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Are you tired of theft and need a hidden security camera for your business? Maybe you suspect your partner of cheating and need a GPS car tracker to find out the truth. Regardless of why you need surveillance equipment, the security experts at Tracking System Direct have you covered. With their online spy store near Eugene, Oregon, they can help you secretly track a car or get access to the top spy cameras on the market today. If you want to be your own private investigator, they have the spy gear you need!

Best Hidden Car GPS Tracker For Oregon Businesses

SpaceHawk GPS


SpaceHawk is the first GPS tracker that will allow you to be your own private detective for less than $100. The top-rated selling product in the security equipment category, this real time GPS gives you answers. Is your teen speeding? Are your employees misusing company vehicles? Is your spouse being faithful? If so, SpaceHawk’s real time GPS can help you do everything from protecting your assets to busting a cheating partner. Let the facts do the talking!


Get A GPS Tracker At Our Spy Store Near Eugene Oregon

Surveillance Solutions in Eugene, Oregon

Living in Eugene, Oregon, you value the peace and security that surveillance equipment can bring. Spy cameras and other security tools serve many practical uses in your daily life.

  • Home Protection: Equip your home with hidden spy cameras within everyday items, capturing 1080p video unnoticeably.
  • Business Security: CCTV cameras with night vision features monitor your business day and night in downtown Eugene.
  • Store Safety: A clock camera or hidden video recorder at your store discourages theft and maintains safety at bustling Eugene malls.
  • Child Watch: Use a nanny cam, hidden in a toy or a spy pen camera, to ensure your child’s safety at home.
  • Investigative Work: As a private investigator, spy gear like GPS tracking and button cameras are vital, available at Eugene’s Security Monster store.
  • Vehicle Security: USB power dash cams with GPS tracking deter car theft and promote safety in Eugene’s busy parking areas.
  • Counter Surveillance: Bug detectors or camera finders can safeguard your privacy from potential surveillance.
  • Personal Security: Carry a voice-activated recorder or phone recorder when you’re near popular spots like Skinner Butte Park.
  • Discreet Documentation: A spy pen camera or a USB flash drive with a video recorder offers discretion during important conversations.
  • Wildlife Monitoring: Capture wildlife in Eugene’s parks with a hidden spy camera enabled with night vision.

Embracing the Outdoors and Enhancing Education: GPS Technology in ‘The World’s Greatest City of the Arts and Outdoors

Renowned as “The World’s Greatest City of the Arts and Outdoors,” Eugene is a mecca for cyclists, kayakers, and hikers alike. Today, these outdoor enthusiasts form one of the fastest-growing user bases of GPS tracking system technology. Devices such as the SpaceHawk GPS provide a unique way for explorers to record their adventures in Eugene’s natural landscapes. Whether you’re a hiker mapping out trails, a cyclist tracking your mileage, or a kayaker needing proof of conquering a class 6 river, passive GPS devices have got you covered.

Beyond its rich outdoors and arts scene, Eugene stands proud as a celebrated college town. Home to the Oregon Ducks, the city has received national attention for its thriving collegiate athletics. But what about the students off the field, diligently working towards their education? How can they benefit from GPS tracking devices? The answer is simple – security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use surveillance cameras in my home in Eugene, Oregon?

Yes, it’s legal. Oregon law allows you to install surveillance cameras, such as clock cameras or Sony cameras, in your home for security purposes. However, it’s important to respect privacy laws. You shouldn’t place cameras in areas where there’s an expectation of privacy, like bathrooms or guest bedrooms. Check with local Eugene regulations for any additional guidelines.

Can I use a hidden camera at my place of business in Eugene?

Yes, but with conditions. As a business owner, you can employ video surveillance for security, using equipment like CCTV cameras or hidden video devices. Yet, Oregon law requires informing employees about surveillance. Also, don’t install cameras in private areas like restrooms or changing rooms. When in doubt, consult with a local legal expert.

Can voice-activated recorders help in personal security around Eugene?

Absolutely! Voice-activated recorders can be a great asset for personal security. They start recording when they detect sound, providing valuable evidence in the event of a safety concern. These devices, available as a standalone gadget or incorporated in a USB flash drive, can be particularly handy when walking in less crowded areas of Eugene at night.

How can I ensure my surveillance method is not infringing on others’ privacy?

Adhere to both Oregon’s state laws and local Eugene rules. Avoid installing cameras in private spaces, even in your home. Always inform individuals if they’re under surveillance in your business. Consider using counter-surveillance tools, like bug detectors, to respect others’ privacy. When in doubt, seek advice from a legal expert to ensure your actions comply with the law.


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