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Last modified on: August 15, 2023

Spy Shop GPS Tracker – Get Answers 

Most spy shops have featured products such as cameras, recorders, and spy gadgets to help anyone catch a cheating partner. But the most popular tool that is helping people be their own private investigator is the mini GPS. A mini GPS is a magnetic GPS tracker that is the perfect hidden spy gadget to help any husband or wife find out the truth. So what is the best spy store GPS tracker? Our security expert’s pick for the top GPS tracking device for 2023 is SpaceHawk!

SpaceHawk Real Time GPS

Hidden GPS Car Tracker


  • Find Out Where Your Spouse Is Really Going 
  • The Only Fully Waterproof Vehicle Tracker With Built-In Magnet Mount 
  • Get Answers Without Hiring A Private Investigator 

SpaceHawk is the first form of spy gear designed specifically to help you catch a cheating spouse. This motion-activated live GPS tracker can easily be hidden in a glovebox, car seat, or under the automobile so you can discover everywhere your partner is going. Find out what is really going on with the latest in spouse security equipment with SpaceHawk!

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Spy Equipment Catalog 

Real time GPS trackers are one the absolute best tools to help a husband or wife catch their cheating partner. But what are some of the other spy equipment solutions people can use to expose infidelity? Here is our list of the top 15 security products to help you find the truth!

Top 10 Security Products To Catch A Cheating Partner

  1. Live GPS Trackers
  2. Hidden Nanny Camera
  3. Voice Activated Listening Devices
  4. Hidden Spy Cameras For The Office
  5. Audio Recorders For The Car
  6. Car Cameras
  7. Digital Recorders
  8. Spy Apps For Mobile Phone Audio Surveillance
  9. Any Form Of Mini Camera That Can Be Covert (1080p HD Recommended)
  10. Recovery Stick For Computer Security 

Unlike GPS tracking devices, there are a lot of select options when it comes to spy cameras, hidden nanny cams, or CCTV cameras so make sure you speak with a security expert who can help guide you to the hidden camera that is best for you. 

How Do You Know If Someone Is Spying On You – Most Common Products Used

Mini Spy Cameras

There is a lot of really discreet spy equipment on the market today so finding a USB voice recorder, wifi spy camera or video recorder can be extremely difficult. If you are worried your spouse might be spying on you one of the first things you will want to do is invest in a bug detector designed to locate a wifi security camera. A detector for wireless cameras can help you identify if a covert wifi camera or hidden nanny cam is in your home (or Airbnb). The RF bug detector will help you locate the camera DVR or any other video surveillance equipment that might be in your home. That way you can disable the spy cams, contact the police or question your partner about why the surveillance cameras are in your home. 

GPS Tracking Accessories

When it comes to counter surveillance for a portable, hardwire GPS, or OBD vehicle tracking device, things are a little trickier. The reason is that battery-powered GPS trackers go into sleep mode after about 2 minutes of a vehicle being parked. Therefore, you would need to use the GPS tracker detector right away in order for RF detectors to pick up signals being transmitted from the tracking devices. Another problem is if the device is a data logger the GPS detector won’t be able to find the tracking system because data loggers do not transmit information, they only receive GPS signals. 

Voice Recording

Covert audio recording devices can be another form of spy equipment that is difficult to detect because the technology is designed to be so covert. Much like a nanny cam, voice recorders can be engineered into anything from a ballpoint pen to a can of air freshener. There are no security products available to detect audio recording devices so just keep a watchful eye on anything new or different that might be in your environment. 

Final Thoughts

If you believe your partner is having an affair there are a lot of great tools such as a hidden wifi camera or GPS tracking device to help you discover the truth. On the flip side, if you believe your partner is spying on you there are camera detector solutions that will help you locate a hidden video camera in your home, as well as GPS detectors that can help you locate a tracking device on your car. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Features Should I Look For In A Spy Store GPS Tracker?

When looking for a spy store GPS tracker, prioritize real-time tracking, long battery life, and discretion in design. Other important features include geo-fencing, easy-to-use interface, customizable alerts, and durability. Also, consider the device’s compatibility with GPS accessories and its ability to withstand harsh conditions.

What Other Types Of Spy Equipment Are Commonly Used?

There are numerous types of spy equipment used for various purposes. This includes body-worn cameras for on-the-go recording, USB flash drives with hidden storage, clock cameras, and pinhole cameras for discreet surveillance. Night vision cameras and noise generators are also popular. Other common devices are audio voice recorders, diversion safes, and detector cameras for identifying hidden recording devices.

What Is A Spy Store GPS Tracker, And How Does It Work?

Yes, a Spy Store GPS tracker is a device that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached. It records the position at regular intervals, enabling you to monitor its location in real-time or when reviewing the path later.

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