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Are you looking to protect your heavy equipment from theft? Maybe you need security cameras to oversee a job site? Or maybe you are worried your spouse might be cheating? If so, a spy shop is what you need to find the surveillance equipment you need. But what are the best products when it comes to security equipment? This article will go over the most popular forms of surveillance gear helping people in Winnipeg find out the truth!


  • Secretly Track A Vehicle Without Them Knowing
  • Increase Teen Driving Safety
  • Bust A Cheating Partner 

GPS tracking devices are helping anyone become their own private investigators at a fraction of the cost. And what real time GPS tracker is considered the best in Manitoba? SpaceHawk.

What makes the wireless SpaceHawk GPS stand above competitors is the waterproof design, powerful magnet mount, 3-second update rate, and small size. Simply attach this hidden GPS tracker on any asset and find out everywhere a vehicle has been! The best part? You can actually see the automobile move in real time right from your iPhone, Android or computer! There is no better way to find out what is really going on!

Voice Recorder Winnipeg, Canada

If you want to hear what someone is really saying when you are not around then we would suggest you opt for a digital voice recorder. Audio recorders are voice-activated security devices that can secretly record conversations, making it easy to catch employees in company espionage or a partner cheating. Here is our top pick for mini digital voice recorder with voice activation:


Hidden Voice Recorder For Car


Security Equipment For Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada

If you are looking for a hidden camera, wireless camera, or spy camera for your home or business, we believe the answer is simple. Our recommendation for the top HD security camera in Canada is the Blink outdoor wireless camera. This devices is absolutely awesome. Not only does it record and provide motion detection alerts, but the spy cam allows you to see, hear, and speak to visitors with live view in real time and two-way audio feature!

If you need discreet shipping for your online order we can have any GPS vehicle tracking device, audio recorder, or 1080p HD cam shipped to the following cities near Winnipeg, Manitoba!

  • Stony Mountain, Canada
  • Stonewall, Canada
  • Selkirk, Canada
  • Beausejour, Canada
  • Steinbach, Canada
  • Morris, Canada
  • Carman, Canada
  • Gimli, Canada


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