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Welcome, fellow Louisvillians! Are you seeking reliable GPS tracking and security solutions? Tracking System Direct is your online spy store, curated specifically for your needs. In the heart of Louisville, they understand the unique security challenges you face. Their extensive selection, user-friendly resources, and dedication to clear communication are designed for your peace of mind. With them, you’re not just a customer, you’re part of their community. So, if you need GPS car trackers or home security solutions, they got you covered!

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  • Secretly Monitor Any Automobile 24/7
  • Easily Attach Real Time GPS Tracker Inside or Outside A Vehicle 
  • Find Out If A Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Faithful 
  • Discover The Truth Instantly 

SpaceHawk is a state-of-the-art vehicle tracking device designed to help you be your own private investigator. Easily equip this real time GPS tracking device under a car with the free waterproof case and secretly track any vehicle from your Android or iPhone. There is no easier way to expose a cheating spouse, problem employee, or reckless teen driver. Backed by free technical support in the United States rated the best by GPS Tracking Review, this mini live GPS tracker will help anyone in Kentucky discover the truth in seconds! 


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GPS tracking device works in Okolona, Lyndon, Newburg, Saint Matthews, Shively, and anywhere there is cellular coverage in the United States!

Carroll County Sheriffs Recover Vehicle With GPS Tracker

Ever wondered how you can enhance the security of your vehicle? Carroll County Sheriffs recently demonstrated the power of GPS tracking in a case that unfolded right here in Louisville.

We all know the standard precautions: keep the windows up, lock the doors, and never leave the vehicle unattended. Sound familiar? These steps undoubtedly increase automotive security, but what if a determined thief is set on stealing your car?

Enter GPS tracking systems, the unsung heroes boosting auto security. How effective are they? Let’s look at a recent Louisville case where a GPS car tracker played a pivotal role in vehicle recovery.

On April 2nd, Valley Medical Transportation experienced the unthinkable. The head of operations phoned authorities, reporting a stolen van. But the thief overlooked one critical factor – GPS monitoring.

The moment the van moved without permission, the real-time tracking device alerted the owner, who swiftly informed Carroll County Sheriffs. The precision of the information was remarkable. He provided location data with pinpoint accuracy during the actual theft!

Now picture this: the police tracked the stolen van to a parking lot, arresting suspects John Payton and Kevin Murphy on the spot.

Relieved? The owner was more than that. Not only was his work vehicle recovered, but also the property inside it – valued at over $30,000.

Here’s a twist: while reviewing the inventory, an employee noticed another van was missing. But guess what? The second stolen van also had a tracker. The data was relayed to police authorities, and Kentucky State Police swiftly recovered the property in Pendleton city.

So, are GPS trackers worth considering for your vehicle? This Louisville incident would suggest a resounding ‘yes’!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use surveillance equipment like hidden cameras in Louisville, KY?

Yes, it’s generally legal. Kentucky law permits the use of surveillance equipment, including hidden cameras, in your own property for legitimate security purposes. However, there are exceptions. Installing cameras in private spaces, such as restrooms or changing rooms, where people have an expectation of privacy, is not allowed. Always respect privacy rights when using such equipment.

How can security equipment help protect my business in Louisville?

Undoubtedly, surveillance equipment can greatly enhance the security of your Louisville business. Cameras, alarm systems, and GPS vehicle trackers act as deterrents for potential criminals, provide real-time security updates, and are instrumental in incident resolution. Your business security is our priority!


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