Salem Oregon looking to find out the truth!

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SpaceHawk is a wireless GPS tracker with a magnet that allows anyone to instantly be their own private detective. That means you can easily attach the mini GPS device inside or outside of any vehicle to find out where it is going. In fact, people in Keizer, Hayesville, Woodburn, Albany, Newberg, Canby, Wilsonville, and Salem call upon vehicle tracking technology to help them secure assets, monitor employees and even catch cheating spouses. And what tracker is considered the best in Northwest Oregon? The answer is SpaceHawk real time GPS!

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The economic driving forces behind Salem tend to revolve around government jobs and health care (Salem Hospital employs approximately 2,700 employees), but another significant employer in the region is an Oregon Casino Resort known as Spirit Mountain Casino. Although Spirit Mountain Casino preaches responsible gaming, some people who frequent the casino do not know how to set limits and losses, losing the rent on a table game or slot machine. Irresponsible gambling can have an adverse reaction on relationships and family ties, and that is why some families are using GPS tracking systems to check up on other family members who are showing signs of gambling addiction.

The one thing that people who have had firsthand experience with gambling addiction know is that the person who is excessively gambling tends to be very covert about what they are doing. Whether it is personal shame or simply not wanting to provide an explanation for why they are going to the casino, gambling addicts typically do not tell people how often they visit a casino, as well as how much money they have lost. The monetary loss gamblers experience is awful enough, but many gamblers tend to have problems with alcohol, anxiety, other substances, and relationships all because of gambling. Before modern technology provided people with sophisticated surveillance tools such as vehicle tracking systems, people who suspected a family member was suffering from gambling addiction had to perform all investigative work themselves. With work schedules, other personal obligations, and more, monitoring a potential gambling addict was difficult.

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