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#1 Rated Among Live GPS Trackers

SpaceHawk GPS


  • Be your own private detective for less than $100
  • 100% legal real time GPS tracker
  • Rated best among small business owners 2023

SpaceHawk is the first GPS vehicle tracking system designed to help you be your own private investigator. In fact, this mini GPS vehicle tracker is commonly used among law enforcement agencies to conduct investigations. Do you suspect your partner of infidelity? Are you worried about where your teenage driver is going? Or maybe you suspect your employees of misusing company vehicles? If you want answers, SpaceHawk tracking devices can give you the proof you need, and let the facts do the talking! 


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Are you looking to secure your home or business? If so, step up your security game with the YI Home Security Camera. This isn’t your everyday hidden spy camera. Instead, it boasts a 24/7 professional-grade video alarm system, replacing outdated panel systems. Real-time, verified video updates stream directly to your app, offering next-level security at your fingertips.

The magic doesn’t stop there! In fact, the smart spy camera introduces Smart AI Detections, one of the few hidden cameras offerings such features. With a subscription to YI cloud storage, it deftly distinguishes between a person, vehicle, or animal. This clever feature significantly reduces those pesky false alarms.

What about access? It’s seamless. Use the YI Home App to check in on your camera anytime, anywhere. It’s designed to work smoothly with a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi band.

Storage concerns? Consider them handled. The YI Cloud service secures your footage, always available even in unfortunate events. For fans of local storage, it supports micro SD-cards up to 64GB.For the cherry on top, this gem plays nicely with Alexa and Google Assistant. Voice-controlled security is now a reality.


  • 24/7 video alarm system
  • Smart AI Detections
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility


  • YI cloud storage
  • 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi band support
  • Micro SD card supports up to 64GB

Tracking System Direct – Online Spy Store In Santa Monica 

Tracking System Direct is an online spy store near Santa Monica, CA that specializes in GPS security products. If you want to find a spy store near Santa Monica that offers quick, free, and discreet shipping, this is the company you need to reach out to. Why? They offer everything from wireless GPS tracking devices to bug detectors.

Best Buy In Santa Monica, California

Address: 11301 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Do you need control systems or hidden cameras today? If so, venture into Best Buy, the electronics giant located off Pico Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. Here, in Santa Monica, CA, you’ll find a range of home security systems. from wireless cameras to hidden recording devices. 

Home Depot In Los Angeles, CA

Address: 12975 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Are you looking for home security systems that you can get ASAP? If so, stroll down near Wilshire Blvd to the Home Depot in Los Angeles, CA. Known for more than just home improvement, they also stock an array of security products. Explore their selection of home security systems and access control systems, including motion detection lights with DVR.

What To Consider When Buying Security Products Near Los Angeles, California

  • Range of Products: Spy shops typically offer a wide range of surveillance products. In addition to GPS car trackers, hidden cameras, and voice recorders, these stores may also sell things like night vision goggles, bug detectors, and spy software.
  • Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar: While there are many online retailers offering spy equipment, physical stores can offer the advantage of personalized advice and demonstrations. Customers can see the size of the devices, learn how they work, and understand how to install and use them effectively.
  • Legal Considerations: It’s important for buyers to understand the legal implications of using spy gear. Laws vary by location and purpose. For example, using a GPS tracker without a person’s consent may be illegal in some circumstances. Recording conversations also often requires the consent of all parties involved, depending on the jurisdiction.
  • Consultation and Support: Reputable spy shops often provide consultation services and after-purchase support to help customers understand how to use their products effectively and legally.
  • Quality and Price: As with any product, there can be a wide range in quality and price. Customers should be prepared to balance their budget against their needs for reliability, durability, and ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Considerations When Installing Security Cameras In Los Angeles?

When installing Los Angeles CCTV security cameras, consider factors such as camera placement, access control, and data processing. A professional CCTV security camera installation service can help ensure your system operates effectively and meets legal requirements.

Can I Use GPS Tracking Systems For Marine Vessels In Marina Del Rey?

Yes, you can! GPS trackers are not just for land vehicles. Boat owners in Marina Del Rey can benefit from boat tracking systems. These can provide real-time GPS tracking data, ensuring you always know where your marine vessels are.

Are There Any Legal Implications I Should Be Aware Of When Using Hidden Cameras In Southern California?

Absolutely. When it comes to hidden cameras, California law is quite specific. It is illegal to install hidden cameras in areas where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and changing rooms. This is laid out in California Penal Code Section 647(j) which makes it a misdemeanor to use any device, including a hidden camera, to invade a person’s privacy by viewing them without their consent in these areas.

However, in public spaces or in your own home (except in areas where guests have a reasonable expectation of privacy), the use of hidden cameras is generally permissible. It’s important to note that audio recording has its own set of rules. Under California law, it’s a “two-party consent” state, meaning you must get consent from all parties involved before recording any conversation that they reasonably expect to be private.

Business owners often use security cameras to monitor their premises for security purposes, but even in these cases, there are legal requirements to meet. For example, employers must inform employees of the presence of security cameras in the workplace.

Keep in mind that this is a general overview and not legal advice. Laws can change, and there may be additional local or federal laws that apply. Always consult with a knowledgeable professional or legal counsel for advice tailored to a specific situation.


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