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Are you looking for the same professional-grade vehicle tracking devices used by private investigators to catch cheating spouses? If so, we have you covered! Tracking System Direct is an online spy store in Memphis, TN that offers the best GPS tracking devices. Oh, and we offer audio recording devices. Legally, find out where your vehicle is going with real-time GPS. Get answers today with our 5-star rated surveillance equipment!

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  • Discover What Anyone Is Really Doing
  • Stop Bad Employees From Hurting Your Business

SpaceHawk GPS – Spy Store In Memphis TN Review
SpaceHawk is the latest form of security equipment to help you be your private investigator. For only $99, you can catch a cheating parter or get protection (unlimited) on your assets. Yes, this powerful GPS tracker can literally do it all. Simply attach this monitoring system on any vehicle and find out everywhere it goes. Get concrete data, and let the facts do the talking. You deserve peace of mind, real time GPS tracker will deliver just that.


GPS Car Tracker

Navigating Memphis: The Role of GPS Trackers

Picture this: You own a bustling delivery service in downtown Memphis. The city streets are teeming, and tracking your vehicles can be tricky. But with a GPS tracker, you’re in control. This tool gives you real-time location updates, aiding efficient operations and ensuring your delivery vans are always safe.

Cordova Confidential: The Power of Audio Recorders

For systems consultants in Cordova, TN, maintaining client confidentiality is key. Audio recorders are your secret allies here. They help you monitor and record discussions accurately, avoiding any miscommunication and protecting your reputation.

Horn Lake Oversight: The Advantages of Spy Cameras

Consider owning a restaurant in Horn Lake. The crowd can get overwhelming on a busy Friday night. Employ spy cameras, and you never lose sight of your business. Whether it’s identifying theft or enhancing customer service, these surveillance devices make your restaurant management easier and more secure.

Hernando Home Guard: The Benefits of Smart Security Systems

Imagine your residence in Hernando, MS. To keep your peace of mind, you want to regulate who enters and exits. With access control systems, you can do just that. It’s a smart home security strategy that maintains your family’s safety while offering a handy way to let in the dog walker when you’re not home.

In a nutshell, our online spy store in Memphis, TN is your one-stop shop for all your security needs. Whether it’s for home or business, we ensure you sleep soundly, knowing your assets are protected.

GPS Tracker: Crucial Aid In Tennessee Police Case

Concerned about personal safety? Often, we neglect this until danger strikes. Thankfully, police officers and brave souls stand ready to help. Take the case of Donald Gwin, a stark reminder of, “If you do the crime, you’ll do the time.” He was found guilty of assault, robbery, and rape against a Memphis woman.

Imagine the fear of being attacked at home. This was a woman’s reality when Gwin invaded her apartment, committing vile acts. He was already on probation for a previous sex crime. Holding a knife to her, he violated her. His cruelty didn’t end there. He attempted to destroy DNA evidence, forcing the woman to brush her teeth. Then, he robbed her, taking her belongings before fleeing. Gwin’s past crime in 2012, involved a similar assault.

For his 2012 crime, Gwin received a 2-year suspended sentence, probation, and was enlisted as a sex offender. How was he found this time? A real time GPS tracker he was wearing led police to him.

Guilty once again, justice didn’t show leniency. Gwin received a 35-year term in the Department of Correction. With his sentencing complete, here’s hoping for a safer world.

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