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Are you looking for the best security products near Portland, Maine? If you need a hidden camera, audio recorder, vehicle tracker, or other surveillance product, you can now have that spy equipment shipped discreetly to your home or business. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular security products and how they can help you boost personal safety! 


  • Discover How Fast Your Teen Is Driving Their Car
  • Catch Employees Moonlighting In Company Vehicles 
  • Bust A Cheating Partner 

GPS vehicle trackers are the most common type of security products consumers invest in. Why? because real time GPS trackers allow people to be their own private investigators at a fraction of the cost. And what is the top-rated GPS tracking device on the market today? According to GPS Tracking Review, the answer is SpaceHawk GPS. 

SpaceHawk is a mini GPS that can easily be hidden inside or under an automobile without a driver knowing. Do you want to make sure your teen is driving safe? Do you want to make sure employees are doing what they say? Do you want to catch a cheating spouse? SpaceHawk real time GPS will give you the answers! So if you want to find out the truth and get some answers today, learn more about the SpaceHawk wireless GPS tracker

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Spy Products Lewiston, Bangor, Portland, Maine 

Besides GPS tracking systems, audio recording devices are another popular spy gadget that can help you find out the truth. A voice recorder can help you uncover if there is corporate espionage occurring at your business, if your spouse is having conversations with another person when you are not around, and so much more.   

Audio Recorder Pen


Security Equipment Near South Portland, ME

GPS devices and mini voice recorders are great tools, but if you want video evidence there is nothing better than a wireless camera. And what is our pick for the best outdoor spy cam? The answer is the Blink weather-resistant HD security camera. 

Tracking System Direct is an online security store that offers GPS car trackers, digital voice recorders, and other surveillance equipment to any consumer or business living near Portland, Maine. However, we also ship discreetly to cities throughout the state of Maine including: 

  • Portland
  • Lewiston
  • Bangor
  • South Portland
  • Auburn
  • Biddeford
  • Westbrook
  • Saco
  • Augusta
  • Brunswick

Still have questions about GPS fleet tracking systems, recording devices, or infrared spy cams? If so, feel free to reach out to our security experts! We are here to help answer any of your surveillance questions! 


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